2008-03-11 - My Entropia Life

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Anna, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    My Entropia Life

    I joined Entropia Universe about 1½ years ago, when i saw my friend playing it.
    I soon learned magickal skill of sweating, which was very useful. On the beginning, my world was PA and Swamp Camp. I collected sweat, raped few mobs with opalo and then sweated more.
    I never had real mentor, well i had one, but he stopped playing so i was on my own, so I tried mining, hunting, and explored Calypso, with huge help of PE Assistant.
    Then, one day, i met this nice guy, he was miner, and he took me as his disclipe. I couldnt kick my current mentor, so i really wasnt his disclipe, but he helped me a lot.
    We did lots of tp runs, and he teached me how to mine and With his help, i gained my first globals, and learned a lot about everything in game.
    I was doing pretty well, but then, my luck was gone. :mad: In short period of time, i losed about everything i owned, which was about 300-400peds worth. (A lot to me those days).
    Cursing evilness of world, i returned to swamp camp, and with help of my friendl, i managed to continue mining.

    Still, i was bored to be poor, i made my first deposit. IT was 20â?¬ i think. But, because of increadibly crappy luck, i loosed it all (again). This was late summer of 2007 i think. So, i desided to take a break, and i did :D

    I didnt touch EU for 6months, which was partly because we were moving, so not much time to play anyway.
    Early november 2007, i desided to try again. After downloading all damn patches (Lots of them), i logged in. Lots of stuff was changed, and to me, biggest shock was price of sweat (lol). When i quitted, you could easily sell with .65, but now, .5 was price you usually sell for. :(

    Now, i managed to earn some peds, and start mining again. I was happy to notice, that mining wasnt so bad anymore. I deposited again, and started doing well.

    Now, im General in my society (United Miners), and i've done LOTS OF mining, and gained my first Hof! http://www.eu-chronicle.com/showthread.php?p=25499#post25499
    Im doing well, and i desided to start blogging my adventures and tell about my goals.

    My Goals:
    -To gather full vigilante armor
    -Find Tower
    -Make profit in mining

    -Gather all tp's there is

    I'll try to post entry this evening.

    GL everyone!
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  2. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Entry #1
    I havent done much mining lately, been busy IRL, i hope i have time one weekend. WOF is on saturday, but i hope i manage to drop some bombs.
    Now im trying to fulfill my other goal, all tp's. I have allready all tp's in eudoria, and missing only 3 im amethera (at least i think so). Those 3 are Rei's defence, Myrene island and Sakura City
    Im trying to run 2 of them today. My route is from Nate to bery LA, and from there to Sakura. I noticed this VERY interesting thing: Atrox run as fast as me! Or i run as fast as Atrox :D
    Im not running away from them, but they cant catch me, Cool!
    I managed to run to Sakura, i was surprised how easy it was. Now continuing to Rei's, and made it there without any problems.
    Myrene is bit harder, so i need to run it when i have lots of time.

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  3. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe


    Entry #2

    Even though i never had real menor, i like being mentor. I have disclipe ATM, who has allready 70%+ completed, ive been teaching him to mine. I've had lots of fun with him,
    and maybe two weeks ago, he had his first global.
    Today, i'll do some hunting with him, caudatergus will be our target, i hope we'll loot vigi :)
    Hunt went actually pretty badly, no vigi, no even decent loots. We went to do some mining after that.

    Next saturday will be fun, wof coming! Im in support team, so ill be raping bristlehogs :) I hope we get globals and help our main team.

    I had interesting thing, i made 3 critical hits in row :D
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  4. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe


    Entry #3

    I have been really busy last few days, especially WoF took lots of time. We (Team Finland) were against Team Eudoria, i really didnt know what to expect.

    Last time in WoF, we had main team, and support team of 3 people, so you guys can imagine how surprised i was when people started to turn up in meeting location.
    In one point, we had 12people in support team!
    Our main team was: Neo (the Famous Trader Sharp), Wormie, Rick-Chi (Also known as The Chosen One) and Sendaran.
    Neo was main team captain, and Mora was support team captain.

    Meeting was 15MA, and event it self started 17MA, so we had lots of fun waiting :D

    We mostly raped each other in Ring, and i even killed Neo once :D We did testing with Ventrilo, worked well.

