2008-03-27 - The way of the shortblade

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  1. Log Entry for 11-07-11. (Posted late).

    Do NOT get drunk in world while your credit card is at hand.
    Do NOT get drunk in world while your credit card is at hand.
    Do NOT get drunk in world while your credit card is at hand.

    There all done! I have been doing other stuff during the week but you now how it is with deadlines, they are no fun unless you meet them exactly!

    I started the week with a dull HoF, I got the Despair to tier two, apparently I am the saddest owner of a Despair. With a Despair perhaps it should be tear?

    Decided it was time to go get Medusa's head, it's a dangerous pass time but very pleasurable if you don't watch. I arrived in the Sleipnir to find myself confronted with a barnstormers paradise, there are lots of rock arches that go from land to sea, I spent quite sometime just flying through them. I shall be going there again, just for that.

    I purchased a Bett, the Despair was supposed to be used as a fill in between blades I have greater skill with so I decided to actually do this. It was a good call, I went out into Leviathan territory and scored two HoFs within fifteen minutes of each other, this has not happened to me before, HoFs normally turn up once in a blue moon. maybe the moon was very, very blue that night. The first one was against a guardian, I just wanted to know if I could do one with my current skills and set-up, the answer was no! I could not have done this without receiving healing from a passing stranger, specifically on Fatih Fatih kiymik, I hope one day I get a chance to repay him. The second was a young, I managed that by myself.

    I have begun a secret project, I'm telling you I have done this but not what it is, with luck I will remember, I am expecting it to take about two years so watch this space for the results!

    On Saturday I again entered the Saturday Longu Iron Grind and again I cam twenty first, I was thinking there were only twenty one contestants having achieved this same place last week. On Sunday it was the Sunday Longu Iron Grind, I came in at number twenty in that but know there were at least thirty contestants as I was in position thirty at one point. Quite pleased not to have come last. During this I reached the five hundred Longu target and have now signed up for more.

    This weeks converstaions have been mostly with Tiger. I did talk with Slarty in Twin Peaks and someone warned me about him. It seems our very own Slarty is getting a bit of a reputation as a Space Pirate. I also spoke with Anna who was on-line for a while during and after a Soc. hunt. I spoke with Una but he did not speak back, it's not often you get to see Una standing at a revive with a drill in his hands and bare feet, I think he was in shock, perhaps time will help him recover. Una, I have some boots if you need them?

    Spent some time with M0niqa, equipped her with a set of Pixie and made a Cleric 1A for her, she then went off and did the first Shinkiba Iron Challenge and had some fun doing it too :).

    Globals for this week, four Leviathan and one Araneatrox. Plus the two Leviathan HoF's I mentioned. I have screen shots but cannot currently post as the forum is being upgraded by Mr. Phunksta. When is is up and running again I will have to play catch up :).

    The Bett expired on Sunday evening and just the globals and HoFs from it paid for it so I had quite a profitable week.

    Skills for the week:- 4 in the Laser Weapons Engineer, 38 in the Knifefighter (Dmg), I also managed to gain a HP, always useful :).

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  2. Log Entry for 18-07-11. (Posted late).

    It has been a relatively quiet week all things considered. I did manage to make it into the top 25% of hunters according to entropiatracker, I was quite surprised by that, OK I have been doing quite well but I think it's more that others are not participating.

    The secret project continues, I am regularly checking auction for the required stuff and purchasing it when I can. To my surprise I am getting more than I expected and the current forecast date for this is sometime this August, that's a big change from about two years. All the better, It can be my coolness present!

    I have mostly been conversing with other Tigers this week, it feels a bit like the old days. I have also spoken with Una, Slarty and Anna who was kindly waiting for me to log on Sunday night to join me in the Longu Iron Grind Event, however I cut the login fairly fine and she had had a better offer and was off to Arkadia for a team hunt when I did materialise. Anna did participate in the Baby Atrox Iron Grind event latter that evening, by then I was without suitable weaponry.

    Talking of Iron Grind Events, I did both of the Longu events this weekend on Saturday and Sunday evenings coming 11th and 36th respectively. I know that in both cases I did not come last :). People doing these events seem to have a bit of a fixation with trading rep. It seems that someone suggests doing this within five minutes of the event starting, I can't help wondering if the person making the suggestion is even there and all they are concerned with is gaining rep. I have stated giving rep based on how polite people are in the event chat, I cannot think if any other criteria that would apply at every event.

