2007-11-26 - Ket's miserable exisitence on Calypso.

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  1. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    Day one: ( Sometime back in June 07 ):

    I hate Combibos. They did teach me to die, however and acquiring skills through death is a new concept for me. Perhaps I will learn to appreciate this new talent.

    I have decided to make "sweating" my livelihood as I am so good at it in RL. I also did my best to make my avatar as ugly as possible. I wanted a squat, obese little troll of a fellow, but the creation unit was not so obliging. I did my best to be as nasty as possible, but instead I look like a dark-skinned 15 year old with gray hair. It'll do for now.

    End of week one: ( June 07)

    I hate Faucerix, too!!! Even more than Combibo's. I am learning to sweat and have discovered several teleporters on Eudora. I tried my hand at Amertha but will steer clear of that for a while as it so easy to die there.

    I am beginning to believe that I will need to spend a lot of time to acquire any wealth sweating and 'finding fruit' seems a bit more difficult than one might be led to believe by reading the hype.

    Still something about this 'game' is drawing me in like a moth to a big, blue electrocution device.

    End of month one: ( June 07 )

    If I expect to get anywhere I will need to spend more time sweating, but I may have stumbled across a new method. Instead of being attacked at because of huge lag delays at the 'swamp' I have decided to pursue a new course of action, what I call "run to the gun" It works like this:

    Twin Peaks Stable ( under the gun ):

    Run out to the Cadatergus ( Or the exarosaurs ) and invoke concentration.
    Begin sweat 'cylinder'. If the offending beast turns and attacks... RUN... while sweating to the the Gun and then return to start all over again.

    I have found this to be a bit quicker than having to swim back from Port Atlantis after being killed by Combibo at the swamp.
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  2. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    July 07:

    Don't ask me how but I have managed to scape up enough PED's to buy a cheap pistol, sounds like a machine gun and shoots yellow ammo. It kills young snable snot males pretty well and I almost don't die in the process. I found some armor, too, PIXIE thighs and arms in the process. I found some female arms ( I know that sounds gross, but hear me out ) and sold those. No, that doesn't sound any better either. Anyway,

    Selling the oils and stuff and augmenting it with sweat sales is keeping me alive for the time being. I'm hoping to save enough to buy some mining equpiment.

    I found a FAP-5 today when I got real lucky and took out a young exosaur, I don't know how I did it either so don't ask.

    Mid July:

    I bought a Solomate Opalo and it has made a significant difference in my hunting ability. I sold the pistol went hunting snablesnots again ( Atlas Haven ), It's a relatively safe place and esay game is plentiful. This new gun works pretty good on Daikiba, too. I'm managing to survive on oil and wool sales. I got lucky and found a FAP-35 which I sold and bought some mining gear, enmatter stuff.

    End of July 07:

    I hit a Large Melchi Water deposit for 211 PED and spent all of my PEDs on completing my PIXIE armor. I think I like this mining thing, but it does drawn heavily on my meager income. I am considering making a deposit ( my first ) in order to continue on.
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  3. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    August 07:

    I expanded my mining capability to include Ores. This is getting really expensive and I may have to put mining on hold for a bit. I looted a Shriek Street pistol and this has proven to be a reliable, and almost effective little weapon. It doesn't use as much ammo as the Opalo, less damage too, but it seems to be holding its own as far as cost goes.

    I looted an Emik(?) and feeling generous, I went to Port Atlantis, the new arrival area and gave it to a new arrival. Perhaps, my karma will improve and I'll be able to sweat successfully more often. There's been a lot of quabbling about sweat pricing, seems it may fall below .55 and stay there but, that's the way markets works, I guess.

    I found a couple more FAP's (10-15) and sold those for more bombs and survey probes. I took a chance on Amertha and hit a whopping 244 PED Ares Head in the Osiri Hearts area. I decided to sell it at auction and made a total of 298 PED. I'm feeling pretty good now.

    I sold my old PIXIE armor and have upgraded to full Goblin. This is working much better and I have also adjusted my strategy to mining with hunting defensively for the time being. I guess I can afford this for now and I hope to keep my income up with the mining. Good locations are hard to find and I have returned to areas where I had some success in the past, recording them in a journal and everything, but they yield the second time around, even after weeks later, doesn't seem to be at all regular. Oh, well. I haven't been sweating as much as I was and as a result I have benn doing a lot more exploring. I will see how long this latest find will hold me as far as income goes.

    Mid August:

    Boy, do PEDS disappear quickly when you are mining. Or is it the loots that are vanishing. Either way, it's been back to sweating and some hunting to stay entertained. I tell you right now though, depositing is looking like a an answer soon if things don't improve.

    I have acquired a good number of TP's about Eudora but still have not made it to the Oil rig. I think that I will need to be outfitted much better than I am now in order to get there, but no matter, Atlas Haven and Twin Peaks will do for now.

    I got stuck in a 'hard stuck' outpost north of Atlas Haven, lots of Atrox and I could not get out no matter what direction I headed. Speaking with a couple of people who were there I learned that that were waiting for help to come and get them out. A group of four people showed up about 20 minutes later and with their help we managed to get to the TP north of there. That's when it dawned on me the importance of belonging to a Society. I wasn't a high enouhg level to join them but it left a lasting impression. Since then, I've done the freebie give aways more often at Port Atlantis when I can afford it.

