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Discussion in 'Adopt a Newbie Foundation' started by Dalas, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    ~~~~ Adopt a Newbie Fund ~~~~

    The Adopt a Newbie Fund is a collection of donations from those good-hearted spirits out there in Entropia who are kind enough to give items for the good of the ANF newbies.

    These items are given out as Newbie Kits to newbies who have been successfully adopted for a week. As a new development, I will also be using these items as prizes for competitions/events that are arranged by the society overseers of the *Adopt a Newbie* Foundation society in-world to create more of a through-flow.

    If you want to support the ANF in this way, simply get in touch with me via PM or if you see me in-world just shout!

    Kindly donated to the fund so far:

    From individuals:

    Donated byDateItemQuantity Left/Handed out
    Shadowsong23.11.09Pixie Foot Guards (F)3/2
    Pixie Harness (M)6/4
    Pixie Harness (F)8/2
    Lykke TheNun23.11.09Pixie Foot Guards (M)4/2
    Pixie Harness (M)2/2
    Pixie Harness (F)2/0
    Pixie Shin Guards (M)4/2
    Pixie Shin Guards (F)5/1
    Pixie Face Guards (F)1/1
    Pixie Arm Guards (M)1/0
    Pixie Arm Guards (F)1/0
    Emik S30 (L)1/3
    23.02.10Goblin Foot Guards (F)2/0
    Goblin Face Guard (M)1/0
    Goblin Gloves (M)1/2
    Goblin Shin Guards (F)1/0
    Suu Left Miles10.01.10Pixie Gloves (F)3/0
    Pixie Gloves (M)1/0
    Pixie Harness (F)1/0
    Pixie Gloves (M)1/0
    Pixie Harness (F)3/0
    Pixie Shin Guards (F)2/1
    Pixie Foot Guards (F)1/0
    Pixie Foot Guards (F)1/0
    Goblin Foot Guards (M)2/1
    21.03.10Pixie Face Guard (M)1/1
    Pixie Face Guard (F)1/1
    Pixie Face Guard (M)1/1
    Pixie Arm Guards (F)2/0
    Pixie Gloves (F)1/0
    Atlan Ion Leticron15.01.10Pixie Harness (M)1/1
    Pixie Harness (F)1/0
    Goblin Shin Guards (M)1/1
    Gnome Shin Guards (M)1/1
    Luke Dalas Cambridge24.02.10Pixie Harness (M)5/1
    Pixie Harness (F)4/0
    Pixie Arm Guards (F)1/1
    Pixie Shin Guards (M)1/1
    Pixie Shin Guards (F)1/0
    Pixie Face Guard (M)4/4
    Pixie Gloves (F)1/1
    Goblin Arm Guards (M)2/2
    Goblin Arm Guards (F)1/0
    Goblin Gloves (M)3/0
    Goblin Foot Guards (M)1/0
    Omegaton Survey Probe200/0
    Zaney Zero Money25.02.10Pixie Arm Guards (M)1/0
    Goblin Foot Guards (M)1/0
    Pixie Arm Guards (F)1/0
    Goblin Thigh Guards (F)1/0
    27.07.11Herman ARK-10 (L)1/0
    Colonizer Face Guard (M, L)2/0
    Colonizer Thigh Guard (M, L)1/0
    Colonizer Thigh Guard (F, L)1/0
    Infernal Trident2/0
    Calypso Candy Cane1/0
    Heart-shaped Pillow1/0
    Basic Structure Blueprint1/0
    Midastree Texture Blueprint1/0
    Witchiness Freja Braveheart19.01.11Pixie Shin Guards (M)1/0
    Udia KillerDawg Xiuhcoatl22.01.11Pixie Face Guard (M)1/0
    Pixie Harness (M)1/0
    Pixie Gloves (M)1/0
    Pixie Shin Guards (M)6/0
    Pixie Shin Guards (F)1/0
    Mark Rufen Power24.01.11Pixie Shin Guard (M)10/0
    Goblin Shin Guards (M)1/0
    Geronimo Roni Last06.03.10Pixie Face Guard (M)2/0
    Pixie Face Guard (F)2/0
    Pixie Arm Guards (M)2/2
    Pixie Arm Guards (F)3/0
    Pixie Shin Guards (M)1/1
    Pixie Foot Guards (F)1/1
    Basic Pattern Shirt (M)1/0
    Basic Pattern Pants(M)1/0
    16.03.10Pixie Harness (F)2/0
    Pixie Foot Guard (F)1/0
    10.04.10Pixie Foot Guard (F)2/0
    05.08.10Pixie Arm Guards (F)1/0
    Pixie Arm Guards (M)1/0
    Omegaton Survey Probe200/0
    Energy Refiner ER1001/0
    22.08.10Pixie Face Guard (M)1/2
    Pixie Face Guard (F)3/0
    Pixie Arm Guard (M)3/1
    Pixie Arm Guard (F)3/0
    Juniper Jaywalker Jones15.03.10Pixie Shin Guard (M)4/0
    Pixie Shin Guard (F)4/0
    Emik S30 (L)3/4
    Michiel Twister Vandemalle19.03.10Isis CB5 (L)6/3
    Morgoth Morgotti Morthond19.03.10Isis CB5 (L)2/0
    Aboo The Fish Musacaar27.03.10Pixie Arm Guards (M)1/0
    Pixie Shin Guard (M)1/0
    Noodles NightOwl O'Shea31.03.10Emik S30 (L)3/0
    Emil The SkilledOne31.03.10Pixie Face Guard (M)1/0
    Pixie Face Guard (F)1/0
    Pixie Arm Guards (F)1/0
    Igor DoublePity Arris28.06.10Pixie Arm Guard (F)1/0
    Goblin Shin Guards (M)1/0
    Bruno SoulReaver Silva07.06.10Pixie Harness (M)1/0
    Pixie Foot Guards (M)1/0
    Pixie Shin Guards (F)1/0
    Wolf tamlin 471108.06.10Emik S30 (L)1/0
    Fred Paco Iglesias11.06.10Emik S30 (L)1/0
    Pixie Harness (F)1/0
    Pixie Shin Guards (F)1/0
    Pixie Foot Guards (F)2/0
    27.06.10Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-51/0
    Sorrowraider Wild Slaveringflame17.06.10Goblin Thigh Guards (M)1/0
    Dinah Blaze Arris28.06.10Pixie Arm Guards (F)1/0
    Pixie Harness (F)1/0
    Goblin Gloves (F)1/0
    Emik S30 (L)1/0
    Penny Dreadful11.09.10Vivo T12/0
    Fenlena Lena McLaughlin05.10.10Pixie Face Guard (F)1/0
    Pixie Arm Guards (F)1/0
    Pixie Harness (F)1/0
    Pixie Thigh Guard (F)1/0
    Pixie Shin Guard (F)1/0
    Pixie Gloves (F)1/0
    Pixie Foot Guards (F)1/0
    Jaded Jarocka Jaundice18.09.10Pixie Face Guard (F)1/0
    Pixie Arm Guards (F)1/0
    Pixie Harness (F)1/0
    Pixie Shin Guard (F)1/0
    Pixie Gloves (F)1/0