    Only 3 globals this week, one of them (the smallest) was also a HoF, all were against Leviathans. The Bett I got to replace the last one has been no where near as successful but it has gained tiers much quicker!

    Skills for the week are also few:- 6 Shortblades Engineering, 8 Tier Upgrader and 21 Brawler (hit).

    EUC has been offline all week, still nowhere to upload this or screen shots. I am sure Phunksta is either working on the problem or on holiday! If he's working on the problem he probably wishes he were on holiday :).

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  3. Log Entry for 25-07-11.

    By comparison a very quiet week, not a Tiger on-line and few others as well!

    Been continuing the project, spending lots of time checking the auction (so much so that I do not do much else, also I need to conserve my resources), I am now quite close to completion and am looking forward to the results.

    Did the Longu Iron Grinds on Saturday and Sunday coming 30th and 9th respectively (was not last again), the 9th was due to a small global near the beginning of the event, was nice to get as Longu globals seem rather rare.

    Hunting this week was not bad overall with three globals and a HoF (think it was the Despair's first but could be wrong), three Leviathans and one Longu. Not sure if it was profitable overall or not but I would guess not.

    Achievements for the week:- 4 Powerfist Engineer, 9 Driller, 9 BLP Pistoleer. Also completed the 100 Atrax Iron Challenge. Now less than half a level until coolness hits.

    Conversations this week were with Una and Misty Dressto Kill who I met at Chugs. I spend a lot of time at Chugs, it seems the easiest location on Calypso to get to terminals and auction, it does lack a Soc terminal though.

    EUC came back on-line so I uploaded the last two blogs. Also tried uploading the small global collection I have amassed but was unable to do this due to an error.
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  4. Log Entry for 01-08-11.

    The week starts with Tiger and PBG on Arkadia, where they encountered some success.

    By Tuesday the secret plan had come to fruition, after several e-mails to and from Summer over the past weeks I finally found I had enough material to make it happen! Off I went to Turkar were I found Summer on line but slumped in BRB mode. I was keen I could wait! I started chatting with Una about things and he found out that Summer would be about thirty minutes, I waited, I chatted with Una about many more things and then quite suddenly Summer vanished! Una no longer had a chain of contact, I waited, I waited some more and then I waited again. The waiting was worthwhile as Summer returned and I managed to attract her attention before she ran off. I handed over the materials and the object I required 'altering', yes I am going to make you read a bit more before you find out just what it is I am banging on about, along with instructions as to what I wanted doing. More waiting ensued, I felt like an expectant Father, I wanted to go outside and pace up and down, chain smoking! Summer managed a couple of globals during the process and after about forty minutes of crafting and such returned to me that which I most desired asking me if I would show it to her outside! Hell yeah, I'm game. We went outside where I spawned my great big brand spanking new Sleipnir Mk2 textured in fields one and three with Longu and field two with copper! It looks awesome, I cannot currently post an image (unless Mr. Phunksta has fixed that). We both spent a little time just looking at it. I thanked Summer, I could not thank her enough in truth.

    Having explained to Una what I was having done he too was keen to see it so I TP'd to his location and took him for a spin (I need a name for it), my original and still to be used Sleipnir I call "The Desperate Dan", No doubt I will find a name. After this it was time for bed, I could not sleep, I felt like a kid after his birthday, awesome to feel like that again :).

    Wednesday saw me flying around and adjusting my graphics settings, I have had trouble crashing in Twin Peaks with a memory error for a while now and flying the Longu Sleipnir was giving me cause for concern, it did not crash but would jerk. Some minor modification resolved this but tests in Twin showed me I still had work to do.

    Thursday's highlight was achieving "Lord of the Ring" at Chug's, I ended up doing this with Coop, a person I remember from Troy during VU8, though not on my FL we had a long reminisce about the old days after completing the wave event.

    Not much time on line of Friday, when I did it was more graphics adjustment at Twin, still not right.

