Global 2008-01-08 - REGISTER you Globals / HoF's / AtH's here

Discussion in 'Hall of Fame' started by tissue, Jan 8, 2008.

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    Dear people,

    For some time now (over a year) my Global & HoF site has been online. Time to notify the public about it again! :D

    At my site you can make an account and start registering your globals and HoF's. All the data is stored in a database, and enables you to browse your globals & HoF's in an ordely fashion. There are different sorting options available. Offcourse you can do the same with the entries of other avatars.
    There is a nice list available of the totals of all avatars.

    Also you can activate a function to let the site make a signature for you (like I have below). Currently there are two options available:

    Also the information from the database can easily be used on your own homepage. Look at Miner's Mafia - Home to see an example of this.
    The lists there feature only the miner's mafia globals and HoF's.
    The exterior can be adjusted using the stylesheet on your site.

    Go to the site (Home - Globals and HoFs) and read more details when you click the ABOUT link (right top)

    grtz Tissue
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  2. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    A very nice looking site. I will have a try later at uploading some globals. The auto-updating signature is very cool. 8)
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  3. Hmm Although I'm a bit sore that you have come onto my forum and you're trying to lure away traffic to your site - which by the way is pretty bad ettiquette - and especially as you couldn't even be bothered to chang the 'EF'ers' as you went around the community sites reposting your advert - I like your site and the features you're providing.

    I'd like to point out to the membership that a very similar feature is on it's way to EU-Chronicle very soon. This will allow you to store your global posts against your membership profile, rather than just dumpin ghtem into the globals and hofs forum as happens at the moment.

    All the best of luck with your site as it's a great idea. The sig pic generation is a very nice touch.

    Just take the time to come to know the community here before you try to steal their traffic. If you had asked then I'd have been happy to talk about intergration - and if you can crack nice integration with vBulletin sites then your idea could take off on losts of similar forum sites.
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  4. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    :crapola: I didn't even notice the EF-ers. Boo Hiss.

    Excellent. :D
    I'll wait and post my pics here then. :ok:
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  5. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    Why go anywhere else? EU-Chronicle forum is in the EU top 10. WHOO-HOO!
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  6. OOOOOOPS :rolleyes:

    offcourse i didnt notice that either, sorry about that.

    Yep I copied pasted my "ad" because it is a lot of work to write it from scratch :D I found your forum on the EU top sites website, and it seemed very nice, and not as inactive as other forums. And yes I use the Entropia Forum too, because well... there I find the most viewers.
    Allthough I dont agree with a lot of the "EF-rules" and the picture policies there.

    I dont want to steal traffic, because i think my site does not have the same function as a forum like yours. I also have some options for integration of some globals and hof lists on other sites. For example look at main page (oops stealing more traffic :D )

    So if you are interested of these kind of top lists on this website, please do contact me :D If you have other ideas of integration please let me know.

    I am also in the making of competitions on my site. Already it is possible to organize screenshot events on my website. Warning, another copy paste from EF...
    And if you organize an event like this, on my website, and be the first. You will get a free ad in my adspace, for the duration of the event (max 2 months) of 20% of the views.

    sorry again for not noticing the EF on top of my thread, hope you guys forgive me :D

    grtz Tissue
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  7. I organized a contest on my website to win 50 ped:

    Win 50 PED by registering your Globals and HoFs

    Event organized on Globals and HoFs

    This is a lottery for all the hunting and mining globals registered at this website from Januari 10th to Februari 29th. To compete you just register your Globals and HoFs at this website. The winner will be randomly drawn from all the entries that apply for this contest. Each entry has the same chance of winning!
    When the lucky winner is drawn, the winning entry will be checked for validity. So every information in the database must match the screenshot supplied!
    If the entry does not meet the requirements, a new entry will be drawn from the pool, until there is a winner.

    When does my entry apply for the lottery?
    - The profession must be Huntin or Mining
    - You can have team globals for the contest. The price will be awarded to the one that registered this entry. Offcourse you can decide after winning, to share your price with your friends.
    - There must be a screenshot attached to your entry. In this screenshot the time and the position must be visible. So make sure you press C and P (or other keys if your keyboard is configured differently), before taking the screenshot. Also the global text must be visible in the chat window.
    - Screenshots that are stored at Entropia Forum cannot be viewed from this website, so cannot compete. Just upload a copy of it using my site.
    - The following optional fields MUST be filled in: the team name if in team, all members of the team, the continent or dome, the longitude and latitude coordinates. And offcourse all the basic fields, that must be filled in correctly, otherwise you are not able to register the global at all.
    - Double entries will not be tollerated. If for example a team global is posted by more than one member, both entries will be disqualified. So when you get a team global, make an agreement about who will post it on this site, for the competition!
    If There is someone that is making double entries on purpose, he or she will be disqualified for the current competition