    From groups:

    Donated byDateItemQuantity Left/Handed out
    -TAO-24.10.10Vivo T14/0
    20.11.10Vivo T16/0
    Dinah & Igor Arris08.11.10Pixie Harness (F)1/0
    Pixie Shin Guards (M)1/0
    Emik S30 (L)6/0
    Isis CB5 (L)3/0
    Ouroboros15.11.10Vivo T12/0
    Isis CB5 (L)6/0
    Emik S30 (L)2/0

    All interaction with the Fund will be updated in ^THESE^ tables.
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  2. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Got my first donation from Zaney Zero Money who heard in-world that I got this role in ANF! I know he doesn't read the forums much, but in case he reads this, thanks!

    His words give hope: "By the way, I still don't deposit. So any noob can be successful with the help of others."
  3. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Hey Dalas :) what a lot of nice stuff :D

    Awesome work !
  4. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Three Kits given to Narfi tonight. The kits are:

    Pixie Harness
    Pixie Arm Guards
    Pixie Foot Guards
    Pixie Shin Guards
    Isis CB5 (L) OR Emik S30 (L)
    Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-5

    Two Male kits and one female kit were given, two CB5's and one Emik S30.

    Good fortune to those inheriting them and thanks Narfi for adopting them!
  5. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    New donations from Geronimo Roni Last!

    Many thanks not only for this, but for his support of the EP forum (he described himself as an "Entropia Planets enthusiast") and ANF too!

    Roni even took the chance to direct a newbie in my direction at Swamp Camp. I have a feeling his interaction with this Foundation won't stop there! This action spoke louder than any positive words that could've been given.

    So thanks for everything Roni!
  6. Hi Dalas,

    Came to look at this thread, as directed. Will meet you in-game to make a donation soon.

    May I make a suggestion or two?

    a) The TT vivo is a whole lot more eco than Fap-5. And any other Vivo would not be suitable for newbies, due to their low skills. Any chance that other donated Faps could be traded in for TT vivos? Or would that be too much trouble? In any case, hopefully some kind ppl will se fit to donate a used TT vivo or two, which would really be ideal.

    b) Any chance that armour pieces can be fully repaired before being handed out? I do realise that this might not be really feasible, due to costs; but as we all know, UL armour does not offer full protection, nor best eco, if it isn't fully repaired. But it's kinda hard to offer that advice to a penniless newbie.

    In any case, you are doing a great job here. Much kudos to you!

    jay :)
  7. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Hey jay, in response to your points:

    a) Definitely. I will actually aim somehow to change the FAPs into Vivos. Any advice on how to do it would be appreciated. I'm sure I'll work something out. Vivos are more welcome than FAPs, but I'm trying not to be too fussy. In reality, who has more than one Vivo T1? Not half as many as have FAPs laying around I'm certain.

    b) Fully repairing armour, interesting idea. I'm half skeptical about that since I guess it provides a certain challenge for the newbie to get it repaired. Although I've donated a bunch of items to the Fund myself, I don't have the economy to use on all those armour pieces (seriously, you should see my Storage :D).