    Saturday saw an epic session, from 8am until midnight taking only an hours break! I must be losing the plot. Nin was on-line and we were chatting, she is in Aus. so it was early evening there and she had cracked open some brews. We decided to go to F.O.M.A. Nin to trade, me for the hell of it. I have not tried space since it was re-introduced and thought it would be fun. After several false starts we set off in the Desperate Dan and on reaching space I crashed with a memory error! After a re-log I did not spawn in the Sleipnir and died quite quickly, I re-materialised on a space station with not facilities, Nin however was still on board the Dan and strapped into the passenger seat, I had no control of the vehicle so could not allow her access to the pilot seat. After some discussion and general laughter, I recalled the Dan, which turned up in my inventory, Nin died and re-materialised in the space station and we set about finding an exit, not difficult. After further graphics tweaking and adding Nin to the diver's seat, we set off into the big black! Space is quite dull there are lots of ships floating about up there, steering is odd with controls changing a little, most control is done with the mouse. The use of way-points on the map helps as they appear as if on a HUD. After figuring out which way was F.O.M.A. we set off into the big black, the journey passed without incident and on F.O.M.A. approach we were taken into the landing bay. I spent a lot of time losing PED mining, maybe I should have amped though that may have just increased the loss! Nin spent most of her time trading and she decided to return via the TP, cost of which was 25PED. I had to go for a while and when I came back Nin was still on-line but non responsive, I am guessing the lateness of the hour and the consumption of the beer had caught up with her. I returned in the Dan and on Calypso approach paid 2PED and arrived somewhere near PA. I had missed the Saturday Longu event but Tiger had taken part, apparently he did not come last :). Karl had been on line during the F.O.M.A. escapade, we chatted a little but I did not really have the time for much more which is s shame.

    I went and had a go at some Leviathan and managed a nice global, I also finally found a gun I like, I've only been here almost five years so it's a bit of a miracle, the gun is the Bad Ass Mother F*****, the version that I have and suits my lack of skill is the 4K (L), the gun (a rifle) looks really nice but has less range than most pistols, it does pack a decent punch though and I spent some time blowing stuff away :).

    On Sunday I also missed the Longu event but was on line later where I did more graphics tweaking. I may now have a stable system but time will tell.

    I have pretty much dealt with most of this weeks conversations but I did spend time chatting with Misty and gained several new friends when I landed the Longu Sleipnir at Corinth, it seems people are impressed! It does look like a Bad Ass Mother F*****, so it needs a Bad Ass Mother F***** name :).

    Skills for the week are:- 24 Swordsman (Dmg), 2 Material Manufacturer and 12 Plasma Sniper (Hit).

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  5. Log Entry for 09-08-11.

    A bit late with this this week but then it has not been a brilliant one!

    Hunting has been mostly poor this week with some quite big losses on some of them, consequently I have eased off and am not hunting as much.

    I did try my hand at crafting, I have been trying some textures and even some Musca armour, I managed to acquire the BPs to make a full set and have done so, this armour does not offer very much protection but it is excellent camouflage, in a lootable PVP zone where the radar is jammed it could give the advantage of surprise, especially if a team were equipped with it, something I intend to experiment with :).

    I met Amber Knightley for the first time, she is a fellow twitist and we have been following each other there for a while, so on seeing her in Twin I went and introduced myself. I did not make a good impression, having just upgraded my graphics drivers and with them working really badly I could hardly see a thing, people including me were just see through shapes, very Predator (I or II), devices such as the TP or terminals were hexagons on the ground that left a trace as I moved, it was difficult to do anything and in time it crashed.

    I spent most of Saturday with Nin, initially we were trying to find the land grab action but failed repeatedly to be in the right place at the right time. We there toured Ametera, looking at the points of interest, they were not very interesting but it was fun just messing about. We went to Chugs where we did the Shikiba fight club, I was fighting and Nin healing, to my surprise I managed to complete it in time and Nin achieved "Lord of the Ring", I got mine last week.

    Nin explained to me how trading in ores works, whenever I have looked into this the margins seemed so small as to not be worth it and yet people stand there doing this, I never understood why they bothered until now :). Maybe I should consider a change in profession, certainly worth looking into.

    I did hear of another wave event (other than the one near Corinth), this one is nearish to Twin Peaks and I went there with the person who told me of it, one Cowboy (by name not profession, at least as far as I know). He had tried it solo earlier and got as far as wave seven. We did the event twice and got to wave eight (guessing that's the last one) both times but did not manage to complete it, once because we were away form the area (having been killed) for too long and once because we ran out of time. I found the final wave difficult, it's not the Kirakiba that's the problem it's all the young and matures getting in the way, completely surrounded by these I seem unable to attack anything. I think standing on a table may help :). We plan to return.

    As it was a poor week hunting wise I set about completing quests and achievements and have now done all that I have unlocked (about 60%, if memory is correct). this took quite a lot of time and was good fun.

    Global count for the week is three, one of those was in a team with Nin, not very good but I have not been hunting a lot.

    Conversations this week have been with Una, Misty, Nin and Cowboy. I have seen no other Tigers.

