47's Thule Warp Transport Service

Discussion in 'Entropia Services' started by nutrageti, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. 47's Thule Warp Transport Service - Fly Safe and Fly Cheap

    New service: Fly safe and fly cheap with 47!

    Why safe? Because I don't want passengers being online when I fly. I have no need for extra gunners or repairmen (unless they volunteer for it and have no lootables on them). The people not on the crew are invited to log off before leaving the space station (logging off on board a mothership or privateer means that you will log back in on the same ship no matter if this ship has moved or been shot down at one time. It also means you can transport your goods fast and safe) and will be announced of the ship's docking to their destination through a private means only BY MYSELF (skype, forum message, email, the chat on star's stream...)

    Why cheap ? Because I only ask for 9 ped per passenger for groups between 3 and 6 and 5 ped for groups larger then 6. If individuals require transport my fee is 30 ped per warp use.

    How do you program a flight? You message me here, on this forum, or ingame by adding me to your friend list from the player register (you find the player register by pressing Y and searching for it there), my ingame name being hitman nutrageti 47. Once we reach an agreement you will have to be added to the guestlist by Jenna Star Mercury (details on how this is done provided upon ingame contact).

    On the appointed date you will have to board the mothership (I can provide a ride up in my quad if that is necessary, cost for that being 2 ped). We will leave once everyone has provided the necessary payment (this can be done on land too, depending on the client's wishes)and has boarded (if a numerous group, the majority of the clients have the right to decide on waiting for late members). Once payment is done, everyone except me, the pilot, the crew and the optional volunteers for crewing the ms, must log off. This is to ensure a smooth, fast transport for your lootable items.

    The warp flight should not take more then 5 minutes. During this time you are encouraged to go say hi to your kids, spouses, parents, work on those children, imagine working on those children, feed yourself or imagine the sweet taste of the food you forgot to buy

    If you have any more questions feel free to post them here I am sure there are details and questions that need be answered and I will try and provide a solution for all .

    The Thule is based on Arkadia but can also take passengers from any place to anywhere else. This will however require careful planning of the flight squeduale.
    Renting out the ship should be discussed with Jenna Star Mercury.

    Travel safe !​
  2. Bump it up
  3. I am back, bump it up :)
  4. time to fly :)
  5. going to do warp runs to cyrene as soon as update ends :) 5 ped per passenger (will gather more then 3-4 passengers before leaving though ;) - need minimum of 5)
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