    End of August 07:

    Ugh! I enjoy mining too much to spend all that time sweating and running back and forth to the gun, also hunting loots have been a bit low as well, so this week... I made my first deposit. I DIDN'T WANT TO REALLY!!! I...I ...well, I like mining to much, and... this big Atrox came by and told me that if I didn't deposit he'd kill me and ... well, I deposited and he killed me anyway. I guess I'll never learn.

    YEAH, So I admit it! My name is Kets and I'm a depositer. Hopefully, I'll be in recovery in September...
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  4. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    September 07:

    It's been a pretty good month all in all. No HOF's, ( didn't realize back in July and August that thats what they were. ) My Opala has been a damn, good weapon so I bought an A&P Hero and an E-Amp (13) and upgraded my ore and matter finders to 103's. No Hof's but more Small's and Poor's than I was getting, perhaps because of the increased depth, don't know. I think I have all of the TP's on Eudora and I am spending a bit more time on Amertha as well.

    Oh, I don't hate Combibos or Faucerix anymore either as my Opalo does a good number on them and they have been coughing up some loot ( as well as blood, I still owe then that... MWAHAHAHAHA... ugh, sorry about that.) I managed to take out a Atrax young this month and Molisk's are getting fun as well.

    I have almost given up on sweating as mining and hunting are keeping me in the game. OH, alright!!! I know I'm in denial... I DEPOSITED AGAIN!!! SO Kill me, then. The Damn Atroxes do for crying out loud, so why don't you!!! I'm a depositer.. There are you happy now!

    I think I need help, perhaps if I spend more time on the Chronicle forum I'll be a better person... less of a depositer.... Nope that didn't work, because on the forum I found the ARCADE, now when I'm not in EU I'm playing TOWER DEFENSE 2007!!!! ARRGH, CURSE you Phoenix and your tournaments!!! But... but I've got to get ready to compete and ... and ... I need a drink..... ( Deep breaths, deep breaths).

    I'm better now....Sorry about the outburst. Yes, I'm a depositer, but I have realized that I have a problem and I am willing to ... to ... invest in a better weapon. I have heard that the Punisher Mark II is a worthwhile upgrade. I'll look into in October...
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  5. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    October 2007:

    First, let me apologize for my previous outburst.

    Phoenix, it's not your fault that I'm addicted to either Tower Defesne 2007 or Uber Breakout. That is all my own doing. Just because you organize tournaments does not make you liable for my own uncontrollable cravings and the like. I hope that you can find it in you heart to forgive me.

    Secondly, to all of the Atrax, Allophly and Molisks,


    uh, oh, here comes my handler with my special 'jacket' ... Gotta go...
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  6. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    November 2007:

    First, I think the new meds are properly configured now because I feel a lot better. It's nice not having to wear that jacket everyday. After my release from the hospital I was able to get back into EU from home and this is where I managed to find my miserable self.

    I did take Burgerman's advice and bought the Justifier Mark II. ( Actually, I asked Burgerman about an upgrade from my A&P Hero and he suggested the Justifer as the Punisher will not take the E-Amp(13). Thanks for the correction, Burg. ) Nice weapon. I also learned that the E-AMP (13) cost more to maintain than outfitting all the newibes with brand new Ghost Armor with full plating, so I stopped using it after it wore its misable self down to "Your attachment is in dire need of repair. Please afford MA the opportunity to correct this situation for a sizeble deposit... again."

    ( I hate getting those messages. Anyway, I have it in my possession but, as of yet, still unattached to any weapon.)

    I bought a Killian Sword G2 and managed to beat that to disrepair as well, but keep it handy as a fall back when my ammo runs out, which seems to happen too often.

    This month I was again reminded of my own humble start in this world when I met up with someone I will call a Mad Nutter Woman and we decided to go TP running. We were accompanied by an attractive female who, bless her heart, was too poor to afford clothing. A mixed blessing, I suppose to a squat, obese, greying male such as myself, but still a situaiton that I would rather avoid myself. I had nothing to offer her in the way of cover so I offered to 'bring up the rear' of the hunting group as we made our way across Eudora after the elusive TP's.

    As a result of my experience, I have taken into the tailoring trade and have on several occasions made shirts and pants for females, so if I do happen to come across another in a similar situaiton, I will be able to determine if it is in my best interest to have her clothed or not.

    Huh? I said 'in HER' best interest. I'm sure I did. Anyway...

    Tailoring has given me the incentive to annihilate both the pesky Molisk species as well as the Foul species in order to make buttons. A world without buttons is a world full of unclothed females... uh, maybe I should give the little critters a break. Afterall, they're cute, cuddly little things. Now, Merp on the otherhand...

    I have found a new nemisis and its name is Argonaut! And, lo and behold, just in time to have MA make some mystery novel about them. I've only had the capability to handle the youngs ones with my meager weaponry but I hope to be a powerful hunter like Bunny someday!

    As for the rest of November... I am spending a lot of time on Amertha ( have I been spelling that correctly, something tells me 'No', but I hear those voices all the time and they are always correcting me and.... uh, just a minute... It's time for my meds. )

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  7. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    End of November 2007:

    My first Spaceship encounter:

    I was heading West out of Fort Troy, hunting mostly Foul in the swamps. We're very similar, you know, Foul and me, ugly, noisy, worthless except for our bodily fluids, well maybe the Foul are more valuable there...I seem to find myself in the swamps more often than not. I guess I don't smell myself so much there, I don't know.


