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  1. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    I thought I should have another Atrox hunt at LA40. Unfortunately the remaining equipment isn't that great for doing this - lol!
    OMG! I was hunting there Trox all over the last 6 or 7 years (see All Time Highest Number of Globals at
    But now with Viceroy Skullcandy armor, Vivo T1 and the originally first blade I got (Katsuichi Valor - YES! IT IS REALLY THE ONE I BOUGHT IN 2006 - lol!) it became a bit tricky. Can you imagine how long it takes to heal 215 HP with a Vivo T1? And how long it takes to kill an Atrox Guardian with a Katsuichi Valor? That was really impressive and funny. During the hunt someone bought my last refuge for BO: Minopolis #2. Now I am homeless (the penthouse at Monria went away for 6k few days ago). Well, 49% return in the end :-( ... as expected - wich is 47 PED loss wich equals armor repair at Lion from a 4 hour Trox hunt at LA39 before for Narfi's team ;-)

    Guess what, I am relaxed now. I will keep this blade (tier 0.5 - lol!) And I will keep my skills. When I was new (2005-2007) I thought it would be easy to reach 10/10 in melee. After 8.5 years I am at 9.4/10.0. Not bad I guess. But meanwhile I know it would cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to get the missing 0.6 points. I will keep my Quad/Space Thruster as well and I bought a new Imperium Spec Lancer. Probably I will keep the last Malachai Ash and my WoF winner jacket (I was involved too deep in the WoF story) - just to look cool when I pop in occasionally ;-) (Got 45k PED on my PED-card meanwhile from selling items and apartments and the Niflheim isn't sold yet. Guess I can withdrawal a good amount of money soon)

    And I will stay here at EP. I had an awsome time in PE/EU. That's a long and sad story and I don't want to tell it in public. But MA saved my arse from serious RL problems. I will be grateful to MA for ever. But now it's time to go. I am grateful to all the good friends I met during this time. I cleaned my FL without comment because I wanted to avoid questions and tears.
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  2. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Sooo ... thank you for all the fish!

    ... the glass is empty.

    Greetings to dalewj btw ;-) Your Fort Troy child reached much more than you expected. I am proud! Thank you, dale, for directing me to the right course! I will never forget your helping hand! "I like gray." ehhh? ;-)
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  3. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Well, since I started to name dale already, I should mention some of the other important folks I met.
    When I arrived in November 2005 at Fort Troy I met other noobs, like Buster BusterXXL XXL and Dark Zunami Angel. We had some fun together. I was irritating Buster by telling him that I can see him naked by using a scanner ;-) Have a look at the ATH mining list 22. We had much fun hunting and sweating low level mobs. No need to tell you what became of my friend Zunami ... I guess everybody knows her name ;-)
    Later we all went to Fort Argus wich was mainly the meeting point of the german speaking community (until MA messed up with this place and it became abandoned). I met Richman1 there and Trance. I still love both! Trance helped me with some make up and Rich is still on my FL because we shared some ... ehrm ... something even - lol.
    In 2007 I read something about a world championship called "World of Firepower". I founded a "Team Germany" and was elected as captain. Well, that was completely noobish but an immersive experiance. A massive event organized by a colonist! I was excited about it. You all know what person I speak about: Oscar Hurrikane Skyqake. During the long story of WoF (7 years) I escorted Hurrikane (a Glory Hound) as judge and helped out sometimes with starting WoF-matches when he slept too long at sunday mornings ;-) All the WoF matches were an unforgettable experiance. Me noobish person meat several ubers while judging the event. Running the first WoF as Team Germany I met Eleria Orion ... I forgot the rest of the name and Pirx Dan Danford and Steal - omg! it's sooo long ago! I meat Parlog who founded Odysseys Unbound as well as Ozi who started Planet Arkadia later ;-) One of the most exciting encounters was with J Boy - a friend of Hurrikane. He started a "sketchbook" after seeing my sketchbook ;-) You really should read the story of Bravo Girl!
    All this WoF issues lead to meet Grave one day. I was afraid to ask such an uber to hunt small mobs. But he loughs about it and said: "Why not?" Later we met at Gmes Convention at Leipzig. I met x-Venus-x there as well and Buster wearing a silly hat. Silly folks ingame ;-)Finally Team DACH won WoF 2012 and I was member of the winning team! That was a great moment in EU! Wearing the WoF Jacket makes me proud all the time.
    I am a loner. But I was member of societies for two times. My first try to become a soc member was with Hunters Unlimited. Because dale - my mentor - was member of this soc - or even one of the founders? Don't remember. I helped out HU to become one of the 50 highest skilled societies. That was really impressive and I enjoyed it so much. That was an old relationship ... I did a few jobs for HU event crew. Probably you remember Mr. Zap (Zap's Loot Table) who got the message "we have no records of this time" when he asked for the date of creating his account ... But I am not good for such a society. 2 years ago I had another attempt with another top 50 soc: DACHS. I met tons of good folks like Stone, kleene and others. But hey, I am a stupid loner. I left DACHS. Stone is selling out as well btw.
    During my time in HU I met crazyhunter - a trader and one of the elders. I met Akoz ... we made some events at his LAs - HU Event Team. Later I bought one of his apartments at Medusa's Head and helped him out with screenshots and a 3D-model of this apartments. So it happens that he asked me for a design for his Monria apartments. And DANG! - MY design can be bought and used at Monria! That is a really great experiance.
    Lately Narfi came up with the idea to win LAs in events. Nice idea and I put some effort in it. But I've lost trust in MA meanwhile. Narfi is the best example for keeping trust in MA. He is a really serious person. But everybody has to judge situation for themself.
    Soo, the last one I want to mention is my friend Kev Ginger Aslin. My loot buyer. He was always ready to buy my tt-stuff to make 1 or 2 PED from it. We had some adventures together ;-) And he is one of the folks who will stay in the game I think.
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  4. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