    Again it fits with the whole "donation" thing. You donate what you have laying around, and if that happens to be broken Pixie then so be it I guess? Interesting thoughts, and this is by no means my definitive answer, just my initial thoughts. I will mull over them some more now :)
  8. narfi

    narfi Lost

    For the ANF recruits that I have handed kits to, I have recommended they sell the fap-5 and buy a vivo T1 with the ped. A couple of them had already purchased a vivo T1 at my recommendation earlier in the week, so then I recommended they use the ped from the fap sale to keep their vivo repaired.

    (of course I feel that once a gift is given its theirs to do what they want with, but I can still offer recommendations, since I want them to be able to play as wisely as possible and enjoy the game)

  9. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    New donation received from Juniper Jaywalker Jones!
    Many thanks for the Pixie Shins. Even more thanks for the Small Storage Box also not listed but much appreciated!

    Jaywalker has also signed the soc -TAO- up as an Adopting soc, I look forward to much future collaboration resulting in more happy and successful newbies :)

    My Storage has suffered a major overload since taking over the Fund! I will work to streamline it ASAP!



    PS. While chatting, we decided that perhaps TTing all FAPs donated and buying Vivo T1s (damaged ones?) might be a nice plan to give the newbies something useful. Will make sure with the Donators first.
  10. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Even more donations from Geronimo Roni Last!

    This time after noticing and agreeing with the shift towards Vivos instead of FAPs. Thanks for keeping up with the developments here Roni and your input is as always appreciated.
  11. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Two new donations in from socmates of mine:

    Michiel Twister Vandemalle and
    Morgoth Morgotti Morthond.

    Some nice and helpful stuff there guys, thanks! Looks like we're gonna have a lot of BLP newbies! And our first Melee donations, exciting stuff! Looking forward to seeing the MiniMorgotti's running around Swamp Camp :)
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  12. I now have a bunchof s30s and a cb5 for the fund. Will look out for you in-game, dalas. And my socmates are gonna save their used T1s, but need time to use em first
    jay :)
  13. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Ooh, thanks for these new donations Jay!

    Table updated with 7 S30's and a CB5 :)

    Looking forward to the T1s too :D
  14. yw :)

    better mention, you put the cb5 down twice over. don't want you having a seizure over the missing cb5, sometime in the future.

    you know what you need? A Lykke chest lol, but i'm a bit too poor to donate one of those!

    jay :)
  15. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    What the...

    I did have some loading problem while updating the Table but when it finally sorted itself out it looked fine. Now when I try to edit it, it still shows only one CB5 entry, but when I click Save to confirm, the table still shows 2 :O


    Oh and of course I want a Lykke Chest if only for the name! I'm doing a bit better now I am using my Apartment and Resettlement Storage Container (that thing is huge!), but maybe if I HoF I'll splash out enough for one of those Chests.. Not likely to happen considering how much time I spend chatting! :D
  16. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Can I just say, that the Lykke chest is awesome :D It can store 80 items! And it looks great too...

    Anyway, if I could afford it I would give you one ... but unfortunately ...

    But Lavawalker sells them here


    ON a site note - to help out I have an empty appartment standing around. It used to be the Church but after VU all the furnitures etc. was placed in boxes and tbh I haven't put anything back again.

    It can be used as a school and a storage, if you like. You can have your stuff in boxes in there ...

    I will hand you over the deed for as long as this project runs and you run with it ;) - well maybe even longer, let's see ...

    The location is sakura city!

    Is that an idea?
  17. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer


    Sounds like a good idea though, your Apartment. I could use it for items I have a lot of, like Pixie parts which I'm overloaded with!

    Let's do it.
  18. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    A new donation from Aboo The Fish Musacaar! The Superior Laser Sniper himself (hope that's correct :D).

    Thanks a lot for the support and interest you've shown in the ANF and congrats on the luck that prompted you to make this donation :)
  19. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    This is insane! I have revealed that the limit for tables in this forum is 99 entries, and have therefore had to create a new table underneath the original one because anything after 99 entries doesn't show up in the original!

    It just goes to show the great support we've had with donations! Imagine what my Storage looks like :O

    Thank you all!


    Also, another Newbie Kit was given out today to Dave Neuromancer, for John Triple XXX who was adopted by Brainstormers 10 days ago. This kit was the best yet, due to my literal Storage overload (I just wanted to get as much out there as possible :D):

    • Full Pixie (M) set
    • Vivo T1
    • Isis CB5 (L)
    Thanks to Dave, Lost Renegades and John for being a part of the *Adopt a Newbie* Foundation :cheer:
  20. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    oh I just saw this now :) Sure, next time I'm in game you can go with me and we can make the arrangements!
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