Planet Calypso: Account has been locked?

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by Bill Patton, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Been almost 3 months, they claim they're waiting on the banks...bloody insane...
  2. Hey i receive the same message "this account has been locked.."
    what shoud i do ?:argue:
    and where can I see why it is so ?
  3. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    As RAZER said before. Open a support case and try to call Gothenberg - not the support. You can't see the reason for the lock until MA ask you for details.
  4. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Being locked is a pain in the ass from what I have heard. There is no way to get more info and basically no way to fight it either. So send a support case asking whats going on and if that does not work call MA +46 (0)31 607 260. That number is not for support on accounts, but don't let them get rid of you to easy I guess.

    I suppose you did nothing wrong, right? Then this should be solved pretty soon.
  5. thanks Razer and Jamira, i've send message to support(i didnt try to call Gothenberg), im waiting for response, I've been passing my day reading ToU, trying to figure out what i did wrong, i mean my english is not perfect How I understund the ToU i found the definition says Locked Account (or “Account Lockdown”) means that the Account is temporarily not accessible due to Your own request. so im confuse, i never requested such a thing...I hope im not hacked and i can replay in the futur,.. i don't think I infrudge ToU or if I did i want to know how , thank you ! bye bye sorry for my bad english
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  6. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Well there are a lot of thing that might cause them to lock your account, let me name a few (not saying you did any of these).

    • Bought some item from someone doing credit card fraude
    • Bought an item from someone that scamed it from someone else
    • Bought PED from a none game source
    • Multiple accounts on 1 email address
    • Multiple accounts on 1 IP address
    • Trying to scam someone
    • Harassing someone
    So as you can see a lot of ways to get banned and some might not be your fault, especially the first 2 are not fun. Just to figure out what might have gone wrong, did you buy anything from other players in the days before your lock?
  7. yea i remember I bought 100sweat for 15PEC... and a guy gived me 3pets for free think it Can be this ?
  8. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Nah thats probably not it, sweat price seems OK and pets are give away all the time (I was given a few too). So I guess you just have to wait a while.

    In the mean time stick around here and try to learn about the game.
  9. Yup i will try to read the max i Can ... thx again for all your tips...
    I'll let you know when I receive news...i hope im not locked too long :locked:
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