    Skill gains:- 14 Ranged Plasma (Dmg), 15 Whipper (Hit), 13 Two Handed Clubber (Hit), 5 Mechanical Engineer.

    Looking to the coming week it is unlikely I will achieve Coolness on the 5th anniversary of my arrival, I have not been hunting enough but if things pick up it is still possible.
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  6. Log Entry for 06-09-11.

    It's a been a while since I have had a chance to do one of these. I will try to condense it as much as I can and no doubt will leave much out!

    I had a slight change in my arrival day present this year. Normally I get some Evade (Combat Rule One - "Don't get Hit"). This year it was split and I got some Evade, Alertness and Courage. The overall result of this was a nice increase in the Evader profession as well as increases in several others including knifefighter (hit) to lvl. 40 (It was already very close). Unlocks were Coolness, Avoidance and Space Craft Systems. I was intending to do this on my arrival day but somehow managed to do it a couple of days before.

    On the 11th of August I had been here five years other than a previous trip to CND and decided it was time to get off world. Misty and myself headed to Arkadia in "The Desperate Dan", we were shot down twice on leaving Calypso safe space. However third time cunning and with those who wanted to destroy us laying in wait on the Arkadia route we set off for Rocktropia. The journey was uneventful and we soon got to Rocktropia, which is a weird shaped planet!

    Landing was a lot more fun, Misty had failed to completely download the planet so ended up on Rocktropia Space station while I descended onto the Rock. On landing I started getting achievement banners popping up and needed to figure out where to go as I seemed to be at the arse end of nowhere. I jumped into the back seat while I figured out where to head for, the achievement banners kept on coming. I looked at available maps and compared them with my current position. Misty completed the download and TP'd to the surface where she sent me her position. I headed toward her. The achievement banners kept on coming. Now the thing about achievements is that they are sent to my Twitter account, and the thing about my Twitter account is that my friends follow me and that one fiend has his account sent to send him a text on his mobile every time I tweet. His phone went mental! There where between 200 and 300 tweets in a period of between 5 to 10 minutes.

    I found Misty and we spent a day there exploring, both alone and together. Whilst there I killed my very first Pop Dragon, got an achievement and globaled on it at the same time. I also managed to get my first 10,000 creature kills. I did a few of the introductory missions and quite enjoyed some of them. Rocktropia is a seedy place, I'll go there again!

    The following day, after purchasing a couple of B.A.M.Fs we set off for Next Island. this was quite a long trip and passed without incident. Landing there was a breeze and Misty and myself set about doing the introductory missions. These included a trip to Ancient Greece, where we stayed for a day and in that time saw only one other person. It's not a big place so TP runs helped to fill the time, however nothing works there, not guns not knives, not armour, not even my clothes and I was forced to wear the Next Island Coloniser clothes or a dress, I chose the coloniser clothes! As the only equipment available to me was Ancient Greece TT supplies it was a bit like being a noob again, the weapons were not very effective though fortunately it did play toward my skills. A good thing was that much of the TT equipment was selling for TT+2 so I purchased about 50 different items, including herb boxes, various swords and some sandals.

    We returned through time to Next Island and spent some time exploring there and after spending a day in Ancient Greece and Next Island we headed toward Arkadia, yet again the trip was uneventful.

    I liked Arkadia, did a few of the introductory missions and purchased some Gyro FAPs and some refiners, these are also TT items that sell at +2! After spending a day there, flying around and picking up some TPs, killing a few mobs and trying not to hit the huge flying things that hang over the TPs we headed toward FOMA. Now those huge flying things that hover over TPs are a bit of a pain and in heading for space I managed to avoid hitting one by a very narrow margin. Not clever, on the other hand a good place for a party and could do some extreme base jumping too! Now that could be funny.

    FOMA was a bust, both Misty and I blew quite a few PED failing to mine anything very much and after only a few hours we headed for CP. Where we encountered some bad hunting. I forgot to mention the Eomon and Longtooth showed up a couple of days before we set out and CP was very quiet, probably explained the bad hunting. After a few hours we headed for home our odyssey over.

    I have had a go at some longtooth and have killed 110 of them with just one low end global and lots of very poor returns. I have decided not to revisit them this year.

    Have been trying the Leviathans again, the good times seem to be over and I am now mostly losing PED on them.

    I tried milling about and have done a few missions, trying to occupy my time, I have even been in the ring and got a few achievements there mostly from allowing myself to be killed repeatedly but I have killed five players and got a couple of achievements there.

