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  1. Let me continue the post

    I finished this schoolyear with an animation (there are four periods with each an animation) made in MAYA (3d modeling program)
    With the presentation I showed a quick render (now im still rendering my scenes to finfish the film in full resolution)
    So that one will come. But I did some extra work with my animationkarakter, a guppy called Guppy, and made an interview. My teachers loved it and I decided to share it with you all.
    I have to say that it is my first 3D model I made, so it won't be super smooth and perfect like Pixar models.
    Non the less Please Enjoy:D

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  2. I'm gonna put the links of two of my other shorts I made last schoolyear.

    first one is about a super anoying mosquito. I HATE THEM!!!!
    so I made a short in which I showed how stupid they are and to kill one
    I have to tweaking to do to make it better, but thats just techtalk

    Please Enjoy


    And my second film is a 3D puppet animation
    For this film I put on my cowboy hat and stole a horse to get the right feeling... no just kiddin'
    Its about two mexicans who both love the barmaid. Well we all know how stupid we can get and so they think that if he drinks the other one under the table he will win the heart of the barmaid. Well.... tho make a long story short. Just watch the short :tumbleweed:

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  3. Nice work jaw :)
  4. Thanx Phunksta ^_^
    I hope more work will follow soon. for now its time for a little break ;)
    Ill keep it updated if there is enough people who like to see some work of mine

    greetz, JAW
  5. Hehehe, great work indeed.
  6. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Very nice work there. The Duelo de Tequilas must have taken a lot of time and effort to achieve. Is that you and your girl in the wanted posters? If so that was a nice touch.

    Well done. :)
  7. Thanx Burgerman
    The girl on the wanted poster is a girl from my class wich I had to work together with on that project.
    The big problem for that problem was that I'm a bit clumsy and working in a huge set with lots of stuff that can move or fall isn't the ideal working area for me. The whole project was done in 3 months. First started to think of a story ofcourse. After that sketching and storyboarding. Then the set and the puppets were build. The actual animating lasted for about two weeks, so about 80 hours and montage with sound adding.
    funfact: the puppets were ±30 cm (±12 inch) and the saloon (with the size of w130cm (51inch) h113cm(44inch))is now standing in my room and is converted as a liquir/collectables(figurines) cabinet. ^_^

    For now I'm going to shut up as I'm writing super long messages as always :P
    The only thing that lasts me to say is that I'm working on a machinima I'm going to make here in Entropia. When I know more I'll let you all know. I'm still exploring to find cool filmspots and a great storyline. (any tips are welcome ;-) )

    Greetz Johan
    JAW Production
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  8. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

  9. Yesterday night I read the Hangar hack. man that was a great soap-ish story. I see all those people in my head arguïng and thinging of the worst while at the end nothing special was going on. I totally joint the emotional rollercoaster and thinking of all possible things.

    Burgerman I'm loving the story of Fitz and For tonight I quit reading(@ start of page3), but I know I'll be back tomorrow and finnish the story. Again I see it all happening in my head (Yeah its crowded up there)
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