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  5. dalewj

    dalewj StoryTeller/Nerd/Gamer

  6. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I'm in the process of putting MS9's story into print, and I know how it feels Jamira, but the journey has a well-worn path while still presenting the good times, the great times, and the crazy-ass fun times despite the frustrations and challenges we all had.

    Your story is really a great one, and your contributions were many and much appreciated.
  7. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Thank you ;-) I enjoyed it as well, believe me!
    And I forgot to mention soo much: my good old friend Rick England, Ancient Greece, Cat's "Battle Royale", Jamhot's Club at Bilton Towers, the exhibition of Colonist Art, the abandoned Howling Mine, poor Sankalony from Egypt who was the dancing monkey between my sister and me ;-), the day when my sister made a tour around Eudoria with me to show me that vehicles ARE a nice improvement and and and ...

    A polish artist, Morano, made a picture of me ... kk not of me but I like it sooo much:
    Well, I DID became McCormicked - lol - I'll stop it!

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  8. That is awesome! Yes, that is how I imagine you sometimes, a Nightblade!
    Thankyou for a fascinating insight ... and feel free to continue to express yourself.
    Do go on, your story is one to be told ;)

    Sorry but could not resist this addition ... fx: Spank me later, Nightblade! ;)

    I think we all at some point have become McCormicked! lol
    A legend in his own right! >
    Youtube channel >

    Message from the future ... Being one of my favourites
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  9. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    LOL yeah ... I remember well. I forgot to mention McCormick as part of my experiance.
    Lately I read: "How can I show my photos to my mom if she has no mail adress?" Damn! I am really a dinosaur. When I was young we had to put a film into our camera, make some photos (~32 max), rewind it, bring it to a photo service and ask for develop it and make positives on paper - LOL! Time to accept that the world has changed. As promised: I will stop to be trapped in the past. PED card will be above 50k PED next weekend. And the Niflheim isn't sold yet, neither any skill point. I will leave the RCE with good vibrations. Just to have fun after that. I guess you will read one or two threads from me here in the future ;-)
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  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Great post Jamira, thanks for sharing all that, memories of events are a thing that may in time be forgotten. I even struggle to remember now at least off hand unless I am reminded like you. This is one reason why I keep poking EP guys to give us the forum back so this still can be achived here. We need it on record.

    Thanks for the memory.

    That vid haha you know I don't think I ever saw all of it! Great stuff awww I remember that sit down at PA. Love the edited text "OMG a jeep from the 80's" "will dance for ped" haha I remember that being said too. Man it's like reliving childhood memories or going back to a place you remember from childhood.

    MA should do a TEN edition set of oranges that look just like the originals, same texture and style/fit exact just with higher res. That would be better than all this stuff with slightly different stats that just say TEN edition. None of that means anything.

    They should have a Marco event too =D
  11. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Oh and Jamira, so sad I missed the minopolis sale. Might have been interested in that too haha. Mind you was looking at the little houses the other day, didn't see yours. Had it been sold already maybe?

    Sadly though most of those little buildings are bugged. grass on the floor and one you can't even enter. Also none of the windows let light in or show the outside world. Utter shit.

    Its on the list to make a support ticket about them
  12. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Hehe ... that Minopolis house was my sister's refuge. No bugs with the windows, they let the sunshine in and have correct shadows like the Medusa's Head apartments. It went away for 3.5k PED, sorry, I would have hold it for you ... :-(

    But it was - of course! - one out of this:
    ... global chat in it (everybody can hear what you talk to visitors while sitting inside near your fireplace, having a drink and vice versa), bugged geometry with flittering faces at the stairs. Finally they (MA) used the former quietlly area to put there MM TPs and lately this so called dropship for the recent robot event ... they destroyed the sweet silince of this place without thinking about I guess. What I missed there is a lake to use a boat or even to have a swim ...

    Dunno if I can buy it back from the buyer. Let's see ...
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  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Don't worry Jamira. It is ok I appreciate the thought though. I don't really have that cash at the mo anyhow. Don't worry I'll hof one day and then I'll get an a place in game to call my own. I have a plan to pester MA into fixing the other ones anyhow ;-)
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  14. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    I guess we can arrange this ;-)
  15. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    There is a long story about Ulla and apartments ;-)
    It all began when my noobish friend Rick England decided to leave the game. He gave all his stuff - including the deed of Bilton Towers #3 4A - to me. That evening I sat in front of my monitor with RL-tears in my eyes ...

