13 March 2012 Version Updates

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  1. Next Tuesday we will see another Version Update which is supposed to add a lot of new Planet Partner content. Let's have a little preview on what might be added.

    Quicklinks: Entropia Universe | Planet Calypso | ROCKtropia | Next Island | Planet Arkadia
    Will the mysterious 'Mutants System' be introduced?


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  2. 200px-Planet_Calypso.jpg

    • Skiron will become the new MegaVolt.
    • There's a small chance that the Athena Area overhaul will be included in this VU.
    Athena Area 00.jpg

    Athena Area 01.jpg
    Athena Area 02.jpg

    Athena Area 03.jpg

    • Molisk grahics updated
    • Longu graphics updated


    Two Argonaut base inctances have been planned for January, they might be in this update.
  3. 200px-Planet-Next_Island.jpg
    • Genetic Reseach Quest Chain
    "To start the new Genetic Research quest chain, part of next week’s release, talk to Bess Mackenzie. he’ll need a lot of help as she tries to reverse the mutant boar. You can find her out on Shepherd’s Beach, sharing a tent and workstation with Tom Shepherd.
    She’s got a couple requests for you, but if you complete them, she’ll give you a potential cure, and send you up to Mutant Boar territory to try it out. You’ll need to put it in the boars drinking water.
    There are dangerous beasts along the way, but getting to the water source is not the end of this mission!
    [​IMG]You must wait until the cure has dissolved before returning to Bess. The mission is not over when you’ve found the water source. Check under your Misc tab in your inventory to see if the cure is still there. If it is, click the water source again to make sure it is completely dissolved, and the boars are drinking it.
    Then you should head back to Bess to see if you’ve helped her!"

    -> http://www.entropiaplanets.com/forums/threads/genetic-research-missions-gameplay-notes.7138/

    • Genetic Research
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]

    • Genertic Research II
    • [​IMG]
    • Dialogue changes for the Crystal Center robots NPCs.

    New Creature: Mutant Boar

    -> http://www.entropiaplanets.com/forums/threads/mutant-boar.7098/

    • More markings showing the way to Orpheus' Case

    "Our existing blueprint books, Elysian Artistic Patterns and Elysian Technology, will look like this after the March 13th update! Their functionality, price and availability will not change at all when we make this change. If you already own these books with the old, grey model, you’ll find the one in your inventory replaced with new model, with the same blueprints still tucked inside.
    Just one of the small updates we’re making to create a more consistent and immersive storyline on Next Island."

    -> http://www.entropiaplanets.com/forums/threads/elysian-artistic-patterns.7096/

    Hoplite Armor

    "The set consists of a Helmet, Armbands, a Breastplate, Thigh Armor, and Greaves. All of these items are craftable, unlimited use, colorable, and of course, usable in Ancient Greece."

    "We plan to release one piece as a reward for a new mission, and then let players find the rest as crafting loot."

    "Here’s the set after being colored, for an entirely different look and feel. Perfect for a futuristic colony on a tropical beach!":
    "This Hoplite Helmet is craftable, colorable and usable in Ancient Greece. It’s unlimited use, and will be crafted from an unlimited blueprint. Want to make your own? The blueprint will require:
    • 16 Praetonium
    • 3 Refined Purpurite Crystals
    • 4 Minotaur Heads
    • 4 Minotaur Tails"
    -> http://www.entropiaplanets.com/forums/threads/meg’s-blog-hoplite-armor.7002/-> http://www.entropiaplanets.com/forums/threads/colorable-hoplite-armor.7065/-> http://www.entropiaplanets.com/forums/threads/work-in-progress-hoplite-helmet.7074/

    Player-owned estates

    "Many long-term players know that we’ve been having issues with the estates surrounding Crystal Center. We’ve had so much trouble trying to sort out the bugs, our dev team finally just went in and redesigned the estates. These keep our lovely island aesthetic, while changing some of the parameters that were causing the problems with item placement, and designed to reduce the load on the client computer when entering the estate.
    If you currently own an estate, you’ll need to redecorate. All items — decor, furniture, retail items — that are currently inside the existing estate area will return to the owner’s inventory."

    -> http://www.entropiaplanets.com/forums/threads/bug-fix-player-owned-estates.7109/

    "With the release of the Hoplite Armor blueprints, in addition to the missions and blueprints already present in Ancient Greece, I’m happy to tell you that every piece of minotaur loot will now have at least one inworld use!"

    -> http://www.entropiaplanets.com/forums/threads/meg’s-blog-minotaur-milestone.7084/
  4. 200px-Arkadia.jpg

    Shops & Apartments

    - Shops & apartments have been remade
    - deeds will be added to auction following next week's update
    - depending on demand, at least 10 shops, ~200 apartments at Celeste Harbour to be auctioned over time
    - some apartments include the ownership of the roof of the building
    - additional Arkadia furniture in the May update


    - ingame map will be improved, high resolution
    - terrain will have more diverse colors

    (click it, it's huuuge)

    2 New Creatures

    - Nusul, a little bit more difficult than Exarosaur, big spawns west of Celeste Harbour,
    - another lower mid level creature
    - new Texture BP will be added too


    - craftable customizable Hoverpods will be added
    - better stats than the NPE Hoverpods
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  11. Where on Calypso are those screenshots, cant find them anywhere
  12. GeorgeSkywalker

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    Those a development pics kim posted. The Athena area was supposed to have had a graphics make over but it didn't make it into this update. Been no word from Kim why, I assume it's not completed yet...
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