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Discussion in 'Adopt a Newbie Foundation' started by Lykke TheNun, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. well, one stupid idea i got during the guiding lately, was that it would be great if you would have some kind of chat, best ingame, you could join anytime and it had some people who can answer you (in our case the guides that is)

    without the need to change socs or especially to sign up in forums
    more some kind of insta help
    as I said, i think people want insta action, but especially for those who stay there may be some kind of "uhm, what next and how" phase
    a chat would help there

    if you had enough ppl in there you may even manage to have it there 24/7

    would be a matter of advertising then

    about advertising, that is hard
    i know that i barely watch the ingame ads (ok, i admit it, i didnt watch any since 4 months at least) and i doubt too many newbies do it

    it is pretty troublesome to give every newbie info which they actually want to hear
    most want to "get gunz and start earning moneyzz right away", not some stupid chat about how to sweat or even eco :D

    so reaching the newbies may be troublesome, at least reaching them in a way they keep in mind
    in swamp camp you had the word of mouth likely, but the actual newbie spawns, thats gonna be hard (the guides arent there 24/7 either way, can't be anyway)
  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Sounds like a good idea, Alice, and perhaps something we can accomodate to.
  3. Shadowsong

    Shadowsong Collateral Damage

    Pretty much the heart of the matter right there. The guys have just downloaded a massive client, tweaked an avatar and finally logged in.. the last thing they want to hear is "log out and go to ...... "

    Some method to intercept their attention while they are downloading, and get them pre-prepared to meet someone as they step off the AZ, would go a long way to allowing experienced players to help with the immediate first steps as well as getting the new players right into the game within their first session.
  4. i had a remark like that from a newbie i asked who said he informed himself while he was downloading
    something like that has been in my notes already which i published in the guide forum to read by the guides as well as from Simon

    so it may be possible to get something like that going (big may tho, but it will come to my notes), maybe to show some links during the downloads MA/FPC has on their site anyway
    if they had a "newcomer welcome help chat" there it could get quite some ppl into that one
  5. Shadowsong

    Shadowsong Collateral Damage

    Oh, right, I get you now.. so they can have a live chat with a guide while downloading and setting up.... it would be superb, I agree.
  6. nah, not just guide

    from what i know the guide program is temporarily, at least the one with the players involved
    although that was the start of the idea, if you would have a couple more ppl into that one it could cover the timezone better

    in the end, a society is basically a common planet wide chat you share, not that much more, unless you own land ofc :P

    and if you had something pop up like "join the newcomer welcome and help chat here(link)" during the start of the download or the installation would be intersting

    you would just need a couple of people who log in there and check it regulary while playing EU
    but i think that could speed many things up and improve a lot
    if the guy has questions, he can go there
    if hes stuck you could have a connection to the calypso rescue team if not a member of them is in the chat already
    and so on and so on

    several people are reluctant with forums tho, so something with signing up wont work that well i think
  7. Atlan Leticron

    Atlan Leticron Postmoderna pixel pusher

    Sounds as a good plan, and I would log into that chat when I get ingame.

    However, who will be able to log in as a help?
    Will people be screened or need sertain skills, time ingame?

    I already see big problems if just anyone could log into that.

  8. Shadowsong

    Shadowsong Collateral Damage

    I wonder if the messaging system could be tied to a terminal somehow. Players could volunteer to be "active" on the terminal, and when the terminal is used, it displays a list of available volunteers who can be PM'd from the terminal for direct communication.

    At the volunteer end, there would be some mechanism to activate your availability on the terminal list so you don't get pinged at inconvenient times. The times that volunteers are available should be recorded, and their interractions audited by MA/FPC to reduce the risk of malicious participation.

    Volunteers should also be rewarded to encourage participation, along similar lines to ME gifts, obviously with different performance criteria such as time available, number of interractions and possibly a rating system based on new player feedback.

    Short of MA/FPC building such a system our next best option is to build an external analog of that environment. Possibly even look at how Xfire can be used as well, although I'm not keen on that direction.
  9. Atlan Leticron

    Atlan Leticron Postmoderna pixel pusher

    That sounds as a usefull plan except the bold part.
    Giving rewards opens the system up for abuse, like we had with the farming mentors, and a rating system is risky too.

    I had newcomers before: newb: I wants a free gunz, me: sorry I dont give items, only advice, newb: f*ck you idiotzz.
    and badabing badaboem you have a negative rating.

    But the idea of a help terminal where players can log in sounds usefull.

  10. it does, but that starts to get too far concerning the thread topic :P
    my suggestion was basically to have a substitute for a soc

    and yes, people should be checked before joining

    i dont think MA gonna implement something, and some kind of help booths was in my notes already i think
  11. Stave

    Stave Guest

    unless the terminal is linked into the chat that the people who are downloading get access to im not that into the idea.

    But im all for a chat room for people who are downloading, mentors and people from such services as crt and eta can enter.

    I think this should be clearly accessable from the download page and the page you see after signing up, possiblly the welcome email as well. As well as a link to it in their email.

