2007-11-26 - Ket's miserable exisitence on Calypso.

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Kets, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    Okay...Now that mine and the cat's bladders are empty, let me get back to whatever the Hell the point was that I was trying to make. Oh...uh...Oh, YEAH! Now I remember...sort of.
    First, let me tell you few about myself. I know, I know. You're wondering 'How much more about himself does he really think we care about. God! This guy is a jerk. I wish I could sneak over some night and rescue those poor animals. The sheer, unimaginable horror that their lives must be being trapped into the same life as this moron.'

    Don't think for a second that I can't hear what you're thinking, because, even though the incessant droning of the voices in my head never seem to subsidde long enough for me to concentrate on anyone thing for more than a few moments in succession I can still perceive what you are thinking of me. ...Uh...just a sec .... I gotta get this before it gets spilled....Thanks, Trinity. You're the best...and with mustard, just like I like it....Now where was I? Oh, yeah...

    First, I moved to Alaska a while back. After having been exposed to the state's governor I just had to go there to see what kind of people would choose her as their leader. Once I found out, I got the Hell out of there as quick as I could.

    I settled in Florida. Here is the USA after you reach the ripe old age of 50, you are inundated with more propoganda from AARP ( American Associated of Retired People ) than you can possible imagine. Now, I don't know how well off, or not, any of you are, except for Trinity of course for reasons that I will get into later, and maybe Burger and Bunny, I know that they are loaded, but the thought of having amassed enough wealth at the age of 50 to actually retire, is...well...a bit...uh...optimisitc to say the least. I know some people who actually have done this, a certain outging president comes to mind...* cough, cough * but I don't have a rich family who paid for my grades at Yale University and bought me out of active service in the military and ran a questionable campaign to get me elected to the office of President so that I could make all my oil buddies rich and myself included. No. That didn't happen to me. Granted, all my oil buddies are rich, but, for some reason, they don't see me as one of their buddies. Go figure. Needless to say, I don't have enough cash to retire yet, but, still, as mandated by law in this country, the USA that is, not the country of Alaska, I, being over 50 years of age must now reside in Florida. UGH! Shoot me.

    I don't like Florida, I know, Disney World is there and Sea World and Circus World, except for the one in Washington D.C. of course...I digress... but it's hot, and muggy and with the hurricanes and mosquitoes as big as the ones in Alaska...What was I thinking? Don't get me wrong, the mosquitoes in Alaska are far worse because they don't have these huge freakin' lizards eating them out of the sky like they do in Florida. Anyway... What I was forced to do, was to head into the more seedy areas of the state, pay for some forged documents showing me to be a strapping, 18 year old, with gray hair and the body of a 60 year old, so that I could move the Hell out of that state. It worked. You see, the document checker at the state offices in Florida is 83 years old and doesn't see so well and with all that 'Ya'll' this and 'Dad-gum' that I was able to convince him that I was too young to live in the state. Just to make sure about it though I told him I was going to vote for Barak Obama. You should have seen his tired, old eyes light up athe cussing start. He shouted some kind of feeble profanity and pointed to the door telling me to get out and not stop until I crossed the Mason-Dixon line...that's up near Maryland somewhere. North...Yankee territory. Not New York Yankee territory, even though they are up north, this is more of a United States Civil War thing...forget it.

    Needless to say, my former state of Connecticut didn't take kindly to me living in a cardboard box at the train station in New Haven. They said I had to move the park, but everyone knows all the park benches are taken there at night so there's nowhere to sleep so, instead, I kept heading north, until at last, I stumbled back into my hometown...no-wheres-ville. Lo and behold, I put my box right up next to a rather new looking one, hpoing that it would increase the value of mine, it didn't, and who poked her pretty head out one crisp autumn morning... you wouldn't know know her. She was really pissed and she ripped my box apart. I told her that the smell was the cats and not me, but,she wouldn't listen.

    Finally, having no other choice, I headed back to Alaska and, with my head in my hands, knocked on Trinity's door. She, being the kind hearted soul that she is, let me in and...just a moment ago, handed me a cup of....WHAT IS THIS?? CAT LITTER? Oh, man! ....YOU WANT ME OUT??!!

