2009-02-21 - The New Beginning

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Anna, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Hello to everyone.
    I have had tough times during the last few months in Entropia, bad luck with societies, bad luck with the new VU, i even got scammed by a person i thought was a friend of my. Lots of things have gone through my mind, considered withdrawing my peds and quitting completely, but instead i had a better idea.
    Avatar named Anna Ufo Avaimenpera no longer exists. I have chipped out all the skills and started from 0 with new avatar. This seemed a better idea then quitting, as i still have hope about the Universe so i didnt want just to leave. I have thought about starting all over again many many times during my time in EU, but only the difficulties lately made me make the decision. Decision was very hard, most toughest was abandoning my old friends, but i will try to contact my most important friends so i can still keep playing with them.
    One of the reason i wanted to start from 0 was the chance to record all my returns right from the beginning, so i could form a nice picture of my situation, and also when i first started in EU, SIB meant nothing to me so i made quite horrible mistaked on my early steps of skilling. I believe this time i should be able to progress nicely, as i know precisely what i want to do and know what to avoid.

    Abandoning Anna Ufo was extremely difficult, but with a help of my friends im sure i will be able to take it :) Chela especially has been a great help, he also took me as a disclipe :D
    On this blog i will follow my progress from 0 to hero. :yahoo:

    Anna, now known as the Wolverine Queen. (I know, have watched too much X-Men.)
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  2. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe


    I landed from the space station Exodus on 21.02.09 approximately 9 MA time, so it has been 2 days now since the Wolverine revealed her claws to Calypso for the first time, and what an interesting 2 days it has been. First when i started on saturday i just hanged around and got familiar with my new avatar without doing much, and after acquiring some equipment i needed i headed to Swamp Camp, one of my favorite spots in all Calypso.
    I started off with some basic hunting, using opalo and a101 amp, killing mainly berycled and daikiba. Loot wasnt really good, but with such small weaponry even 50% return doesnt hurt that much, when it takes 1½ hours to burn through 50 ped worth of ammo :tease:

    Originally i intended to stick on hunting until i was able to use some basic weapons to protect myself before starting to roam around Eudoria, but you know me. After few hunts i bought myself mining equimpent and headed to combined TP-run and mining run. As i expected, mining was quite terrible with 0 skills, but i learned a valuable lesson. Opalo + vivo t1 is not enough to kill drones. After being slaughtered by our metallic friends, i took good distance from those lovely metal boxes and focused on running that tp. I managed to get all the way to camp phoenix, and i was so happy with this, i desided to try to progress to Fory Fury. I dont think it is necessary to mention i failed miserably, and learned another valuable lesson. Atrox run really fast.

    Sunday i did have my revange, though. As i was bored by getting killed by all the mean beasts, i bought myself a mercenary pistol and some laser sights to improve my aim, i was able to rampage through the Atrox spawn and even made it to Atlas island and the city of Hadeism. Later i ran to Medusa and Limnadian, and i will try to reach Twin Peaks soon, as i have some ores and enmatters waiting for Sarah, my regular buyer :)

    Also, as my friend list has only about 2 names right now, i got quite lonely in the wilderness on my own, i thought about joining a society. As Anna Ufo, i never joined a society after i got shown the door at Tigers. Once you have found what you have been looking for, thats all you never want. I tried to find a group good for me, but i just wasnt able to find the friendly spirit we had when i was still Divine.
    I spent some time now at
    theotherforumthatnameishallnotspeak going through the recruiting threads, i found an interesting society, Modified Miners, Scudd as leader, who i know to be a nice guy, so i logged in to send an application, but as i found the society, i realized it had over 100 members, and that is definetely for me. As i mentioned earlier, i am looking for a nice group spirit instead of massive community. Dissappointed as i was, thought i will soon have people to talk with, i remembered another society, Project Asylum Corp. It is one of the oldest and most respected mining societies in the Universe, and i know few of it members like Sofia, who i have great respect to, i sent and application there. I talked with Sofia and she said the leader, Ace Flyster hasnt been online for few days so it might take a while, but doesnt really matter, as i believe the society is worth waiting for.

    Overall, i have had great fun during these few days, and even thought
    the returns have been absolutely horrifying (1000ped spent, 400ped loss), im still quite happy about my progress. I am about 30-40% on my disclipeship, so i will hope i will graduate during this week. I am leaving for a holiday in friday, and i will set my goal to graduate before that.
    I might post some pictures later, until that, have fun all.

    -Wolverine Queen-
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  3. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe


    Just a short entry to tell some nice news :yahoo:
    Firstly, i was accepted to PAC (Project Asylum Corp.), and so far i am very happy about the society, its very nice and people are friendly.
    Yesterday as i planned, i committed a tp run to Jason, continued to East Scylla Mountains and finished my trip by running to Twin Peaks. Mining was quite terrible (No surprise, 50k ath on hof list today), but i was unsurprisingly unpatient and desided to go full steam chasing my first swirlies as Wolverine.
    So i grabbed my trusted oreminer 101 blueprint (Currently ~60QR) and bought some materials. Right from the beginning of the run i knew it was coming, as i had few 30-40 pedders, and i even said it on the soc chat as the picture shows, and next click, woohoo, 86ped global. This was one of my goals on this project, and i am very pleased. My profit on crafting covered at least some of the loss on mining and hunting, so overall the day was a success.
    I also added picture of my avatar.