    I happened across some Feffoid's or Maffoid's, ( the brown ones, I get the names confused, I think all those Atrox kicks to my head are starting to have an effect ) and some Allophyl. The brown things I cleared rather easily, considering, but then some big, freakin' Allophyl Gargantua or something sucked me up his butt and shat me out at the outpost on the western coast. ( Would shitted(?) have been the right word there? I don't know )

    Not withstanding the smell of me as excrement, which was an improvment over the stink I had accumulated while thrashing about aimlessly through the swamp, I was able to heal up via my Exarotron FAPPER-35 and I headed back out to the east. I had my eyes glued to the radar and began to see red blips in curious, regular patterns, not like the standard MOB scatter. I readied my weapon, thinking that I had a chance when I spotted five robots in a deep canyon below me. As they were drone Gen 3's and 5's I decided to bypass them as I am basically a coward at heart.

    I headed north and found a lone Gen-1. My kind of target, easy, quick I raised my unadjusted Justifier... and revived on the coast again. I rushed back to the spot and made quick scrap of the rusting hodgepodge of animated ore. ( No offense Blabberbot, well, maybe a little. I don't like your firends much and apparently they have no affection for me either.)

    I continued north until, lo and behold, I spotted a spaceship. I almost filled my Goblin thighguards and mismatched Paladin shins with more retched smelling biological waste material, until a bot the size of the Giant Mushroom shaped tree north of Hadersheim closed on me and, once again, sent me back to the coastline. I began to wonder, "Should I build a small villa here? One with a big ass gun to keep me safe?" I checked my PED card and quickly decided against it.

    I decided on a new strategy at that point, I would stay on the coast and head north back to Port Atlantis, besides the swim might clean away some of the crap out of my soiled armor.


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  8. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    November... cont'd:

    It happened again, or, at least I think it did... It's like I black-out or something, then I find myself right where I was, only sometimes I am suddenly surrounded by 2 or 3 Equus or Bristlehogs when just a moment ago there were none. It seems sometimes like several hours or even days have passed but... how could that be? I haven't moved and I even have my matterfinder still in my hands and then, all of a sudden all these damn bristlehogs are biting my unarmored feet.

    (I've got to find that magic Merp and get his Paladin booties or I'm toast.)

    It's not like when I get killed ( like I'm about to at any moment now as this Equus is starting to take his toll on me now even though I must have baked his testes right off of him by now ), or when you teleport and you go all white-out like you do when your hunting chompers or something, it's far different. It's even hard to notice sometimes, It's almost like you've been 'logged off', a momentary lapse of reason, or when you're running and all of a sudden you're twenty feet backward, like a Armax Bull just head butted you back into yesterday or something.

    Maybe its the air on this planet playing havoc with what little mental facilities I have. I don't know, but it never happened to me back on Earth. But, then, I can't seem to recall any memories of Earth either. It's almost like I've never been there, like I came into existence here, in this world and ... and ...

    HOLY COW!!! I just dropped the Equus!!! Like a sack of Snarksnot Turd!! And, what a surprise, NO FREAKIN' LOOT! He ought to have a butt load of ammo in his groin at least based on the number of shots I unloaded there. Oh, Thanks for the 1 Animal Hide Bristle, can you spare it?

    OH! Damn it! I hate when I accidentally shoot at nothing! Such a waste of ammo. Wait. Wait, it's happening again. I'm standing still... I can't move... and I feel like I'm fading away... I'm feeling so disconnected... I... I...
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  9. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    Still November, What's up with that anyway?

    Two things I have NOT accomplished yet:

    1.) Been to the Oil Rig
    2.) Seen the Bird statue
    3.) Been to the space station or Club Neverdie.
    4.) Stepped into a PVP ring. (Like I said before, I'm a chicken, or at least I taste like chicken, so the Atrox told me.)

    ( Update from below : I've never had a skill implant embedded into me, but Eud Sgurr seems to approve of them which has peaked my curiousity. )

    ( Oops, That's more than two, or is it? I'm so confused )

    Things I HAVE done, so far:


    got killed;

    got killed and fell into water and sunk;

    fell down the side of several very tall peaks ( Did I mention getting killed before those falls? );

    Got killed by a young Chirpy ( don't even ask, I'm still embarassed by that one but I'm not going to deny it happened. I was vindicated though when I found another one who was so oily I thought I'd choke - 1696 Animal Oil. );

    Chased a F#*&ing Turp into a nest of Atroxes and, you can guess the rest (it has to do with getting killed);

    I climbed to the top of both Twin Peaks;

    I jumped off of the windmill at New Switzerland;

    Discovered that you can't jump off the apartment buildings landings in Omegatron City ( bummer );

    Read the Memorial on Memorial Island;

    Manufactured a few Jester rifles, Mann pistols, Basic shirts and basic pants;

    Swam to the edge of the map ( Yep, rather anti-climatic, and a total wate of time);

    Was shot up by another player in the Shinook Forest and subsequently died ( They apologized so I guess that makes it OK. );

    Wondered why anyone would buy 10,000 rounds of ammo;

    Bought 10,000 rounds of ammo;

    Picked up dung that was laid at Marco's feet. Another embarassing moment as that was the first time I met him. Sometimes I wonder about myself. ( Maybe that's where the smell is coming from, I seem to have been finding a lot of dung about lately and I've been carrying most of it. Hmmmm...? );

    Sat, alone for almost a hour in the bar at Twin Peaks, just to see if anyone would show up;

    Stopped selling ores and enmatters to Don Mitnick because he pays less than anyone else I've dealt with;