    Sorry, folks....gotta go....
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  2. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    Coming soon..."Where have I been and Who really cares anyway." :-({|=
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  3. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    May something...2009...

    Well, last we spoke, or, uh, I spoke you all listened... and to this day I can't figure out why, but I digress ( again - some things never change. Well maybe a little. Here goes...)

    I am basically a crumudgeon at heart, and as is obvious in so many other examples, not very good at it, so usually what happens is that I get bored and sort of wander away...it's how I found this place in the first place...I just sort of stumbled across it. The thing that I missed the least here, and my primary reason for taking my little break, was the cost...voluntary mind you... but still...money is money and I was spending a whole heck of a lot more here than I could afford, but then who doesn't...right? Well, not me...or yes, me...or...oh, nevermind, let's get back to the results of my search for Lootius. Yes, well that's what its all about anyway, isn't it? I used to think so.

    As is so often the case with me, my virtual life and my real life are so closely interconnected that I mistake them very often just read back on my Halloween post and you'll see what I'm talking about... well maybe you won't...but then...

    Let's get down to the brass tax, or brass tacks, I was never sure which...The further I ventured out after the elusive dangler of all things invisible and unattainable ( I refer to Lootius here, just so you know...) I managed to find myself completely off-world, yes...away from Calypso chasing some new adventure on another...dare I say...MMORPG...in a distant galaxy. Well to be more acurate, it was a copy of this galaxy, the one I live in OOC, not where I live IC or in my own freakin' mind but...you get it...right? I hope so that you could explain it to me and then we could meet up and share a few beers and get so polluted that we start shouting at each other and when were all done puking and swearing we ... we.... Sorry about that. I digressed again, didn't I? I'll try to keep my ADHD under control, but it is quite a challenge sometimes. Now where was I...oh, Yes! Cee! I was talking about ... about... Damn. I hate when this happens.

    Oh, yes, now I remember...I started a little colony, grew it to about 150 people, became Speaker of Parliament, gained privy to the Presidential Cabinet and ... Oh, in this other MMORPG, this relatively cheaper one, compared to EU that is. Well enough about that, so I got bored there, as is a guaranteed behavior when you are me and as I wandered around aimlessly, I accidentally clicked on the EU shortcut on my computer, wondering what it was ....and about 2 1/2 hours later, after a crapload of downloads and two very lucky guesses at my password I found poor, wretched, miserable self back on Calypso...and as had become so very commonplace I appeared in front of a menacing swarm of Troxies, who...as is their usual welcome, pummeled me to death. Thanks MA. I appreciate that.

    In spite of my oft malcontentment ( is that a word, I don't think so but) it's good to be back...for me anyway...I imagine it's an unbearable torment for any of you who may have been living in bliss due to my departure. For you, I'll try to stay out of your way, or more likely, chase you into a den of Troxies.

    Oooo....is that a butterfly? Oooo....pretty...I wonder where he's going........
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  4. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    Perhaps my absence has served me well. This morning, while logged on for no more than 45 minutes ( my time is extremely limited at the moment ) I managed to score an AMPLE, a SIGNIFICANT, a MEDIUM and three SMALL mining finds.

    Hmm, dare I say, was Lootius watching me, or is this just part of his build me up to tear me down philosophy that I've grown to love?

    Either way, I'll take what I am offered and spend the residuals on another chance to score the same.

    Enough for now...or so I'm being told by my boss.

    Gotta go.

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  5. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    May 22, 2009...

    It's warm today and the humidity is on the rise. I did have some roasted combibo though. It was overcooked and tough, that's what you get when you cook it over an open fire. It's rather lean so it's good for you...or so I've been told. I doused the fire the usual way...dropped a mining probe into the middle of it and let it fall down into the hole. It was worth my time, too as I hit a modest deposit of Crude. I guess the explosion from the probe must have blown out any chance of igniting the stuff. I sucked it out of the ground and headed south staying along the river.

