2008-06-30 - Kets' search for Lootius Maximus

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Kets, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    The Search Begins...

    June 26th, 2008.

    The perpetual sunshine shone down on me that day and a new ambition arose from within where none had been before.

    This makes me wonder, only for one distracted moment, however...Why is there no night here? Granted Jason's Center is a little dreary, and that area on the unauthorized 'edge' of Amethera across the river north of Treasure Island, but its not like nightfall. It's just varying degrees of sun, clouds, unnatural orb darkenss and...and ...you get the picture. Perhaps this is one among many mysteries that have perplexed me about this place since I arrived just over a year ago and given rise to this new foresight...not foreskin, that's different...but also missing....hmm...curious.

    With all of the forums, entropedias, blog sites, etc, etc, etc, you'd think that someone, somewhere would have a definitive answer as to just what the Hell is going on here, in the crazy place. Globals, HOFs, loots, resource finds, all of it is so confusing and seemingly so random and yet so many of the inhabitants believe that there is actually some rule set, some standard of distribution that, if discovered and employed, will set them on the path of unfathomable riches, much to MindArks disfavor.

    This humble, wayward and slightly off the mark, well, maye more than slighty, colonist has grown tired of the uncertainty and ambiguity of it all and has decided to embark on a journey for the truth. Truth being what it is, untangible, undefined, and yet, elusive and not often recognizable even when staring into one's face is impossible to search for. So, instead, to make the task more clear and its eventual resolution more attainable and measurable, I have decided to, instead, direct my efforts to the uncovering of the mythical giver of loot, the one who has been given credit for the infinately misunderstood manner of bestowal of undeserved reward, Lootius Maxiums.

    It was on this day, June 26th that I decided to cast off my armor, and take on this sojourn in a state as near to natural as I dare...by donning my azure, Cornadacda pants, ( I think that the pattern...I forget...it's not really important as the point I'm tryin to make is that I'm not doing it naked. Yuck...just Yuck. I'm a little off kilter, granted but I'm not oblivious to good taste. Well, maybe a little.) my blue-grey shirt that I bought from James DontGiveUp, my Original colonist, Mannel shoes and my snappy, 5 year, leafed beret. I don't do anything without my snappy, 5 year, leafed beret. WHoo-Hoo!

    Unsure as to how to go about this I asked for guidance from a friend and long time confidant, one has set several vendetta's against me for...wait, wait one minute...He has hired people to kill me and I call him my friend...Hmm...perhaps I should rethink my...NO! NO! I've got to stick to this, for the better good. I need to find the answers for the sake of everyone, except maybe MA, but...now where was I....uh...Oh, yeah, Chela told me to seek guidance at the statue overlooking Twin Peaks, so I started out...found it...hung out there for a bit...couldn't find any evidence to support the thoery that it is actually a statue of Lootius and decided to go back to Twin Peaks and sell off some of my Ores and Enmatters in order to get back to my usual mining tasks.

    Upon entering Twin Peaks I noticed that my favorite buyer was there donned in her usual crimson, evening gown. I sold off my wares as I had done so many times in the past, then decided to ask her if she had ever heard of Lootius. Her answer was..."There's a Church of Lootius Soc. Check with them." Immediately my drive was reinvigorated and my path became suddenly clear.

    My search had begun...with earnest.

    (Earnest is an emotion here, not a person, it's not like I'm traveling with someone named, Earnest. I'm just...oh...nevermind.)
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  2. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    July 2007....uh...Damn it...Where the Hell did that come from? It's 2008! Geesh! I hope this isn't indicitive of what's to come...what am I saying? I've been so confused for so long that this is just another piece of evidence in the ever expanding file that will be used to lock me up someday. Well, anyway...let's get back to what I was going to write about...uh....now...what was....AH! Yes! Now I remember...

    July 2008...see I'm better already...

    I took Sarah Witchblade's comment about the Church of Lootius, as a sign and after completing my transactions with her I returned to Nymphtown ( less lag than Twin Peaks, or as I call it 'Lag Town' ) and meandered over to the nearest Soc terminal.

    I was surprised to see that the information surrounding the Church Of Lootius Soc is not publicly available, and yet, they are both friendly with and friends or many other societies. This only added to the already growing mystery surrounding the fabled Lootius. Not having access to any of the members names I thought that I would have to search about the planet for a member of this Soc in order to speak to them...but then a fizzled, spark of inspiration blinked, then immediately smoldered in the cob-webbed recesses of my empty head. GOOGLE. Yes, the modern oracle of knowledge...I would inquire of the greatest collective of information known to mankind, the modern day Library of Alexandria to see what I could find...and lo and behold, I discovered the ethereral web-site of the Church of Lootius ( lootius.net --- and Yes, every other time I go there I type in lootius.com and end up somewhere else...woe is me.)

    I gave the site a quick perusal, as my attention span offers me nothing more than that anyway and decided to register. At last, I was now one step closer to the ancient holder of all things EMIK and Kross, wood-grained and oily.

    I read voraciously for a clue about who may be part of this shadow Soc and, in my usual tactic, I added a post to the site. ( What? Me? Put up a post on a web-site? That never happens.) I explained my reason for being there and included my questions, you remember, don't you...the stuff about conspiracy, whether Lootius actually exists, dude or a chick, responsible for the jump in gas prices...uh...maybe not the last one...but anyway...

    Needless to say, after only a few hours, a dark van with blacked-out windows rolled up to my front door and two men, dressed all in black, with dark sunglasses and a little embroidered 'MA' on their jacket pocket, stepped out, came into my house and confused me by asking me for my name. I never get that question right...DOH. I had to go with them they said or I would never know my name again. I decided to go.

