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"Over time, information was recorded about Cthulhu and a great historical document had been created. Kept throughout the ages, and passed through many hands, it had been continuously updated by the priests who were in charge of maintaining its accuracy. However, over the years and centuries, there had been many races and cultures who attempted to obtain this manuscript both for good and evil purposes. It was rumored that some of the information within its pages would enable a person who could interpret its ancient secrets to gain mastery upon the world of man. The recovered accounts revealed by the priests of the Church of Cthulhu and its followers are included in the document and lends insight to their experiences attempting to give a glimpse into their calling. Sealed in a box in the wall of a church was the data bank housing hundreds of years of information. The storage device was dated back to approximately the 23rd century and the current technology, having been much farther advanced from this primitive one, proved much more difficult to enable access than first thought. Finally, scholars in antiquities and the ancient ways were able to access some of its historical content. Many of the files were damaged and corrupted due to the tremendous time in which the device had been buried and stored. Some of the information that was able to be obtained described a great Exodus from planet Earth during the time when man had finally learned how to travel amongst the stars. There are many damaged excerpts from the old archives which are still being pieced together. We have been able to reclaim different accountings from that memory bank barely enabling glimpses into the complicated aspects of the Church of the Cthulhu. Accounts of when the cultists left the planet Earth had been recovered as well. Those whom believed in the "Cult of the Cthulhu", who wanted to be part of the time and the age of Cthulhu, seemed to leave the planet on this "Exodus" for reasons unknown." http://monria.com/ https://twitter.com/monriathegame https://www.facebook.com/monriathegame http://www.youtube.com/user/monriathegame

RAZER, Sep 4, 2013
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    Sep 4, 2013
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