    I spotted a few Feffoids on the far bank and decided to steer clear as my pitiful skills and lack of ammo would have had disastrous consequences. Instead I stumbled upon a thriving colony of Allophyl. Wouldn't you know, I got a mineral hit at the feet of one of the nasty things. I figured if I sucked it up quick I might be able to last against his onslaught so I readied my extractor and charged in .

    He must have been asleep because he never even looked at me, even with his red blip at the exact center of my HUD. I pinched myself just to make sure I wasn't dreaming, then ran like Hell to get out of there. A lot of friggin' work for 244 Lysterium ore.

    I wasn't so lucky later when I was surrounded by about 20 Igni. I managed to take quite a few out and got a good amount of hide out of them ( go figure ) but they kept on showing up until they puffed me up like a dad-gummed balloon with all thier venom. Needless to say, with my Igni allergy, my throat closed up and I dropped like a rock. I revived moments later and decided to make a bee-line ( get it ? ) to Fort Fury.

    Back in a bit, I gotta piss like a Mermouth. 8-[

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  6. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    February 2010...No, it hasn't been a whole year yet, but how close does it have to be to really matter? A year ago, almost to the day I was unemployed, badly dressed, unshaven and unbathed. Now, I'm just the later of the three, so here's what I figured, why not spend the greater part of my newly established meager income on one of the biggest income draws I've ever encountered...So, in spite of all logic to the contrary, I decided to give it yet another go. The best thing about this place is that no matter how often you come or go...nobody really cares. :D

    Well, so I logged back on and let me tell you, with my failing memory, perhaps you recall my earlier rants, I REMEMBERED MY PASSWORD!!!! Damn near knocked me out of my new spinny chair...three guesses and VIOLA...I kicked off a one and half hour software update process, followed by an unplayable graphics display that didn't take the new drivers and after another 2 hours of reinstalling my old graphic drivers and tweaking everything that say display on my computer I was actually able to see what the new CRYEngine had to offer...A visage of a broke and nearly naked colonist who looked like he just woke up from a year long sleep.

    Regardless of my desperate condition I headed out to explore this new environment and hope to find great wealth and happiness. Does anyone know where that is?

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  7. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    ODE to Hadesheim:

    Once an empty metropolis, animated and useless.
    Does this empty hole in the ground have more to offer?
    Seems that the two share a commonality.

    Trace elements of needed commodoties, scant foliage,
    lootless and barren, robots have taken whatever had the durablity to survive.

    Good bye, Hadesheim.
    But did you have take Palm Corner's with you?
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  8. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    April 21st, 2010

    Well for all indents and porpoises...is that how that saying goes, perhaps I should grab another coffee first, just a sec....

    Ah,that's better. Now off the races!

    I have managed to scrape together enough peds to by a trip to Club Neverdie. Funny name for a place where you go to kill things, but who am I to question anything, I'm just one of many poor explorers set adrift on this menacing chunk of rock trying to keep my head above water and out of the clutches of the Leviathans. Lovely little critters, Leviathan. I've decided that they are even worse than Troxies. At least if you can swim, you can drown a Troxie. That doesn't work for the Leviathan.

    Any-who, there I was all tingly and sparkly with Control Room 1 ... or 2... I forget, slowly fading into view around me when I suddenly remembered..."People come here to get killed over and over again! At least that is pretty much what I do where-ever I go...so...so...Ah, Hell! How bad could it be?" Sometimes I have to pretend that I'm someone else whose presence on this humble rock is more than just worthless. The problem I have when I do this, is that I always seem to remember that I'm just pretending that I'm not worthless and ... and...uh...Oh, CRAP! There I go again.

    Oooo! Someone left me a cup of coffee. How nice. This is like deja-vu...anyway...OH, YEAH. Now I remember. I MADE THIS CUP OF COFFEE! See I'm not so worthless afterall...ugnh...fgstseh....ah, crap I spilled it all over my...MY! MY! MY GOD THIS IS HOT!!!!!.........One sec.....