    Have acquired all of my skills ( which I do intend to post at some point, probably in this blog is my guess, but we'll see. ) through experience. ( Oh, I need to add something to the Things I have NOT accomplished list above. );

    Unlocked Marksmanship skill ( that's a mistake I'm sure if you've ever seen me shoot anything, Marksman is not what comes to mind. Ask Mad Nutter Woman, she's seen me in action. Maybe that's what happened to the land crawling Ripper Snappers );

    Discovered that you can't shoot Ripper snappers when they're on land;

    Discovered that Ripper snappers CAN attack you when they're on land;

    Was amazed to find that ripper snappers can even be on land;


    Oops sorry, fell asleep there for a minute, guess I'd better be getting back to work. Good night.
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  10. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    Beginning of December - 2007:

    With the help of Una ( a fellow EuTropian and a heck of great guy, at least, I think he's a guy, my apologies if I'm wrong here, Una, but the avatar is definately male so I just assumed that... I seem to be getting a little off topic here... now where did I put my meds... just a minute... I'm out of Jack Daniels, too... let me refill my... .... ... Uh, that's better... where was I? ... oh, yeah...)

    I managed to get two new TP's on Amethera, Oyster Island and Myrene Island, both nice places to visit, but unless you want to live in the service center not the best places to live.

    I am so proud of myself, just look at me, I'm beaming... well, maybe not snarling as much. The reason I'm so happy you ask... I took out my first Atrox this first week of this magical month. Granted it was a young little puppy with big, nasty, teeth, but still it was comforting to see his smoldering carcass lying at my feet instead of my bloody carcass being tossed about like a well punctured spaghetti strainer still dripping with marinara sauce. (Too graphic? Just wait until my graphics vocabulary upgrade, then you'll read graphic... HEHE... just one more sip of Jack and...)

    I like Oyster Island, and not just for the aphrodisiac properties either mind you, it seems to have been rather lucrative in both hunting and mining. I got two globals, one in each venue (... another sip and I'm off like a prom dress...).

    A slurping, burping, very oily Mermoth gave me a 105 PED global and I scored ad nauseum in Nicknarsium. (Try saying that after a few shots of Jack... WHoo-Hoo! I'm feeling it now...uh, be right back, this stuff goes right through meee.....)

    Ah'm beck...Feelleleing a lots bedduh now, but everrerething is jest spihnning aroannnddd......I'm be baeck wif more ubdates letteree onnn...


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  11. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    December... cont'd:

    Here's something you should try:

    1.) Accidently blow a kiss to someone you don't know clad in some kind of armor you have never seen before and carrying a gun bigger than a bus, say, 600 yards SW of Nate's place.

    2.) See where you revive to when they shoot and kill you because they didn't believe you when you told then you were just trying out the emotes and didn't really mean anything by the obvious sign of affection. ( I never cease to amaze myself.)

    Does anyone know where I can get rainbow colored, clown hair and several yards of finely crushed pine cones? ( I told them I'd make it up to them. Oh, woe is me. )

    Another lesson learned while hunting in the swamps SW of Fort Troy:

    1.) Foul can be eradicated rather easily with an unadjusted A-3 Justifier Mk. II.
    2.) Big rainbow colored bug things cannot. Do not shoot at them or they will kill you in one pinch from their nasty claws. After that, you will have to walk all the way back to the swamp from the revive terminal, and this, my friends ( I can call you my friends, right? You don't have to answer that if you don't want to, I completely understand ) is more of a pain than forgetting to heal up after barely finishing off an Armax Bull Young and getting immediately spat upon by a Snablesnot male young and dying because you had to have just one more look at whether you were at 260 or 262 skill points in Sweat Gathering.

    My advice, if you'd even think of taking advice from me... Stay away from big, rainbow bugs even if their last name is "Weak".

    Do you want some more adivce? ( My, you are a glutton for punishment aren't you? ) Do not, wait, I mean make sure that you DO take bathroom breaks when you are AWAY from dangerous MOBs. This includes Warrior type robots. They will kill you. They don't care. Not even a little.

    One more thing, some interesting coordinates... 13770, 3790.

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  12. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    December 2007- End of week 1: (Get your coffee ready as this is a long one.)

    I feel that my chances of stealing the POTM from BUNNY are close to nil at this point. Through no fault of my own, however, as the hunting and mining I have done to this point this month are actually showing a profit. I haven't hit any globals or HOF's but I'll take the 'regular' finds and moderate loots that MA has gracioulsy offered to me at this point in time. ( Is a set of foot guards asking too much? I'll keep shooting Merps until the Armax Cows come home to find them if I have to. )

    I would like to take this time to apologize to those I may have confused with my last post. ( Welcome to my world of confusion and delusion... ugh. It's all those years of pokes and peeks from my ancient past that have caused me to lose my freakin' mind... anyway, I digress... again....) The 'rainbow' bugs were, indeed, the Formacicadia's, or something like that. They looked so small and they are named 'weak' and everything but they are far from that. So, for the time being, I'll steer clear of those things.

    I am spending more and more time on Amethera, usually outside the land areas, but not always. I've found the MOBS are smaller in the open areas and subsequently, the loots as well, or so it seems, but the mining finds seem to be more frequent, not much larger, but more frequent. This conclusion is either a result of my growing experience in the field, or a hallucination altogethe, related to either the onset of Alzheimer's demensia or the effects of the massive quantities of coffee and Red Bull that I consume. I haven't been able to determine which. When I do, you'll know. I might not, but you will.

