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  1. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    ... it really doesn't need a better presentation - we all know what it's about!

    The life the universe and everything will be mixed up here.

    It is my personal experiences both inside and outside the Universe. How to deal with administrating EntropiaPlanets with all the work, but also all the awesome people in the community here. This blog is my way to give you a little 'peak' into what's happening behind the scene - and hopefully also to add some understanding towards the huge work it is to run a community platform. It will probably mostly work as my 'old' diary - just more EP oriented.

    It is amazingly fun and addictive to run a place like EP. And with the great acceptance and welcome we have gotten from the Entropian Community, we also grew a lot the last half year, as we continue growing - and it sure makes the experience even greater.

    We're not only trying to run a forum - but we believe in personal involvance in the community as a whole and its people, because it gives us a better feeling of what 'moves'.

    At the same time we're aware, that some of you find the restrictions and some rules unfair. We promised you a place with a little looser rules, and we still find that's what we did a long way. But we will not sacrifice the positive spirit on the forum because of intriques - and we wish to garanti you, that EP is not a garbage bag were you can throw things, which is not allowed elsewere.

    Other than this, the point with this forum is to provide the Entropian Community with information, News, articles, tools - everything in one place. And we wish to show you, that outside the Universe it's definitely not "just" a game - but there's real people behind every avatar and action ...

    Thanks for dragging along so far - both to you, as a member of our little community here, and you, who also chose to contribute in our EP Staff :) Hope to see even more people on the forum in future!

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