    I was drifting for two weeks with no real direction or focus other than the expense of taking part in this. I started looking at economy (something I had not really bothered with in the past). I discovered that melee was basically more expensive than ranged and thought that I should maybe switch to ranged combat, my ranged combat skills are significantly less than my melee so I would not be able to do as much damage as quickly and would therefore be concentrating on less powerful mobs with less powerful weapons, this would also be cheaper.

    After thinking about this for a while I had a chat with Una and asked him many questions, as usual he was very patient and helpful. Checking with me about my skills Una told me that I would be best off using a Breer P4a, he did also suggest the Kross H400 but I have not yet maxed it so I found me a P4a. Una's suggested mobs were Drones (because of the MU on Gazz) and Argonauts, my old friends (due to the MU on Iron, though this is not as good as it once was) so although I did try Argonuats I have been concentrating on Drones. After several runs I am doing OK, when I do loose it is not by very much. I am not expecting miracles, I know we have to pay to play, I am just trying not to pay very much.

    My initial runs against the Drones were done with no armour and quite a lot of FAP use, however I discovered I could save about 4 PED in every 100 PED of ammo by wearing my Musca(L) armour with 6A plates fitted to it, the Musca provides no protection against Drones and therefore takes no damage, the plates are repairable and provide significant protection, although I still need to FAP occasionally I am not using it very much, I am also carrying a FAP5 which I use when I have time instead of my normal EMTs which are now used only when in danger of death during combat. I suspect I could save more by walking instead of running, this would give me more natural heal time between mobs.

    I need to find a way to log my expenditure so I can track how things are going. I used to do it for blades but it became rather depressing so I stopped :).

    I cannot list the skills I have gained in the past few weeks, there are just too many however I have had two HP gains. I do not recall who I have spoken with though there have been no Tigers on-line again and Misty has vanished.

    It is not as much fun as shortblades and it is louder but I am enjoying playing with the Breer and I think I can already upgrade to the Korss but I will not do so until I have exhausted what I have.

    Fear not I am not leaving the shortblade behind, I just plan to choose the times I use it better. In this world a man's best friend is still his blade :).
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  7. Log Entry for 21-09-11.

    Welcome to the dawn of a new error! EUC has a blogging feature and from now on these old style blog posts will be added to that along with any other posts I make that seem relevant to what I have been doing. Hopefully it will make my attempted weekly reports a little easier! Instead of trying to remember all that has happened I can just write a quick summary. I think I may like this.

    The last couple of weeks have been unusual for me. I have spent most of my time shooting Drones near Jason Centre. I have burnt through a Breer P4a and am almost through a Korss H400 (I think). I have another P4a in storage ready for when the Korss dies. Of the two I prefer the Korss, it has a slightly greater range, hits a little harder and a little more often. The upshot of this is a saving of about five or six PED in repairs after shooting a hundred PED of ammo because the Drones just don't get to hit me as much, however I am not sure how much is wasted with overkill on the last shot!

    I have managed to lose PED doing this the most economical of hunting, my luck has not been good, with only three globals in spite of at least twenty, 100 PED in ammo hunts. I tried a hunt of 200 PED but the amp died about 75% of the way through. The price of Gazz has fallen a little too. I am only working stuff out at TT figures, it gets a bit complicated otherwise. Although I have lost PED I have not lost as much PED as I used to lose, when playing with knives, in the past I have lost as much in one night as I have managed in the past two weeks so I am quite happy about things :).

    I have managed to purchase another Firefly for use on some bigger mobs and have finished collecting my set of Jaguar (L) Armour. There is a quest that I wish to complete that involves some tougher robots, I cannot remember which ones but both of these purchases will help greatly. I am looking forward to having a run in with something tougher than Drones.

    Both Karl and Brat have been on-line and I have managed to catch up with them. Karl is still stuck on Arkadia, we checked auction prices and compared Calypso to Arkadia to find no difference, yes the nice people at Mind Ark have just lumped all the figures from all sales into the MU figures of items. This has the effect of evening out the prices of things on all worlds, now if they had separate figures for different planets then we could see a trade in items as well as stackables between worlds. I do hope they do this, I want to be a gun runner!

    I have managed to gain another two health points taking me to 139 as well as several skill gains over the past two weeks. I have written and posted a couple of "Reports from the Front", these are intended as news articles although there are currently very few people who would read them, it's an attempt to keep up-to-date and may draw in some new blood.