    I enjoyed the time at this apartment soooo much. It was probably the best time in PE I had ever. At this time we were able to lay down at our beds ... anyone remembers? This apartment saw a few discussions and decidings wich stamped my career. The leader bord of HU was there to drag me into HU. It was at least the HQ for Team Germany at WoF 2007 ;-) (Can't find the old picture ... but I was wearing an Urban Nomad Black Jumper, a Silk Line Scarlet Desire Miniskirt and Foxy High Stiletto Boots colored with Deep Cadmium by Mrs Zap. Black-Red-Gold ... the colors of the German flag even.) I had the beach close to my apartment, a TP close as well and could hit "T" to end up at New Oxford's Service Station within a minute. And I was an inhabitant of the "Cultural City" of Calypso! We had this exhibition of colonist art ... Simon from MA placed all the pictures too high at walls ;-) When this ship was introduced there was a PvP zone around it. Akoz won his Killing Spree No. 1 ATH there (267). But all in all: unbelievable comfort! Above was Ido's 5G with an exhibition of his drawing art. I was always jealeous because an G-apartment offered much more space. Finally I was able to buy a G-apartment at Sakura from Pirx Danford - an old friend.

    Well, Rick came back later and I was happy to be able to give him back some of his old clothes (that bllody noob had repaired them all to 100% ... wich was a waste at this time) and later his apartment too. To make a long story short: I got Ido's 5G at Bilton #3 one day. That was the point to start my picture exhibition "Women & Blades". But hey ... no one was really interested in. So I sold everything. Than Akoz won the auction for Medusa's Head. This was was the start of charpter two :- ) I will tell you next days about it.
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  16. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Loving all the memories Jamira - stuff like this is hard to put a price on ;-)
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  17. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Me too ;-)

    The Medusa's Head apartments were bugged for a long time. Several bugs ... all in all more than two years if I remember right. The biggest bug stll lingers on: The apartments look to east. It was impressive like hell to enjoy sunrises there sitting relaxed in a Supreme Relaxo Groove Chair ... unbeatable! But MA messed up with the sunrises. They are in east-south-east now. And the daytime was shortened dramatically. So you can enjoy your sunrise for a few minutes only :-( Another major issue was the number of items one can drop there. 120 items only! That's way to low for such a large apartment (and was the reason to ask MA for explicit more items for the Monria apartments). I asked them if they could increase this number a bit. They told me: "Hey moron, you can buy 20 more itemes for 5k PED." (or was it 10k?). LOL! I paid 5k for the apartment itself already. Are they stupid? YES, they ARE stupid!

    All in all I had a good time at Medusa's Head. One of my most interesting visitors was this U.S. american guy who called his avatar "John Teacher Capital". To call myself "Teacher" allone is really silly, isn't it? ... ***roll eyes***

    During the years I met a lot of folks there. Some of them enjoyed it with me and some were astonished how one can put soo much money in a pretty useless place. Well, for me it wasn't useless. It was my home, sometimes my castle to hide ;-) Sometimes it was simply the place to enjoy the nice items I owned: clothes, blades, pictures ... (far far in the past I had a functional shower cabin. When I bought it for my Bilton apartment I paid something like tt+500 PED for it. And they didn't fix it since more than 4 or 5 years meanwhile! I am afraid I threw it to TT ...)

    Akoz offers still other apartments at Medusa's Head at his shop keeper for 4k PED. That's not realistic. Probably he is waiting for rich stoopid noopz ... dunno ... My one went away for ~1.1k ... I am really sad about it. But well, that's how it goes.

    Next charpters were Arkadia and Next island. I will continue with the story during next days.
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  18. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    LOL yeah! I reread this thread ... stumbled about it because I was searching for another old thread. Hard to find old own threads here. Hint to admin: How can I find my old thread about a 3D-print of a Pitbull?

    Beside this ... I think it's worth to note history. I've learned that I'm not McCormicked during the last few months. I still love the good times I've had here. But I don't mourn about they are gone. MA decided to change the game to something I don't like anymore. Well, so be it. Lately I got my 3D-printer back from service. Now I can continue with my 1:50 scale Pitbull ... kinda 200 mm long vehicle model.

    I got ~5.5k Euro withdrawal meanwhile - wich satisfied my sister Kristin especially ;-) She put so much money into the game to own nice clothes ... ***roll eyes***.

    I cannot run this thread as announced above. The game is de-installed meanwhile. Kristin's comp gave up a while ago. So both of us don't have access to Entropia Universe anymore.

    But hey! That 8-years-experiance was a great time and shouldn't be forgotten. Or should it? Dunno ... I will work on that Piutbull-modell next weeks a bit. Hopefully Peter can give me a hint to the old thread about it ;-)
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  19. Sad to see you leave and one of the main reason I came over here was to read up on your 3d-printing projects. I have missed the updates. I hope that the pitbull project works out and please feel free to update us on it at anytime or link us to your blog. I was and still am very interested in your 3d-printing!!


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  20. ty

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