    Well, now that my leg only burns a lot I'll try to continue in what I was saying about something, only God knows what that was, but anyway...hmmm....where...Oh, Yeah...Neverdie! Just burn a little, but never die. ( A little humor there to keep the excrutiating pain in my leg from completely driving me mad. I know, I know, It's too late for that that, right Trinity? )

    So, there I was ( I say was but in actuality I've decided to stay in Never-neverland for a while as it's been VERY lucrative. Ah, Yes, I said VERY LUCRATIVE. 5 Globals in as many consecutive days, and two of those over 130 PED, and not so much as a single screen shot to offer proof, well, screen shots don't get you PEDs, but 80 billion barrels of Crude Oil do. Actually, its was closer to ... to ...lets see about 150 barrels per PED so 137 PED = A LOT of freakin' barrels and not to mention a well burnt out and often repaired little energy refiner. Poor thing took a major beating this week.

    Anyway, as I can hear my Matter finder calling me ( Oh, BTW what the Heck does Tier 1.9 mean anyway? Does it mean I need to spend more PEDs on this thing, because if that means that I find less forget it. This thing is working just fine! )

    Well, toodles for now and Trinity, now that I'm rich, maybe you'll reconsider your decision to dump me. Yeah, I'm still fat, bald, a little scatter-brained and, I smell and all, and there's the cats...Yeah, the CATS! but I'm RICH!!! Maybe I can buy your affection. You seem like the type where that may matter. Oh, I don't mean that you're so shallow that money is all that matters to you, but...but...ARRRGGHHHH! Oh, sorry about that....mmmmMMMMMMMMMmmmmnnnnnn...I just dripped more hot coffee on my leg...Not good. No, not good.

    Gotta go.

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  9. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    As if one copy wasn't enough...Geesh!
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  10. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    July, 2010...

    Wow. Where has all of the time ... and money gone? It seems that it was only a few short days ago that I started what has become a part-time obsession with this...this...world that is Entropia, but as I look back, it has been years...literally, years that I have been inhabiting this little slice of cyber-space and, on infrequent occasions, making a friend or two along the way.

    I received a new friend request today, sent back in May mind you, but a two month turnaround is pretty durn good for me...well, so I've been told. Anyway, I accepted the invite and for some reason, known only to the cosmos as a whole, Trinity is now a friend of mine. Thanks, Trinity. It is truly a pleasure to have you join the ranks, however small they are, in number only and surely not in stature, integrity or reputation.

    As you may have noticed, my tone is...well, rather somber, and as much as it may not matter to some, and in some rare cases, it may actually bring joy to others, it seems that at this time in my life I am without my furry, feline companions.

    As menacing and olfactory offensive that I may have made them out to be but my irrate ravings, rantings and the like those two little monsters added a level of chaos to my life that seems to be sadly lacking these days. "What on Earth may have happened to them?", you may be asking yourselves, well those of you who are not reveling with frolic and debauchery at the correlated demise and disappearance of my tormentors, here is the poop...so to speak.

    "The old man" , Jordan, being nearly 18 human years old simply gave up and decicded that the long daily naps with the intermittant excursions to defecate in the sink was not worth his time anymore and decided to extend his sleeping ritual into a permanent state. Well, deserved, my friend as living with me must have been an exhausting activity to say the least...well, so you made it seem. I will miss you.

    "The Pain in the Butt", Memphis, well, I'm not sure what happened to him. Being only a spry 5 year old, by human terms decided, I guess, that without the old man around All that was left was...uh...that fat, balding smelly human and who the Hell needs that? So, I suppose that he decided that caring for his life-long friend being at its end, he moved on to discover another place to scrounge food, water and a warm spot in the sun from, because the day that the old man slipped, sleepily into the aterlife, The pain in the Butt disappeared...some 5 weeks now. I will miss you, too, you fuzzy crap monster.

    So, for the time being my house is quiet, and yet as often happens, when I get up and leave my office, I still find myself glancing at the couch, and the soft gray, furry pad of lost hair, that I leave there, in case the old man elects to visit... in spirit... and needs a familar, comfortable place in the sun to nap.

    So long my friends. You are both missed.

    P.S. Memphis, your bowls are still full of food and clean water, should you be in the neighborhood.

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