    -Wolverine Queen-

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  4. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe


    What a terrible week. I have had 50% returns for whole week, and have lost over 2000ped. I have never had this horrible times in my 2 years of EU.

    Project terminated due to this.
    Thank you MA.
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  5. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    7.4.2009 Random entry

    Has been slow few weeks for me. I have logged in nearly every day, but havent done much. Few hunts with powerfist, did some healing at Nea's and random standing in auc. During the last few days i have managed to scrape few peds from my storage, and have started to play more actively.

    Few days ago one of my soc mates looted a beacon (23ped), and suggested we could do it. And so we did. I havent done a beacon for long time, so i was excited to join a mission. The beacon was great fun, even though we ended up on minus. Next day, we desided to try our luck again, so we purchased a new beacon, 25pedder this time. Only problem was, that the buyer was being perfectionist, and bought a beacon which was located in the middle of Araneatrox spawn, instead of paying 5ped more for one next to tp.

    When we got to the location, we found out that one mean Araneatrox Alpha had started a nest there, and after cursing, running and lots of reviving, we had managed to drag away..
    Beacon itself wasnt too exciting, no bad robots and loot was decent. Ended up slightly on loss, but only little, so we thought maybe 3rd time lucky, and bought another one (this time next to tp). This beacon was deja vu, no hard enemies and slight loss.

    Have done few mining runs, pretty decent returns, no profit but not bad loss either...

    Oh, and also i got to show Chela some of my claws, as i knifed him to death several times during the weekend :hehe:

    Once he almost got me dead, but i wasnt mean enought to tell him i was afk half of that run... :hehe:
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  6. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    21.04.09 Random entry #2

    2 weeks from last entry (Deja vu, i read that somewhere today o.O), and has been a busy 2 weeks. Me and soc did more beacons, few gave even slight profit. Spent my time mostly mining, started a project with 101 amps, so far pretty bad returns but what ever, i dont care :-({|=

    Also have done some skilling at swamp (I hate killstealers :o). Concentrating on BLP Rifle atm, currently using Nilocitius, but you know me, i hate small mobs so i buy 5k ammo, shoot 500 and call it a day.

    Also did a trip to "The new sweat camp" Anok Sellims, few people there, but not many so didnt stay there for long. Its located near Atlas Haven. Short entry, bit fewer so me not functioning all good, brrlls.
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  7. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    24.5.09: Random entry #666

    Last few days have been quite busy in game, i ran into old friend from the other game, and been hanging around with him since. We have done a lot of fun stuff, hunted and stuff. Loot hasnt been bad, we have hit several global, and even a hof (260ped), unfortunately i didnt receive any of these loots, but im ok with it, more important is friends then money :)
    My friend also looted 150ped esi from ambu :Beer:

    Currently i am helping him skill explosive skills, he provides me launcers and stuff and once we are done i chip my skills to him. We have done Ambu, Drones and Argonauts with rockets so far. Argonauts seems to be giving the best loot, ambu the worst :o

    Also, i have started a sort of project :)
    I am currently gathering myself full set of Nemesis armor. So far i have acquired Thighs, Foots, Gloves and Arms. My goal is to get the set done by my birthday next month, and i am planning on starting a camp on drones with Nemesis+6a, which is excellent armor against small and even not so small robots :D

    Have done nearly no mining at all lately, might have been a good decision, mining seems to be quite bad currently. Overall, have been good few days.

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  8. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    1.6.2009 Holiday Entry

    Holiday, at last. I am currently quite messed up, i want to enjoy my holiday with friends and stuff, but i had a disaster in RL, which has caused me being quite confused these days. (Sorry to everyone if i made u feel bad). Last week was pretty good ingame, i did mining with 103 amps, hit few nice claims, but ended up badly on minus. Weekend went bad, nothing to do and being messed up aint too entertainging...

    Anyways, i am doing good progress on reaching my ultimate goal. I am not sure if i mentioned it, but since i became Wolverine, my ultimate goal has been to reach the situation i was before chipping out. I am still far behind on combat skills, but on mining skills i am beginning to be near, and i am doing nice progress..

    Also, i have my birthday next week, hopefully ill make up something fun to do.

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  9. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    09.07.09 - RL entry

    I actually was going to write a long entry, but lazyness caught me so short one it is.

    Im currently located at our summerhouse, which is in North-Karelia, took 11 hours to drive here. Life here is kinda boring, but i have noticed a pattern.
    Usually at home, there is EU, tea and things i do when not in EU. At here, there is fishing, tea and things i do when not fishing.
    Raining here atm, not cool.