    The next thing I remember, I awoke at my computer, in game, trying to explain to Una that I left the Eu_Tropians and joined the Church of Lootius ( or CoL as we call ourselves ). I still retained all of my possessions, in spite of the mini-version update, and realized that I was more sober than usual, not even close to any semblence of normal mind you, but, not quite as out of touch as usual...Could be the Diet Pepsi...that does wake me up a bit, for a few minutes a day anyway.

    As a result of this encounter, I'm not sure how, exactly, but something about me feels different. No, Itto, I haven't met Lootius as of yet, but I feel closer to the truth, as if my journey is beginning to yield results. I have decided to ask Sister Lykke for some time to discuss Lootius with her, and then Brother 'Doc', the inebriated one. He, among the others seems to be closer to the exalted distributor of explosive projectiles and robot parts than most.

    I feel that this search may take longer than I had hoped, but you can't blame me for that, for a change something is NOT my fault, WHoo-Hoo! In this time of instant gratification and half-hour problem resoulutions (except for James DontGiveUp, hardly a quick resolution there to be sure ) an extended inquiry into the origins and practices of Lootius Maximus seems to be in store. More on my search later.

    Your humble staff-reporter,

    Brother Kets
    Lootius Bless {bow}
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  3. There ones was a priest, many years ago.
    Then she came along, traveled to meet the priest, changed her name and a marrige was held
    The nun holds the key to the church

    Good luck brother kets
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  4. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    The search...continues...

    Today I made a decision. I know that this probably affects me moreso than anyone who may be foolhardy enough to read this stuff, but I deciced to simplify things. I'm pretty simple anyway, in my mind mostly...and...alright in my mindedness too, but perhaps that is just age creeping up on me like a pyroclastic blast from a volcano...or maybe faster than that. Age has a way of changing us. It makes up fatter, to be sure, well, up to a point, then death and decay make us very skinny and...nevermind that for the time being. I'll get to that later.

    Age also makes us slower, old age that is, because if you compare your speed as an infant or toddler to your speed as a teenager or adult then age actually increases your speed, but then after, lets say 40 or so, 50 to be sure you begin to slow down again, and not because of any physical issues mind you, its'because you just don't give a damn anymore and all that rushing around just gets annoying and tiring. Or so I've observed. And you get fatter and speed decreases with the increased expenditure of energy required to push against the pull of gravity and...blah, blah, blah.

    You're probably wondering :
    (1) What the Hell does this have to do with anything? What an idiot and he's only getting worse.
    (2) Why the Hell did he ever have to join this Forum anyway?
    (3) Can't somebody get him to just SHUT the F#%$ UP!

    Well, first of all, let me answer all of these questions one at a time.

    1.) Nothing
    2.) I was bored and I was looking for somewhere to post all of this nonsense. My therapist thought that it would be good for me. Good for ME mind you, not so good for you, probably, but it's not about you, is it? You should know that by now. Therapist, you ask? Uh, I have three actually, all grey, furry and... well you know the rest.
    3.) No. Well, Phunksta maybe, or Burgerman. And if Yanick or Nutter told me to straighten out and fly right, well, I'd take that under serious consideration, but for the rest of you...No.

    So to get back to what I was mentioning earlier, about simplifying things, well here's my latest revelation:

    I have come to believe that just saying things in chat like:
    "Lootuis Bless"
    "Lootuis reveal the mysteries of this empty ground"
    "Lootius see my probe clear to the Massive (XX) deposits that await me beneath this worthless chunk of rock"
    "Lootius, uh, Lootius...are you there?"
    "Lootuis you're really starting to piss me off now!"
    "Lootius you suck! You really suck, you drunken, lackey!"
    "F$#@ YOU LOOTIUS!"
    -- has gotten me no closer to understanding how this whole thing works or how to get more loot. As far as I'm concerned, so far, my search has proven to be nothing but frustrating and isolating. I have left my Soc and joined another for what?

    I did get the opportunity to participate in a killing spree :bonkyou: at Ft. Arugs with my new Soc 'Church of Lootius', I think it was Ft. Argus, I forget, I got killed so many times I started to get a little punch drunk, and not drunk on punch, mind you, that would have been fun, but getting shot with all sorts of weapons, grenades, blades...it was tiring and rather embarassing. It did cost me a lot in the way of weapon repairs and ammo recovery and Lootius 'the extoller of inadequate loot' was hardly offering anything in the way of mercy.

    What I did learn was this, I miss hunting with my old Soc, not my old sock, that would be different and how would an old sock be beneficial to a hunt unless it was filled with rocks and you could wield it like swinging a club or something...Sounds more like something you might be able to do in Second Life, but as I've never been on Second Life I couldn't say for sure.

    Anyway, I did shout out to Nutter a few days ago and, for old times sake we went hunting Argos near New Switzerland . :lara::hunter:We didn't HOF or global or hit any sizeable mining deposits ( Thanks again there Looitus Worthlessius ), but, even so, it was fun and that is what I find has been sorely lacking in my EU experience as of late...Fun.

    Thus my revelation...I started playing EU because it was fun, I met some friendly people and shared some good times, for me at least anyway, but as of late, with this rather uneventful search for the mysterious Lootius I have left myself isolated, frustrated and, well...Seeing as how it's just me and the cats...alone.

    Thanks Nutter, for, possibly indirectly, pointing me back to the path that I think I had intended to travel down all the while. Then again, this makes me wonder... Have I been searching for Loot all the while and not Lootius? Perhaps Lootius has chosen to show me where the real Loot lies afterall, in the hearts, laughter and smiles of those we surround ourselves with.

    Hmmm...? :coffee:
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