    Speaking of witches... Did you all have a Happy Halloween? I stole a lot of candy from my kids loot sacks, ( MA could take a lesson on loot from them to be sure. ) Again, I was disguised as the grumpy, old man who complained the whole time while leading his kids about the neighborhood in search of those foolish enough to hand out free, un-tainted candy to the usual ghouls and n'er-do-wells that normally roam the area in search of trouble instead of candy. I pulled it off, too, because everyone thought I was indeed grumpy and old. Whoo-Hoo! I even brought donuts with me to dunk into my wine.

    I kept wishing that I had my old A&P Series Hero with me to offer a few "tricks and treats" to the barking dogs that inhabit my neighborhood, as several are the size of Old Dakibas and sound almost as annoying. They also leave as much dung around, too. ( I preferred the Hero to my Justifier as the ammo burn is less and with the sugar high from the dounts and candy, coupled with the effect of the wine, I was sure to be letting off shots without having a target in sight. We all know how that is, don't we? Well, at least I do. Maybe this is getting of topic, but sometimes I swear that Exarosaurs are eating the flowers off my blackberry bushes and if I'm right, boy is MA gonna hear from me!!!!) Enough about Halloween.

    I was feeling execptionally nasty the other day and as I was running across South Western Amethera on the tail of an Exarosaur Dominant, someone intercepted it and started sweating the thing. I raised my Justifier and target the sweater as my PVP indicator was flashing faintly. I couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger though as my EuTropian training prevented me from dropping the offending player. ( They were a freelancer so who would have know? Anyway... ) I watched as the Exo turned and thouroughly destroyed them. I laughed, out loud... I know... I know... I'm going to Hell for that... and so many other things I can't count. ) So, feeling very vigilante after that, I dropped the Exo and scoured the area for loot. Nothing. Big surprise. Still, I felt better for two reasons. I got the target of my chase and, secondly, I wasn't the one who died this time.

    WHOO-HOO! :clapping:
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  13. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    December 2007: (Cont'd)

    It was a day not unlike the others, the sky was a dusty brown, my eyes were swollen from the long hours of loot-less travel across Amethera and I had just TP-ed into Atlas Haven. I was immediately contacted by Nutter, she wanted to go hunting. I wasn't opposed. I had been hunting with her before and... well... she's a damn good hunter. Besides, my tired eyes needed something more appealing to focus on other than my rapidly decaying armor and the crusty innards of Molisk that had collected on my ragged boots.

    We supplied ourselves with ammo and headed NW out of Altas Haven. I hadn't been to the area for a while and I had discovered Ambulimax out there, mostly young and mature, accompanied by Maffoids, an easy kill even with my unimpressive skills. I figured that she was excited about the Ambu's so I wouldn't have to worry about them too much and I could make up for it but taking down the Maffoids. It was my first time setting up a team and once we got the loot share squared away, we were off.

    We moved quickly through the Exarosaurs and Chirpy's that meander about the outlying areas until we moved almost halfway to Hadersheim. The ground had turned burnt orange and the day had brightened considerably. With the desolation and negligible cover spotting our prey would be easy. We offed a few Maffoids as we headed into Ambu territory, then we came across our first, an old haggered beast who didn't take kindly to having his butt sparked up by two humans. It fell pretty easily and we took minimal damage. I was encouraged due to my extreme failure at hunting these MOBs solo. We continued on for a while clearing the area of as many of the unsuspecting critters as we could, expending a considerable amount of ammo with little to show for it.

    Nutter was dropping probes and bombs periodically, me less so as my supply was low from my earlier jaunt across Amethera. she was hitting mostly poor and tiny enmatters. Then, after we had entered into an area populated by some baby Atroxes and the occaional Molisk, she popped a 200 plus PED HOF of Iron stone. ( I immediately checked the PVP indicator on my radar scope and realized that I could not take her out and steal the find, so... instead, I cleared the area of any pests as she extracted her find. Gratz, Nutter. I don't think that I would stand a chance against her anyway and to shoot something that good looking... I'd have to be crazy.) ;)

    Afterward we continued on for a bit, but she was moving slowly carrying all those ingots. We ran off some more ammo and, as we were both starting to run low, we decided to call it a day.

    She headed back East and I continued onward to the West.
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  14. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    December 18th, 2007:

    Two interesting things happened to me today. I don't know if they are related, but fear of eternal damnation and my feeble grasp of karma theory has given rise to my attempt at linking the two. Either way, I was not disappointed by either of the two events as they reminded me of why I continue to paticipate in this Virtual Universe of Entropia.

    Event 1.)

    I had disbanded my team with Nutter the day before ( see previous post, if you can stand it ) and had decided to continue on toward Hadershiem. I was low on ammo and thought I could make it there rather quickly. I had a few PED on my card and made up my mind to head north a bit to the Outpost there to buy what ammo I could. I made it there rather uneventfully and bought about 1000 rounds of medium to stock my Justifier.

    Suddenly, at the revival terminal, someone appeared... a woman... clad in underwear only. "Hmmm..." I thought to myself. She was at minimal health so I Fapped her back to 100%. She thanked me then asked if I could help her. She wanted to get to the nearest TP. Having recalled my own experience at a hard stuck post north of Atlas Haven I figured that this was my chance to repay the favor that I recevied from that team of hunters. I agreed to lead her to Hadersheim. I started out and almost immediately she asked if I could give her something. I asked what. She said "Anything." I hestiated, then, thinking that she was in her underwear and probaly a newbie asking for assistance, I looked through my inventory and offered her 10 Papplon. She took it and thanked me. We started out.

