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  1. I am about to create a mobile app that people can log in and post their stuff there for trade and with a little search option you can find it easily and discuss about to price with the holder. It will have a review system and etc. In future, events will be posted on the app and so on. I was wondering what EU players would think about this idea?
  2. Any screenshots of this app?
  3. There will be some pictures in couple days and then i publish the patreon page for funding the app and for the maintenance costs. If everything goes well, it will be publish in a month or so
  4. Ok, thanks. Hope that patreon works out for you. Will the app be just for android or also for windows?
  5. Wistrel

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    Personally I'd say I'm not interested. I'm a bit of a stick in the mud and detest the modern app for this app for that, app for every darn thing the world seems to insist on these days. I'm not sure of the benefit of such a thing being an app as opposed to a website that is mobile friendly.

    From my perspective an app has to offer a genuine reason why it has to be an app as opposed to a website.

    This said, don't mind me. I do wish you good luck with your efforts and hope you succeed and that it is popular and well maintained/expanded over time.

    Out of interest what platform are you targeting, Android, IOS or both? Also what method are you using to make the app, straight up programming from scratch or are you using some sort of framework or helper? e.g. I've played around making a small app in MIT app inventor that didn't require typing any code. Finally, what sort of cost do you foresee for launching the app and what do you think the maintenance fees will be and what will they cover? I don't know how the publishing model for apps works on the mobile platforms.

    Thanks for this info
  6. Also worth considering is that most EU related forums allow trade threads, plus there's the in-game trade channels.
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  7. So the main reason is bypass the auction fee. So the other thing is other than forum posts it would be more responsive. It will be in your phone and easy to use. Way more easier to talk about the trade other than posting replies to the threads. Wouldnt hurt if you give it a try when it comes out ^^
  8. Bypassing the auction fees is a plus, but your app is for PvP trades which is already catered for with the trade channels.
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    Cool I hope it works... year's ago we have PEbay which was a reasonably popular website that achieved something like this. Not sure what happened to it though.
  10. Yeah thanks ^^ And i will need any kind of help like both user feedbacks and invertors so when i publish it please dont hesitate to even try it at least
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    How is it going? You happen to know Entropia Bay? That was a web solution, very sophisticated but still ignored. And on EntropiaPlanets we had a classified section once that was much better than ordinary forum posts. Times are different now but I'm afraid your effort will be wasted. It's extremly difficult to get people to use something else than they are used to, no matter how shitty sales threads of PCF are.
  12. Well it seems nobody interested in funding this app and some people even said why do we even need this app. Kinda
    discouraging things that i heard so im not sure that i will be able to publish this. You know i hired a software dev for this app and he did the demo so all funding will go to the app but its still at 0$ lol
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  13. You did make sure that you retained full rights when hiring the software dev?
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  14. they can claim the rights about the logo yeah but i dont think for the rst the app. They dont reply to my support case so i did my part of the job. And im still waiting for patrons ^^
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