    Go to the contest page on my webpage to see if your entries qualify for the competition.
    More info on registering Globals and HoFs

    grtz Tissue
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  8. Hey full credit for the apology - I'd just put you in the 'register, post ad, never come back' category.. .obviously I was wrong ;)

    Yeah, EF is what it is - and there is no point trying to do what they do. We like the lower volumes and lack of idiots over here - strangely although anyone can join us everyone that does seems really nice ppl :clapping:

    Yeah that looks really interesting - I guess cos you're building a custom site rather than using the likes of vBulletin you can introduce nice features like you have. I'll see how you've done it at (not a steal hehe - linking's fine :) ) - maybe some custom controls/options in the vB profile pages to get a nice sig from your system?

    Plenty! Just need to get through the next set of upgrades :rofl:
    I'll take that discussion to PM to see what you think.

    Yes we find it tricky to track events and comps in the normal forum format. The new version has lot of nice stuff in that area and I'm hoping that will help, but ultimately I think custom DB and post formats are the way forward, so very interested in how you're going about this and possible integration.

    Are you interested in an ad-banner/link exchange too?
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  9. Oh and I forgot - images aren't imediately allowed to newcomers to stop ppl coming in and posting boobies in their sig LOL

    After a few posts that becomes allowed :)
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  10. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Calypso needs less n00bies and more boobies. :hehe:
  11. :D Let's see how long time it will take before something comes flying... ;)
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  12. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    Shouldn't this be a poll or something?
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  13. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    Hmm the skillet was in use so he got lucky on this one LOL :pvp:
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  14. If you want a signature, you just need to register some globals, and enable the sig in the account info. When you have done it, a signature is automatically generated each half hour, with up to date info. You can use it on the forum with those IMG tags.
    Maybe i can also make a auto updated signature with boobies :D

    The list on i did with a little php script. Basically it reads the list of my website, and echo's it on the target page. It isnt fool proof, because when my server is down, it gives some errors. (Servers go down sometimes for backups or other things).
    I havent spend too much attention to that little script, so it is not fool proof, but i can post it to you, if you like.

    hehe good luck with updating :D

    yep i am also planning to insert the file check sums, and I heard mr smith with his autoscreen software is also going to make a database with all the file check sums of the screenshots made. That way you can easily check if the screenshot on my website is original.

    Sure. All my adspace is still given to friends or exchanges. So I can put your banner in my adspace and you place mine somewhere on you site. Your banner will probably be shown 10% of the views.

    grtz Tissue

    PS tnx for forgiving me :D
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  15. Hey tissue:

    I bumped your user level up as I think you being able to use images in your sig is fairly relevant ;)

    PHP - hmm - I'll take that discussion to a PM cos it's gonna get compliated LOL

    Banner exchange - I'll fire the details over on PM too and we'll get it sorted out. I use OpenAds so I'll just slot you a campaign in - and take your pick or banner space, see the advertising guide but there are vertical skyscrapers on the home page, and leaderboards elsewhre (searches etc.) the home page ones are best.
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  16. Thanx. As you can see it is quite easy to add the signature in a forum :D

    PHP will just be a copy and paste job, to put on your homepage. PHP is enabled after all, because this forum runs on PHP :D

    Banner exchange sounds good! I guess I have to photoshop some more banners:)
    On my site i just use 728x90 banners.

    grtz Tissue
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  17. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    I have a question Tissue. The only way for a signature like mine to be correct would be to upload the 500+ pictures to your site right??

    IF so that seems kind of drastic. I best just keep it simple the way it is now.
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  18. It is not nececarry to have a picture in every entry. Would be nice, but would also be massive work :D
    Adding them without uploading is some work too offcourse. But less loading time. My soc mate Flu has registerd 900 entries now :D He also started on my site with adding 500+ entries.

    I was thinking of adding something like a start value to count from, especially for this kind of signature.

    Also you can choose to use one of the other two available signatures: last aquired global/hof or last 10 in animated gif. In the mean time you can add 50 entries per day orso, and catch up :D

    grtz Tissue
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  19. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    I don' think this will be an issue for me as I have a very low incident of HOFing or global-ing anyway. Still, I prefer to post what meager finds that I do manage to muster here... in this forum... where the general populous has learned to tolerate me.

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