    We had been running for a bit when we came across a few young Merps and some Snablesnots. Not an issue for me, but a newbie could certainly have some trouble with them. I cleared them and we started on again. She stoped and told me she could help me if I could give he some ammo. I asked her which type. She opened a trade window and showed me an Opalo. Now I was curious, but still, as a newbie, I had an Opalo so I split out 100 rounds and gave them to her, free of charge yet again. She asked..."Team?" I set us up as a team and we continued on again. No sooner had we started our run, I turned to see her dressed in a Pixie harness, and Shogun arms, thighs and legs with a Pixie mask. Now I was beginnig to wonder. We hunted as we moved toward Hadersheim. She kept insisting on going north, but I stayed on course to my target.

    She hunted every snablesnot in sight and I let her have them. I didn't want to waste what ammo I had left. Finally, we got to the TP and she thanked me for everything. I offered her a suspicious, but friendly, "You're Welcome", disbanded the team and headed home... Twin Peaks.

    Event 2.) Later the same day.

    I had sold off most of my stash of ingots I had acculmulated for the meager weapons construction I had tried, in order to collect enough PED to buy some ammo and go hunting. I managed to scrape up about 15 probes and bombs as well and headed off to Myrene Island on Amethera.

    I headed south away from the TP on Myrene and came across three Atrox babies, one at a time, fortunately. I took them out, but got nothing for my trouble. I moved on and took out a couple of oily Mermoth, dropping a smattering of the probes and bombs that I had along the way.

    I spotted three Mermoth up aways but decided to drop a bomb anyway.


    I hit a MASSIVE ( XX ) pile of Nicnarsium. I almost crapped my pants. ( It wouldn't be the first time, but that's another story. ) The problem was, it was right in the middle of the three Mermoth. I took aim and took them out one at a time, circling them so as not to engage them all at once. Then I extracted 887 PED worth of the ore.

    Are these two events connected? Was the woman from earlier in the day an MA plant to see if I was worthy of a massive loot? ( I wasn't drinking tea at the time, so I don't think that that played into this at all.) I don't know for sure, but then there's not much that I do know.

    Anyway, whether these two events are connected or not doesn't really matter, because, they are both indicative of why I play EU. The interaction between the players and the excitement of big finds, regardless of how rare or infrequent.
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  15. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    End of December and the year 2007:

    As I expected, I did not win the new land area, the Eu-Chronincle member of the month for December contest or the Space Invaders tournament. However, I did mange to instigate a fry pan frenzy on the forum and that has got to mean something. In spite of the frenzy, at the New Years Eve party while making an absolute fool of myself at the disco at CND (just ask Bunny and Bergerman) Man-of-Honour requested to add ME, Yes ME, this disenfranchised little troll, as a friend. I am truly humbled. I know that I say a lot of rather off the wall things, especially when I am speaking, writing, awake or breathing but this was a very touching moment for me.

    You see, I had been hunting with Mad Nutter Woman on a couple of occasions. Perhaps you have read of my less than meager endeavours along those lines, even if you haven't, by my own admission, my hunting skills still need some improvment. My revivial skills however are among the highest in EU. I have never failed to revive, much to many players' shagrin I'm sure.

    Now, Nutter is MOH's (Man-Of-Honour's) wife. Now I have a wife of my own, actually, my second, not at the same time though. ( 2 children from each of them. 2 children is enough for any woman, or so it has been made clear to me. That explains the age ranges, Bunny.) There are some men here in the U.S.A. foolish enough to have two wives at the same time, even though it is illegal, immoral, expensive, time-consuming, a serious drain of emotional and credit stability and downright foolish. So I can understand MOH's concern when his wife is out hunting with an incompetent such as I. My hunting ability being what it is, she is safer to be standing IN my line of fire rather than outside it. Now, mind you, I am a male human being, and a heterosexual as well, not that there is anything greater in being so than in not being so. I am just stating a fact. When a woman goes by, my attention is captured, when a guy goes by, my attention is not so focused so based on my best understanding of the definition that makes me a ... well enough said.

    Anyway... My frying pan slinging instigatory (is that a real word? Probably not) comment had to do with not PVP-ing Nutter because... she is far more attractive in her role as a female than as pile of smoldering guts and gore. ( Not Al Gore, that's something completely different. But I can only assume that Nutter is far and away more attractive than Al Gore, you can rest assured. Ask MOH. If MOH still has any brain function left after being 'El Kabonged' by all those frying pans in the forum. YIKES!)

    I seem to be going on longer here than I wanted to so, suffice it to say that...

    I am genuinely pleased by the group of people that I have met in this odd game world.

    I have conducted trades and hunted with Red Sonia. I have met up, in game, with her husband Phunkstra. I have hunted with Una, ( I think. I could have been a sugar induced halucination. I have so many of those.)

    I danced with Bunny, then Bergerman at the Disco.

    ( One peron named Nacho Libre keeps hounding me to buy sweat. I like nacho's and all but, does Libre imply a 'free-range' nacho or something? I'm not sure. )

    I damn near fell off of my chair laughing when Bergerman started shooting grenades as he was dancing. ( No, Bunny, my system really was freezing up, but I've got to say I was really laughing out loud when Jelly Belly was firing grenades at the floor at the disco. There was just something so bizzare about all of that, not to mention dancing with his enmatter extractor. )

    I have more pathetic, personal observations to add later as the last few days of December provied a number of firsts for me, such as:

    Boarding and flying in a spaceship, Visiting CND, the Biodomes... I'll explain later.

