2 million (!) pageviews. Congratulations, EntropiaPlanets Wiki!

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    We started EntropiaPlanets Wiki at the same time that EntropiaPlanets itself launched; September 2009. Originally intended to be a compliment to Entropedia, and acting more as an encyclopedia than a database of items and what not, as our staff learned more about the internal workings of the MediaWiki platform, new potential was discovered, and EP wiki now is deveoping into a flexible documentation tool for anything Entropia.

    Today, a true milestone was reached. We achieved no less than 2 million pageviews on the EntropiaPlanets Wiki, which roughly translates into an average of about 2300 daily pageviews since the start.

    From this spot, I would like to thank everyone who ever participated in adding data to the EntropiaPlanets Wiki, buit specifically our Wiki gurus RAZER and Tass, without whom this milestone could never have been achieved.

    From collecting information about the MindArk group to creating a "who's who" of the Planet Partners, from a searchable, filterable list of VU updates to an oversight of Entropia Space, EntropiaPlanets Wiki prfovides you with answers to your questions, or copies of the relevant files. For examples of the latter, EntropiaPlanets wiki contains a gallery of Planet Cyrene images, and copies of the MindArk Financial Reports.

    For thos einterested, EntropiaPlanets Wiki is powered by MediaWiki, the same software that drives Wikipedia, albeit heavily modified. We also use Semantic MediaWiki, which allows for quering data contained in pages, and which drives a lot of the newly developed features.

    One final thing we would want you to see is that we are working hard on ensuring that the EP Wiki content can easily be shared across the different forums. All it takes is for the admin of the forum to create a new BB-Code to link the information, and from then on it will be possible to actually embed whole articles or pages from the wiki into forum posts. Gone are the days of static lists in threads that can only be updated by the OP, and that need to be changed every time new data is found. Instead, the embedded content will be updated automatically as the EP wiki data updates.

    Here's an example of the Teleporter list for Ancient Greece on Next Island:

    We will be working with the Planet Partners, so hopefully you should be seeing these features pop up on other forums soon!

    Once again, thank you to everyone who contributed in the success of the wiki. We will continue improving functionality to make your experience better, and adding and sharing information with the community easier.

    On behalf of everyone at EntropiaPlanets,


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  2. A HUGE GRATZ is is order. Wiki is a never ending task, and Tass and Razer are doing an excelent job. :clap:
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  3. narfi

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    I agree,

    great job guys :)
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  4. Tass

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    Not RAZER & Tass did this, it's the result of everyone who ever contributed to the wiki in any way, for example by:
    • actively editing wiki pages
    • giving permission to add their work (text, images, video)
    • linking to the wiki from anywhere or mentioning it anywhere
    • giving feedback
    • contributing to MediaWiki, its extensions and everything else used for it
    Thank you very much.

    Let's add another million before the end of the year.

    Wiki is maybe at 10% of its capacity. So far we didn't add/edit one single line of code. We are just utilizing end user features. And if you just imagine that every moment there are several people working on improving mediawiki and its extensions.

    A little outlook:
    So... please support wiki, give feedback, request content to be added, try editing, link to it, share pages (upper right of each page), etc.

    It will not stop.
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  5. RAZER

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    You are absolutely right Tass, you and me do a lot of work, but we try to make the wiki more friendly for other people to use and edit.

    A lot of people already use our wiki Views per day: 2302 and a lot of info is being seen. With the little outlook you gave there is a lot of exciting stuff for everyone to discover and learn and with the new stuff coming to EU every day there is a lot of info to be wikified now and in the future and I for one am looking forward to that.

    The last few months we have been working hard to take away the one thing people were complaining about in our wiki, the usability, but with Semantic and the use of forms to add/edit data, we have made a big leap forward and we are discovering new stuff and possibilities every day.

    So one thing we would like is for people to just give it a go, upload a picture, edit some stats on a creature or just update your own personal page in the wiki, every little bit helps!
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  6. Ozi

    Ozi Planet Arkadia - CEO

    Wow what a great milestone to reach. You guys do a great job with the Wiki and I look forward to seeing how it all develops into the future. The integration with other forums is fantastic (we are taking steps now, with thanks to the EP crew, to make this feature available on Ark forum).
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  7. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Awesome job, guys (and girls) - and everyone who contributed to EP and the Wiki.

    It's a huge credit to all the work you have been doing here (and is still doing). I'm amazed by the energy and enthusiasm you spend in your work with the forum and wiki :thumbup: And a milestone like this is well deserved.

    I love seeing how things are developing here and I'm looking forward to the 3 mio. views post =)
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  8. Well done and well deserved EP. You all do an amazing job and we at the Cyrene team feel very lucky you guys are around. Cheers and here's to the 4 million Page views (since Lykke already took the 3)!
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  9. Wistrel

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    Looks liike a great feature to me. I think the most important thing will be making sure everyone knows how to use it. Might even be worth an email out to the members or at least including and instructions link in one of the news letters
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