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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Phunkygeeza, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Well it's hard to ignore the fact that EUC is very quiet these days. Nothing that the regulars try to get things moving again seems to have much effect - it seems our members don't want to chat about Entropia Anymore.

    When I log in to the game, I see a curious mix of noobs and veterans, middle-ground players seem thin on the ground; of course they might be hard at work in the field?

    The board itself seems to operate quite nicely; performance is good, there aren't *too* many bugs, all the nice features stil work fine and stand unused.

    I've got to admit I haven't put much effort in lately - short of a few upgrades, my project to merge in a full CMS system (Drupal) to provide a blogs facility and user created articles has halted. With 2 young kids and a very busy work life, there just doesn't seem to be time any more.

    Not that we're going anywhere in the near future, EUC will still be here when you log in tomorrow, it is just on tick-over until some signs of life appear. I'm still pinning a lot of hope on a resurgence of interest when the cry-engine goes in to operation. The theory is if the game recovers, so maybe will the board. At least THEN will be the time to see if I can generate more interest in EUC; all efforts at the moment seem to quickly fizzle out.

    It is hard to keep life in a board - I've read many posts by other board admins who hit the same barrier. Often this is related to stagnation in the subject area whether this is a game that becomes stale, or a political subject that is resolved, or simply in a fad that passes.
    One of the possible evolutions is for EUC to become 'more generic' in the subject matter, maybe spreading to other MMORPG players but offering the same free services; so many board admins seem to try to monetize their boards - THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN HERE I can promise you that.
    The donations and subscriptions that EUC receives are always welcomed and I thank again everyone that helps keep the board alive, but there will never be any expectation set or payment for service.

    Well - a bit gloomy maybe, but at least today the post count will be >0
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