    Event it self went pretty badly for me, while i was hunting, support team got only 1 global (screenie below), and i ran out of ammo, i made huge losses, but had fun anyway.
    Rick-Chi and Neo were pulling hofs every 5min, and every time all hunters screamed their gratzes to Ventrilo, which sounded kind of funny.

    Had lots of fun, below are few screenies.

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  5. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe


    Entry #3

    I desided to sve money today, and did economical hunt:
    I hunted Daikibas adn Exo's at troy. I didnt use fap or armor
    Isis CB5 (L) Full tt
    2k Ammo

    Gun decay: 23pec
    Total cost of hunt: 20.23ped

    Loots: 20.18ped

    HORRIBLE RUN!! I made loss of 5 FU***NG PECS!! OMGOMGOGM!!11!1oneone!


    Actually, pretty good run, loss of 5 pecs ir pretty horrible, but ill be okay.

    Exarosaurs looted pretty good, ill go make 20ped run with exaros only.

    Interesting stuff i looted:
    2 Exarosaur Tooth
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  6. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Hi guys.

    Im taking little break from EU, ill be back in middle of next month. Good luck to everyone, and have fun.

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  7. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe


    Im still out of peds, but i desided to start this little project:

    Project Poor Girl's Hunting


    -Maxed Sollomate Opalo
    -No Armor
    -No Fap (Except if i loot one ;))
    -1k Ammo per hunt + Ones i loot, i will shoot them too

    I will be hunting at Sweat Camp, Combibos and Daikibas.

    Ill post info about my loots, and post screen of my loots in trade terminal Sell window.
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  8. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Project Poor Girl's Hunting

    Run #1

    Ammo bought: 1k

    Loots tt: 10.51
    With MU: 11.2ped
    Decay: 20pec

    Total: 11PED

    Profit of 1PED :D:D:D

    Now i need toilet, after that Run #2
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  9. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Project Poor Girl's Hunting

    Run #2

    Ammo bought: 850

    Loots tt: 30,37

    Profit of 21.87ped :yahoo:

    Original run #2 was simply to awful to be posted, so i made another one. This time at troy...

    I looted so much med cells, i had to stop run.

    Yiiiihaaaa :yahoo::yahoo:
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  10. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Run #3

    Ammo bought: 1000

    Loots tt: 4,03

    Loss of 5.97 :mad::mad::mad:
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  11. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Run #4

    Ammo bought: 1000

    Loots tt: 10.11

    Profit of 11pec LOL :ok::ok:
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  12. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe


    I have been really low on peds last few weeks, but with some luck, i managed to gather 30peds, so i desided to try if Lootius is willing to give me some ores.

    He was.
    First run wasnt too good, but i had increadible luck later!
    Heres my biggest finds:

    2 VI

    I made about 60-70ped profit today, and its ncreadible, i didnt even have global :D

    Also, my disclipe has 570 in surveying, so hes going to graduate in next few days! He also told he had spaceshit with 29ped beacon! Its worth 300peds, so hes doing better than me! :D:D

    Great day!
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  13. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Diary Entry 11.4.08-13.4.08

    When i logged in on friday, i had no idea i would have amazing weekend from my dreams.


    Day started normally, i was out of peds, so i desided to sell my prospecting skills away to get money. I sold them to soc mate for 230ped, which was
    enough for gun, clothes and mining equipment.
    Did some mining with my disclipe, wasnt as profitable as i hoped. On evening, i tried my luck with Argos, which provided me with one global of 79peds.

    Day started with increadible surprise, my first mining run on saturday was to Nymphtown, and bomb #8: MASSIVE LYST. Biggest deposit i have had ever,
    and my biggest single loot. Took me 3h to pull it up, and after that i weighted 1900kg. Now i was able to buy more equipment, armor, platings, good fap and other stuff.

    Rest of the day i spent mining and hunting with good friend, during this time i had my first unlock (Markmanship), and armax bull gaved us global of 109ped.


    Desided to try my luck S from Twins, mining and hunting. Loot was crappy and only few claims. Ended run early and moved to TI. Great idea.
    Started from tp, and second bomb, BOOM, XVI, 267ped blausariam :D

    Later i grabbed global from atrox, and ordered Gold Card to protect my peds ;)


    My current equipment:

    Shogun + 2a
    EMT Kit Ek-2350
    A-3 Justifier Mk.II + Alekz Scope + Shear X50(L)

    Ziplex Ju25 MatterSeeker(L)

    Lesser tp chip
    Red Christmas Flower (Yay :P)
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