    In summary... 2007 will always be memorable to me because it was when I joined the Entropia Universe and, as a result, met all of you.

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  16. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    End of December 2007:

    Firsts for me:

    1.) Space Travel

    2 words... Boring ( Snore!). For 25 PED would some stars going by be too much to ask? C'mon MA. Really. The Asteroids game in the arcade is more interesting.

    2.)Club Never Die ( Disco ). ( Second First? There's some irony there to be sure. )

    Lots of flashing lights, lighted dance floors, friends shooting weapons, some of the shots being directed at you... intentionally, graphics intensive system freezes. I did upgrade my graphics card back in November, I think, after the release of VU 9, but I think that my memory needs to be expanded now. (Uh, where did I put my beer...? See what I mean?) As I was the first to arrive at the New Year's Eve party Bunny told me to get lost so...

    (Well, actually she was very polite about it. She said," Why not explore a bit?" Or was it, "Why don't you go take a F*&$%*@ shower or something you PIG!. YOU STINK! And you dance like you got S*%$ in your pants, too!" I forget, but either way, I can take a hint, no matter how sublte, so I went to the TP and ended up at...)

    3.) Biodome 1.

    I went here first then thought, "TP to Biodome 1 first, how unimaginative." So I immediately climbed back into the TP and went to Biodome 3, north. Now there's a bit of inspired, thought provoking creativity. ( cough, cough )
    There I found young Dakiba and the little grey chickens, (Berclyed). I wondered if the smell there was me or the MOBS. I couldn't be sure but it did seem to follow me around. I made easy work of the chickens and dakibas but with little to show in the way of loot. I dropped 1 probe... nothing. 1 bomb...nothing. Moved a bit. Shot a chicken... let go another bomb... :shock:( gas really, Oops) dropped 1 more probe... nothing. 1 more bomb...( mining bomb, not a load of gas this time) then... Sizeable (XI) Iron Stone. ( No global but 27 PED worth. ) I was happy as my 25 PED trip just got paid for. I extracted it all and as hurried back to the disco for the New Year's Eve party.

    Later on, as the party was still small ( I kept my distance from the others so as not to offend them with my usual stench ) and my RL daughter wanted lunch I stepped away for a bit, left my avatar looking like he was puking on the dance floor. ( Are there virtual children? Do you loot them or buy them? What is their TT value? Do you have to whip them to train them and feed them nutrino bars and chase them out of the bars when they sneak in there with their derelect friends on the weekends? What if they buy better weapons than you? Thank goodness there are no cars. Can you imagine what MA would charge for insurance? )

    When I returned to Club Neverdie, eveyone, except Bunny, was so repulsed by my virtual vomit that they had left. I thought that I would check out one more Biodome before vanishing for the day, besides, Bunny was starting to look a little pale everytime I walked by her. I quickly TPed to Biodome 5 ( south this time. Boy, I'm really cranking up the creativity meter now, WHOO-HOO!) .

    I dropped one probe... Moderate Crude Oil, then, as I sometimes intentionally do, I immediately dropped a second probe... another Moderate Crude right next to the first. I dropped a bomb... nothing. I extracted the oil thinking "I like these biodomes".

    Now, as the start of the new year is upon us, I have decided to spend a little more time at the asteroid, as soon as I can find a shower and an ore and enmatter buyer.

    Stay tuned...
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  17. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    January 2008.1

    After seven months of fluttering around this virtual bug zapper called Entropia universe I have learned many things that can be applied not only to this virtual life, but real life as well. Here goes...

    Don't drink and hunt. If you set-up your keyboard in order to quickly access your tools, weapons, etc at the touch of a single keystroke then make sure you are sober enough to press the correct key for the correct situation. For example... Ambulimaxes should not be healed while you are trying to take them down. YOU should be healed, instead. This makes for a much more successful hunting tactic. Drinking and hunting in real life sucks too, from what I've heard as I'm not a real life hunter, except for my hunting forrays into the back of the refrigerator for the elusive beer.

    Don't drink and mine. Maybe it's just me, but dropping several probes in the same place over and over again will not yield any results if the first result is "No resources available". Oh, and shooting at the claim marker will not cause it to cough up any more ore. ( I haven't tried shooting at it with explosive charges though as I don't have a grenade launcher.) In real life putting a mining charge in the wrong place, like in the refrigerator because you went to get another beer, couldn't find one, put the charge down so that you could have both hands free to move things around, found the beer , went back to the computer and forgot you brought the charge with you, could yield unexpected results as well.

    Always go to the refrigerator for more beer ( or wine, depending on the day, the time, the holiday or whether the kids have the day off from school ) when you are fully healed and in a safe area ( no red radar blips ).In the midst of battle it is always better to be at the keyboard to offer your defensless avatar all the assistance that you can. ( In my case, however, sometimes its better to go get the beer and just let him die. I waste less ammo on MOBS that I accidently stumbled across and have no chance of offing that way.)

    Don't "Draw the fire" away from Nutter. She can handle the attacks. YOU can't. You will be the dead body at the feet of the MOB if you do this. ( This is based on my personal experience, your own results may vary. ) This doesn't really relate to any real life experience as I am only familiar with Nutter in the EU environment. This is more than likely going to remain the case, just so you know.

