A complete list of Hunt The THING Missions

Discussion in 'ROCKtropia' started by NotAdmin, Sep 27, 2011.

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    Warning contains spoilers

    I've updated the wiki with a few small changed. Implant seems fine now, the flamethrower works, there is a fap in the TT now.

    I have to say. I loved the Thing experience possibly the most fun I've had in entropia in years but the end...? Its like suddenly they ran out of steam!

    Its all great till I got to the top of the mountain where the explosions and oil are and then suddenly I feel like I'm going to this hut for no reason then down a hole for no reason and trying to hunt things with a pistol and a flame thrower and fap.

    I'm Dr Chianti goddamit! I'm not a soldier! ;)

    Also whats with that last bit? Don't go to the pickup its a trap... it says carry on (END) or go north instead I picked go north (cause I didn't want to end) then got a chopper... all well and good but no explanation... what goes on etc? I wouldn't moan but considering the intro you get to say, the car or the gun, it seems a bit odd to suddenly end and then throw a helicopter at you with no explanation!
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