MindArk: 2 GOOD prosposals

Discussion in 'MindArk' started by Fan_boy99, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    2 Good proposals (3 really but we say 3rd that end) MUCH MUCH thought has gone into this...

    1) 1st Proposal = ALL forum accounts (here I mean, is no other 'real' forum) MUST have real life EU account name.

    1.1 on THAT. ALL scumbag scammers, alts, liars, thiefs, bitches etc etc MUST put next to ''their' (COUGH) 'real life' EU account name what they are REALLY, a scammer a bitch or just a low life stunk

    1.2 Further to new forum proposed rules. I propose that those who will willingly agree to say who they are and the scammer shit they do = SHOULD be awarded a special scammer/skunk/idiot badge

    Separate Proposal part 2

    Thinking of this 1 a VERY VERY long time.

    I personally want to run a free and open , democratic election. For a MY President of Virtual Reality. I have a candidate (you don't have to ask him he is busy and always will be busy ) . His Name is Mr Mark Mccorcamak.

    He is nominated. And some1 I heard seconded it. He is running for President or VR (that means EU as well, all games).

    This a truthful forum so SADLY we cant just make up other 'candidates' and scam then out of money. Winner is Mark. That's it he is President , he likes it or not does not matter. Votes don't matter.

    Fixed Presidency. WELL deserved


    3rd proposal. Needs more thought. One thing = ''I paid my kids through College''. 5 people on OTHER forum said a scammer (a BIG scammer) said EXACTLY the same thing. Now I wonder who THAT could be. Needs more evidence I think? . President Mccormak. All yours Mr President <salute>.
  2. Why do you suggest things if you the first have never been doing what you ask ?

    Will mindark tell the name of their avatars when they are getting uber loots ?
    and when they DARE to insult people too on PCF ?


    Originally posted on pcf by a VU16 asslicker who should be contacted by mindark like was Darkaruki (and who have been rewarded many times by mindark, but true Hijacker Mindark can not control our loots).
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