    EUC is being revamped, Phunksta has completed the upgrade and Nexus, possibly Anna and myself are playing with styles and layouts in order bring the site back up to scratch. I do hope we can get some life back into it though I doubt it will be easy, there are now many such sites, at least one for each planet, so there is some fierce competition out there.

    Well that's the first blog of the new error, not exactly exciting but that's me :).
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  8. Log Entry for 05-10-11.

    Yesterday saw the release of another update, it included warp drive, something to do with pirates and most importantly the reintroduction of the Mentoring system! It also included a small flaw, a small flaw I set about making the most use of, after the update and login I began to get achievement messages appear on the screen, I checked and these were being tweeted, there were only a handful which was disappointing but I noticed I could re-obtain the visited various TP messages so I spent fifteen or twenty minutes going to every TP on Calypso. The purpose of this was remarkably childish, a friend of mine gets all my twitter tweets texted to his phone, hopefully I annoyed him with EU spam :D.

    I have yet to look at Mentoring again, I remember it being a difficult but rewarding pastime. As for warp drive I will have to investigate the possibility of sending the Bad Moon Rising beyond the speed of light! The pirate thing, I'm sure Slarty will be able to inform me about that, after all Slarty is the Pirate.

    Since my last weeklyish update I have managed a handful of globals, the best one was against a Drone ilite (it was the Apple version). In addition there have been twenty four skill gains the most significant of which are lvl 39 Knifefighter (dmg), lvl 23 Ranged Laser (dmg) and lvl 22 Laser Pistoleer (hit). I have also completed the Iron Quest for 100 Allo/Esto and gained a little intelligence from that.

    There have been no Tigers on-line again, mostly I have been chatting with Misty and on occasion Slarty especially after his Uber Trox, well done Slarty :).

    Most of my time is spent Droning, it's like Bloging but more interesting. For the most part the Drones have been tight with the loot but I get some satisfaction from imagining that each and every one of them is Talkerbot!

    I have quite enjoyed writing the News from the Front articles, I will try to continue to bring some in game news to the forum, even if it is a bit warped!
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  9. Log Entry for 17-10-11.

    Not been a bad week; I have had seven hunting sessions, six of these were drones and one (an event) was atrax. I have been calculating costs the last five weeks, only at TT levels and I'm quite pleased with the results. I am still losing money overall but the amounts are much smaller than in the past, OK I am not hunting at the same level I used to but I am still in game and I am still having fun.

    The Atrax event was fun, I noticed a few hours before it started that there were three prizes and so far only three entrants so I signed up as it gave me a fairly good chance of winning a little extra. By the time it started there were twenty people signed up; my lowest rank during the event was fourteenth so there were at least this many participating. I finished in eleventh so no prize for me however during the event I had three decent sized loots and after working the numbers discovered I was only down a few PED, a good result.

    I managed a couple of globals this week and some more skill gains, excitingly I have now maxed the Breer P5a so I have purchased one as a replacement for the current P4a, I am looking forward to seeing what it can do; I expect that will be happening a little later this week, looks like I have nearly three, 100PED hunts left in the P4a.

    Not many people on line this week, I have spoken with Misty and Nin and that's about it. The HoF board has been looking a bit tatty too, with the recent migration and then the robot activity over, it seems things are settling down again. I know there are some events taking place on Arkadia and I expect these are being attended but global spam has been slow on Calypso.

    The whole gun thing is working out quite well for me, having experienced the economy of this over the melee weapons it seems a no brainer. I still use my knives but not so often, I am intending to have a few blade based hunts in the future but only when certain mobs are looking promising and I suspect I will return to the blade as my main weapon once my other skills have improved however I will be looking at purchasing unlimited SIB blades, as expensive as this may be.
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  10. Log Entry for 18-10-11.

    I know it's only been one day since my last entry. Just wanted to mark the occasion of moving onto a Breer P5a, it will still be amped with my A103 and I will still be focusing mostly on Drones. The latest update seems to have caused there to be more Gen 2,3,4 and 5s around Jason, this suits me rather well, almost as if it was intended to be.

    I have gained a lot of skills in areas I had neglected and this has been of benefit. I feel I have learnt quite a lot about economical pistol usage and I can apply this to other weapons should this be needed (need to check my skill levels to see what could do with being increased next). I also feel I would like another chat with Una who set me upon this path (thank you Una). I need to know if I am ready to take the next step and if so what step would that be. I look forward to this chat upon Calypso.
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