02. Controlling your Avatar

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    (Note: This tutorial was created prior to VU10, and therefore might need a bit of updating, which we will do as soon as MindArk finishes updating the first/third person modes. Feel free to make recommendations or point out inaccuracies).

    After succesfully creating your avatar, you arrived on Calypso. If you ended up in Port Atlantis, you're in luck, as MindArk (the creators and proprietors of Entropia Universe) implemented a complete center for newcomes such as yourself. There will be a signs and arrows that clearly mark the way into the building.

    The very first screen you will see asks you which way you would like to control your avatar. There's two options at the time of writing this tutorial: Third person mode, and first person mode. We will come back to this in just a moment.

    First let us take a loot at moving around. Basic movement is done by using a preset set of keys in both modes:
    • Q - Toggle between running and walking mode
    • W - Walk forward
    • E - Jump
    • A - Strafe left
    • S - Walk backwards
    • D - Strafe right
    Depending on your settings of first person or third person mode, there are some differences in the use of your mouse. In third person mode (which is the default), when you left-click anywhere within the screen, your avatar will walk towards the position you clicked. You can turn around by pushing down on your right mouse button (RMB), holding it down, and then dragging it.

    In First Person mode you can do the same turning with the RMB, but you move using the keys mentioned above. In this mode, when you press space, you will switch to Aim Mode, which will allow you to move around using regular mouse movements.

    In both modes, the right-mouse button will show you a pop-up menu with many available options and functions, as well as emotes and dances your avatar can perform. Holding down both the left and the right mouse button will make your avatar walk forwards.

    Some other important keys to remember:

    • F1 - F9 - Switches between sets of shortcuts and hotkeys
    • G - Shows you the keyboard map with the hotkeys to different commands.
    • I - Brings up the inventory screen, which will contain all the items your avatar has on it. The inventory window is divided into multiple sections in order to logically group different types of items.
    • H - Brings up a basic Help screen on how to use your mouse in the Entropia Universe.
    • J - Shows you your FriendList, which enables you to keep track of your ingame friends.
    • K - Shows you your avatar skill window. Here you can see how you are progressing skill-wise.
    • L - Allows you to edit the keyboard settings as well as your shortcut bars. We will look more closely at this in another tutorial.
    • Left ALT - Allows you to target yourself. This can be useful when you want to heal yourself.
    • M - Shows you a map of the continent you are on.
    • O - Shows you the Options screen, where you can switch view modes, and configure some basic settings.
    • P - Will show you the current position of your avatar. This is done using longitude and latitude coordinates. The message is shown in your chat/screen only.
    • R - Allows your avatar to run into the direction it is facing.
    • T - T will enable you to be transported to a nearby revival terminal. This is not neccessarily the closest revival terminal, though.
    • U - Will give you the current system time and date, as well as the time you have been logged in this session. The message is shown in your chat/screen only.
    • V - Shows or hides your dashboard.
    • Y - Brings up the action library, which contains a lot of different actions and settings. We will take a more indepth look at the action library in a future tutorial.
    • Enter - Allows you to chat with other people. Press Enter once, type your message, and press it again to send it.
    • Esc - Use Escape to quit the Entropia Universe.
    While you are in chatmode, you can use the following shortcuts for addressing different people:

    • /e(vent) - Sends a chat message to people participating in the event you're taking part in (if any).
    • /em(ote) - Starts an emote or gesture.
    • /l(ocal) - Sends a message to local chat. This is the default, and you do not actually need to use any prefix for it.
    • /s(oc) - Sends a chat message to people in your society (if any).
    • /t(eam) - Sends a chat message to people in your team (if any).
    • /tr(ade) - Sends a chat message to the trade channel. The trade channel is used by traders peddling their wares.
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