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  10. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    3.8.2009 The Plan

    Last few weeks were quite quiet, but the last few days have been busy, done lot of hunting, even run at CND for mining. Loot has been okish, few globals, no profit but not huge losses either. Also, my goal of reaching the same skills as when i chipped out is progressing steadily, currently i have 106 HP and total of 45k skills, when compared to 113 HP and 70k skills i had before chipping out.

    Okay. To the plan. Three words: Merry Mayhem 2009. Last year i used all my time to help a friend who participated in the Mayhem, so i could not join the event. But this year im going to go for it! Only problem (And a big one) is the funding. I need to be able to hunt 6 hours a day for 6 days. 36 hours total. By my calculations i need nearly 10.000ped just for the ammo, not to mention armors, weapons and other costs. I still havent figured out how to overcome this obstacle, but im hopeful, and i will do my best to make this dream come true.

    There is some big question marks too, the biggest one is that will merry mayhem come this year? I have understood its every year event, but the CE2 havent still came out, and it will take weeks, even months to get rid of all the bugs, so MA will have their hands full. The rules it self dont have any problems to me if they are about the same as last year, but the obvious questions regard the mob and the location. I cannot plan my equipment before i know the mob, and if the location is far away from tp, i must do longer runs as i lose too much time going back and forwards for more ammo and repairs. Optimal would be ofcourse, that i would be able to hunt 6 hours in row without being have to refill ammo and repair stuffs at all, but that would require use of L armor for example, so the decay wont reduce protection, and some helping hands to bring me more ammo, as i cannot carry more then 100k ammo max without being too heavy.
    But all this can be solved, i cant wait till december :)

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  11. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    7.8.2009 - Back to Basics

    So, as i have done some planning and calculating about my project to enter the Merry Mayhem this year, it came obvious i will need huge amount of ped. My first plan was to craft oreamp 101's and get ATH, but unfortunately i failed to do so and lost big, so now im doing the opposite - super eco. My plan is to survive with minimum amount of ped, so i will be able to start a fund for the Merry Mayhem.

    My plan is to use tt equipment for mining, and mine only for enmatter and unamped. I will not wear armor, my weapon of choice is the TT shortblade, and for healing i have the truster Vivo T1. Im also going to start record my returns (No real reason, at least will take some time so less time to lose lol). For hunting i will propably do swunt with some basic mobs, but i will stay far away from Swamp Camp, as i hate the argoing mobs from 1000 other people.

    So, this plan will propably crash when i get bored and do something stupid, but hey, at least im gonna try! :D

    Edit: Forgot to mention, my school will start next wendesday, so ill have less time to play, so maybe this will work after all
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  12. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    19.8.2009 - VU 10

    So, the day we waited so long finally came, i personally was surprised how little time it took. When i first logged in, i was in New Switzerland, and it was snowing. First impression was absolute amazement of how cool everything looked. I managed to run for 10 meters when i crashed due to so many people there. Later i managed to log in, and tp to less populated teleporter. After the first moments i started to get dissapointed. Lag. Not as neat graphics as i hoped. Lag. Funny controls etc etc...

    But fortunately, i didnt give up, i tuned the settings for a while until i found the right ones which provided the optimal performance and yet nice graphics. My disappointment turned into excitement when i wondered into the wild, i did small exploration trip from Orthos West Mound to Port Atlantis, not very challenging road, encountered only few exarosaurs and daikibas (which i brutally slaughtered), but the views were absolutely amazing. Even with smartly tuned low/medium graphic settings the wild was beautiful, and for the first time i actually enjoyed just running around and exploring.

    Also, personally i think one of the most magnificant changes is the night/day cycle. On day the sun shines on armors and lakes and its all bright, and night you have hard time trying to find out is that red dot daikiba or araneatrox, and when i went for a small hunt with a friend to a dark wood, it was actually pretty spooky :)

    Overall i think this is the best update in ages, allthough it needs a lot of refining, but finally i can say MA is going to the right direction.


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  13. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    22.8.2009 - Cry.

    So, it has been nearly a week since the VU10 was implemented, and i am very impressed. Although i am absolutely broke atm, i have managed to see some action, when healing a friend, and just roaming around. The graphics are great, no significant bugs that would make my gameplay more difficult, lot of minor bugs but nothing big.
    I should be jumping up and down from happiness, but im not. I was originally planning to do major deposit next month, but instead i will have to purchase new components to my PC to run CE smoothly, will spend about 300 euros on that. So no peds for me. I have tried to do as much as possible without ped, which is quite hard when sweating aint working. I intended to do a TP run to the new Teleporter, Athena, but MA desided teleporters will not work today, so i couldnt do that.

    Also, i think MA is a big bunch of lazy bastards. Those brainless worms wont work on weekends, so basically they will just go home on friday, come back to work on monday, only to find 100.000.000 unread support cases, servers that desided to malfunction and horde of Entropiaholics with weapons outside MA HQ.


    Oh yeah. When i look down i can see my foot, finally i can undestand MA's priorities.
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