    Don't underestimate the power of Bunnies. Bunny is very powerful in EU and bunnies in real life are very powerful, too. Just ask Tim from Monty Pyhton and the Holy Grail. He can attest to the awesome power of their 'nasty, pointy... teeth.' Only the Holy Handgrenade of Antioch is capable of rendering them.. uh, well... dead... I guess. Even Burgerman shooting at Bunny's feet in the disco at CND but not harm Bunny, so only the Holy Handgrenade of Antioch can... and as soon as I loot one, I'll try it out and let you know how it goes. ( I sense a frying pan in the area. )

    Don't try looking out the window when traveling into space. This only relates to the EU world as most real life space craft HAVE WINDOWS ( and not as their operating system mind you ). MA get with it!

    Anyway, that's all for now as my beer has run dry.


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  18. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    January 2008. (This one is for Talkerbot)

    Ode to an Android.

    Oh, to be an android.
    Of all humanity to be void.
    No friendships to be enjoyed.
    Steel and circuits, all that's deployed.

    Oh, to be of cold hard steel.
    Logic circuits and spinning wheels.
    No way to grow, nurture or heal.
    Mindless questions, heartless zeal.

    Oh, to be of polished chrome.
    No love, compassion, music. No home.
    Calculated analysis, as you roam.
    Algorythms, Synthesis, amps and ohms.

    Oh, does it long, does it feel?
    Does it wince, shudder and heal?
    Does it hurt and yet conceal?
    Is emotion so unreal?

    We are not unlike this thing.
    We are human, but no less daunting.
    Our actions are often as unseating.
    Forgiveness is rare and trust is fleeting.

    We need not be so much the same.
    We think we have much more to claim.
    But the andriod, you see, with his cold, hard frame,
    Has no choice, each day, the same.
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  19. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    January 2008: (cont'd)- The personal reflections of a raving lunatic.

    As you have probably already guessed by my previous post I have given up the booze and gone head-long into smoking crack. Well, not exactly. Actually, not at all.

    The booze is already in limited consumption even though I tend to exaggerate my actual indulgence. Even though dunking donuts into wine has all the appeal of cat butt sniffing, and eveyone knows who much fun that can be, I can't say that I have ever really done it, dunk dounts into wine I mean. We've all done the cat butt thing. Haven't we? Nevermind. It doesn't mean that I won't ever dunk donuts into wine, it just means that as of this date I have not.

    The crux of my incoherent ramblings are attributed almost entirely to my aging, and rapidly deteriorating mental capacity based on my extended years in the software development and infrastructure / database administration fields. As anyone who has actually been subjected to this type of work can tell you, this career path does have its benefits, but then the hours are more than enough punishment to dispel any feeling of satisfaction or enjoyment.

    My previous post and subsequently my poetic contribution to this forum was based on the similarly incoherent babble of the insidious Blabberbot, who, for some reason still unknown to me, had gained a modicum of my sympathy this morning. As the poem oozed from whatever dark recesses of my psyche that it may been conjured up from, my own similarity to the incessant drivel of this ill tempered android became obvious to me.

    Instead of immediately closing the "post reply" window and running into the rest room to alleviate my stomach of any breakfast that I had managed to keep down as I usually do prior to drinking my morning coffee, I let the words form on the page and then, as if in a dream and witnessing the actions of another, I submitted it.

    As I often do, after reviewing any of my postings, I shrugged my shoulders and wondered, "Should I let the cat out or let him shit in the sink again?" After much deliberation, and a good strong dose of an abrasive cleanser, I let the cat out.

    As most of these posts are based on some kernal of truth, some moreso than others, mind you, I'm sure that more will appear, even if only to cement the proof of my growing lunacy to all who dare to read it.

    GET OUT OF THE DAMN SINK.....Excuse me for a minute.
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  20. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    Mid January 2008:

    First, a little melody from my childhood:
    Oh, a hunting I will go.
    A hunting I will go.
    I'll shoot some, Turp.
    Make an Atrox, burp.
    And revive again at the shore.


    I went for a walk today. I realized that I hadn't actually walked in so long that I forgot how slowly one really moves when you do. I found two things on my walk: Brukite ( spelling ? ) and Papplon.

    Now selling fruit is not going to make you rich by any means, unless you HOF on the stuff which I have never heard of, but seeing all those little butterflies is kind of tripy... Kind of. I pulled out my Justifier, as I was feeling a little punchy and tried to shoot the butterflies but could not get a lock on them... only the fruit, but no noticible effect was noted when shooting at the Papplon except for the standard ammo loss. I don't recommend shooting at fruit. It's not dangerous or lootable, it's just a wate of ammo, so don't do it. Maybe you knew that already.

    Now, Brukite, or what ever it is called, is just as insignificant a target as fruit. So don't waste you time shooting at that either. ( Burgerman may have tried grenading it and may need to be consulted on the results of that effort, but I assume that it would yield similar results if, indeed he was as foolish as I and tried to shoot it with his grenade launcher. He probably isn't that foolish as his wife is, by all indications, intelligent and probably wouldn't have married him if he went around shooting rocks and butterflies with a grenade launcher. But, I could be wrong. I have been in the past... )

    I will submit yet another post later ( much to Phunstra's delight I'm sure as I continue to consume more virtual memory than this hosting site can handle ) on my Psychotropic experiments this month. I have made some startling revelations, of which, you are all most interested I'm sure. :rotfl:
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