07. Sweating Guide (VU 10.2)

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  1. This is the sweating part of my guide, based on the sweating i did so far with the new system. For the full guide see the link in my signature.


    Sweating is an easy to learn method to get some start capital.
    It tends to be rather boring and quite badly paid, but the ped earned per hour is usually better than gathering fruit or stones, or trying to get oil at the rig.

    During sweating you will be attacked, a lot. This isnt too bad actually, since you will also gain several defence skills, which are a very important part of sweating, not just the sweat itself.
    So, dont be afraid of being hit or dying, it will happen a lot. You wont lose anything when you die anyway, no sweat, skills or items.
    Rather take the hits and be happy about the chance of cheap but priceless defence skill gains.

    So, what is sweat?
    Sweat is the life essence of native animals of Calypso.
    It is used together with Force Nexus in an energy refiner to refine 1 unit of each of the two ingredients to 1 unit of Mind Essence, which is the fuel for various Mindforce powers (read more about this in the MF section).

    So the bottles you will get can either be sold to other players or refined with force nexus to mind essence.

    Dont sell your sweat to the trade terminal, you wont get money there. The price for sweat at the trade terminal is next to 0!
    [/FONT] [FONT=&quot]To gather sweat you will need the Vibrant Sweat Extractor, VSE, which you can find in your inventory in the Tools section[/FONT]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [FONT=&quot]The next thing you will need is an animal you can sweat and as you can see the range is 30 metres, so you have to get close to it, like this:[/FONT]


    To start sweating you have to equip your VSE and either click on the mobs health bar, double click on the mob itself (unless you have Navigate with single click in the option menu activated, then it is just one click), both methods having the advantage of bringing you in range and aiming at the mob automatically
    Or you can move up to the mob and aim yourself and use your VSE on it with a left click in the aim mode, which is best done in first person view. Although this wont bring you to the mob automatically, the sweating from the first person view works best at the moment, because you have to keep aiming at the mob when the sweat beam appears, which is easiest done in first person view.

    This will start the sweating attempt.

    [FONT=&quot]Before I explain the sweating process itself, I would like to mention an action which can help you a lot here, Toggle Auto-Use Tool, which you can find in your action library.
    This will keep on using the tool once it is reloaded or you got sweat (it may shut itself down for some reasons I dont know yet, just toggle the auto use on again then).[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]The sweating process[/FONT][FONT=&quot],
    is fairly easy, but will require some attention. Once you are in range you keep using the tool on the animal, until you will see some green bubbles around the animal from your tool, the sweating beam, also some steam coming out of your tool.[/FONT]


    From the first person perspective you dont see it that good, although it is easier to use this one for sweating. What you can see especially is the start of the sweating beam on the small bulb which starts empty, but becomes filled with some green burbles and some bubbles around the animal.

    When the sweating beam appears the actual tricky parts starts, because you have to keep aiming at the mob you sweat, else the sweating process will be interrupted.


    When several people are around the animal will change the target quite often and run around all over the place, which makes it harder to keep aiming at it. The movement of the mob can be easier followed when you are aiming at it in first person mode.

    [FONT=&quot] Getting hit will disrupt the sweat beam as well.

    [FONT=&quot] Naturally, equipping another tool or un-equipping your VSE will disrupt the process as well.
    [FONT=&quot] In case you manage to keep the target 5 seconds targeted with your VSE once the sweat beam appears, without getting hit in the process, you will receive 1-4 sweat bottles.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]In the successful case a loot window will open, informing you how many sweat bottles you got.
    The sweat will be automatically put into your inventory.[/FONT]


    You can drag the loot window partially out of the screen too, if you are annoyed by it or by having to close it all the time.

    After a while the animal wont give sweat anymore, this state is called dry.


    Testings so far indicate that every mob has a certain amount of sweat before it becomes dry, based in its HP. So will a mob which has 30 HP give 30 bottles of sweat and one with 100 will give 100 bottles in total.
    Dont bother to take cover behind walls or kill the mob, because:
    Dead or trapped mobs dont provide sweat.

    [/FONT] [FONT=&quot]
    In case places you can usually find group sweating in Swamp Camp , an outpost [/FONT][FONT=&quot]north [/FONT][FONT=&quot]west of Port Atlantis (smaller mobs) or at Nea's Place, an outpost with a Teleporter in Amethera (bigger mobs).

    However, group sweating has the problem that the mob will move more between the persons, so you may have trouble to keep aiming at it, bigger (from size, not damage) help that a bit.

    Another sweat tactic which is often called "swunting", is a mix of sweating and hunting, based on personal needs and wishes.
    So the mob is sweated and killed in the end. Some kill it right away when it attacks, others when it is dry, etc.

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    07. Sweating

    Great guide, Alice. I deleted my own placeholder thread, and replaced it with yours. (Hope you do not mind me putitng the 07 in the thread title).

    Your guide has also been stickied. Have some rep for your work.
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