2 weeks into the game as a new player and my expierence.

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  1. First off I wanted to introduce myself a little. I am a 37 year old father of 1 beautiful daughter. I am 37 years old and work from home currently for a local insurance company. I am in my first year of college for 3d animation and video game design. I have been a avid gamer since the dinosaurs walked this earth.
    I joined the game Nov 30th 2013. With that said, yes I am very new to the game and am very noobish in many ways. When I first started the game I found myself interested in the game , but it was a little dull I must admit do to being used to playing games with peers, guildies, or clan members whatever the situation was at the time. I was completely lost, but eager to learn. So I began my search on google to find a community where maybe I could find my place in this new world I had become part of. I ended up coming here to entropiaplanets.com. I created a account made a post in the middle of the night might I say and had a response within no time. This has made me feel very welcomed as a player and has made my participation in this game feel in some ways refreshing and comfortable. After conversation on a couple posts I was introduced to a society named Q intities and welcomed with open arms to join them if I would like to learn more about EU. I gladly accepted the invitation and was signed up with a ingame mentor promptly to begin my new journey with my new Society.
    I just wanted to add that by joining a Society as a new player can be very beneficial as well. The more people you meet in the society and interact with the more knowledge of the game you will learn. Societies have players of all types new and seasoned players to share experiences and knowledge. Honestly at first I was cautious as a new player to just jump right in an go, due to the whole real money cash economy thing. But I must say being part of a Society has helped me immensely in getting my first foot in the door.
    Also as a new player try and take advantage of the Mentor System in game. After graduation you will receive armor and I believe the Mentor gets something as well for your graduation.
    From what I have found in this world is people are very accepting compared to your standard online games where people constantly try to troll you, belittle you , or just plain out steal from you. I have found this game so far to have way less drama than other popular games out there on the market. The people are nice and welcoming. The more people that feel welcomed the better and stronger the game becomes as a over all player data base and the more players means a better economy.
    I am just trying to give a feel for players that are new like me and hopefully you can learn something through my experiences as my posts come in the future to give updates on my experiences here in EU.
    One more thing to add. I know we all could use a profit and I just wanted to state that as a new player your chances of that start right out the door with this game. My 3rd day into the game I hit a oil mine with all noob gear and items no enhances no added features. My very first HOF (Hall of Fame) worth 236 ped. Amazing experience and the rush felt wonderful. Little lights glow around your avatar and it put my name and info on the HOF bulletin. Got me hooked, and on a positive note through my experience so far with the Society and here on entropiaplanets.com I feel I fell into the right hands and you all have made this universe a great place for me to be a part of. And I thank you!
    I have already began to spread the word to my real life friends and old gaming friends for many years about this game and hopefully I can bring some more members in the future to be a part of this great and wonderful community.
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  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Sounds alot like how I started some 5-6 yrs ago.
    Something I am always curious about with new players is how do you feel your cost to play per hour rates? (supposing you had not go the HOF would you still be enjoying it as much?)
  3. Yes I believe I still would play. The game and mechanics are interesting and the people are wonderful.
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  4. Wistrel

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    Sounds like you are one of the people who "get" the game. I think you will have fun and glad to hear you are finding your soc and fellow players helpful. Have to admit 9 years ago Project Entropia was my first MMO and I haven't really settled into another yet. I don't know why this is, it could be that the first one just sticks with you and remains special.

    I don't know much about communities in other games but I've heard people say similar to you before about Entropia folks and the situation in other games. A friend told me the other day one of the reasons he left WOW was cause of all the voice chat rudeness. I think it just ground him down in the end, especially as he works with kids in the day.

    There has been a general trend for PE to have an older audience in the past and I've heard also from a reliable source that the game is currently still largely popular with people in their 30s. Maybe eventually MindArk will need to implement "Zimmerframe (L)" and a stoop/limp walking style ;) I suspect we'll be like the first 100 and never age though.

    Last but not least, welcome to Entropia. Remember you can take a break any time you like, play another game and come back when you next feel like it, this may be a week, a month or a year later (my record was 3). Also I recommend climbing the mountain ridges on Thule if you ever need some Zen time ;)

  5. RAZER

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    Interesting story there and I love that you chose to share your first days with us. Also some very good tips for new players from a new player, I'm not always sure if new players trust us old ones, because of the things you mention about other games. Like Wistrel said you seem to 'get' the game and because you do from the very beginning, you will have a long and happy life in EU. Feel free to make more posts about your experience in EU as the life of a newbie is not much highlighted on any forum, but interesting to read none the less.

    If you require any help in game or on the forum just ask and somebody will surely jump on it.
  6. glad you're enjoying the game and great post :)

    We're here to help too, so if u need help the soc chat is also available or PM ingame :)
  7. Jamira

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    Welcome Marley :-) ... and gratz to the early HoF!
    Everything went well for you so far it seems. But be aware of the second side of the medal.
    It is indeed a unique and very special Universe. I am here since more than eight years. And I still like it. But we have our ups and downs here ;-)
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone. So far things are still going well, being the new player that I am, Having a great time in the game and with the community.
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