    As well as this i beleve it should be incourprated into the part of the website they have thats full of links to services and forums.

    I feel if they brought in the chat i would most likely stay in it while i play.

    As for moderating the chat, i think the extended guides + simon & emma should have those abilitys so it doesnt get abused.

    This would easily go hand in hand with standing around at naz.

    Weather or not the guide program continues forever. the oeople that are part of it will no doubt continue their work regardless.
  12. I'd like to point out that even though its extremely rare, that sometimes newcomers connect to the IRC channel and we tend to give them help on how to get started unless we see its someone goofing off:nana:
  13. Sweet ideas, like Alice and Ion mentioned we were working on a mentoring db 'matchmaking' program but it never took flight for several reasons but I think it all came down to security problems. Considering that EU deals with money, many players create second avatars to enter newbie events, scam mentors, etc and I suppose such a program would need to operate under a "At your own Risk" Terms of Use. Another thing is how would a mentor be selected, based on skill, time in Eu, etc? Where do you draw the line between selectivity and discrimination. But it seems you have a similar but different idea (society based matching), it could work quite well unless a newbie wants to freelance and not become involved in a society right off the bat, at that point how would you offer support?

    A program like that would either have to be supported by MA or it would be open to abuse unfortunately (not necessarily by its creators but the participants), especially if you introduce some sort of reward system.
  14. Something like this maybe ? Put link on website and your set


    Just push ENTER .... save simple secure

    Oh and for the ppl that don'tknow me . http://www.planetcalypso.com/guides/ Look for Faye :-)
  15. ummm.... i do have a question here... this is basically what Lucky Seven had going that everyone got pissed about... (granted he had limited interaction with the noob himself) but the Soc was all new players that had roughly the same skill level and could easily band together and go opalo molisk to death (lucky little bastards for a 3k molisk before and i cant even global solo)

    so now what is better... a single noob in a Soc of ubers that would rather go kill dasp or a large group of lower level players that can all band together and tackle "big" mobs (molisk/big exos) but have access to information via Soc chat while were out getting eaten by atrox
  16. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Hey :) as you see from the link here, the one you mention Lucky Seven is running, is much like SoL (School of Lootius) I was running some years back.

    No, it wasn't a sucess, and I often wonder why! My guess is, there's still a need of having skilled players around (in the soc) - because yes, you can go opalo hunting - but whre's the knowledge coming from?

    The problem was to find skilled enough players to run the society - and preferly more than one. The whole point was, that they could fly from the nest when they where ready enough - which also means, the leader should be aware of this and take in new newbies regulary.

    If there would not be a steady leader in the society, the changing of soc leaders all the time would create a mess and a lot of people would get frustrated by having a society with no strict guideline etc.).

    Anyway, I thought about either starting up School of Lootius again - but here we have the problem of collecting 3-5 skilled players who do not mind leaving the society they are in now or making the adopt a newbie-plan! Another problem we had in SoL back in time was to collect the newbies for this society. I tried to advertice for School of Lootius back then - but was called a farmer lol :D even though I would not have become their mentor :) Fun part is, I was called a farmer and nearly a scammer by other people, screaming around their services of mentoring newbies and plucking them directly from the entrence to the game!

    With the new idea you asure that the societies the newbies joins (ONLY for a limited period of time) are active societies where they hopefully can learn a lot. Of course there are no garanties - but I do believe it would be an easier way to integrate newbies in EU and keep them in game!

    And last but not least, I know a lot of people who still enjoys opalo hunting - especially in these times. And who says only 'uber' society can adopt a newbie?


  17. the more skilled players would take all the noobs out on an allo hunt on friday nights... usually... i have a bad habint of having things come up so i would tell them to keep going without me... and would train anyoen in my group (ill admit very badly) to lead a molisk murder spree

    we have 2 socs... academy and gamblers... when you hit 75k skills you graduated form academy to gamblers (and was given vent info) so we had an entire Soc of people that we trained that were willing to help atleast a littel

    we had one... we had Vinnie... then below him were me, dee, and a few others... the noobs would also take over leadership a littel as they got more skills
  18. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    I wasn't saying I doubted yours work. But ours didn't - unfortunately. Now we're trying to find other ways to keep the newbies in game - I would say there's room for both ideas, with all the new people coming in game when the planets release :D

  19. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!


    The advertising Thread. I don't know how much agility you start out with in game and what max agility to join the programe would be reasonable? Some of you might know better :)

    Dear Newbie
    You might be new to Entropia Universe. There are so much to explore and so much to learn. A lot of new people too and it might be difficult to get to know anyone or to know who you can trust as friends and who not. Where to begin ...?

    We will help you through the new *Adopt a Newbie* Foundation.

    Hopefully you will benefit from this - being a member of a society with friendly, helpful people who can guide you around in the game and teach you the basics and show you how great it is to be a member of Entropia's community!

    1. After signing on our list, a society might adopt you for a limited period of 4 weeks.
    2. The agreement will be written from here and signed by the soc leader of the society which adopts you.
    3. You agree not to scam the society and its members in any way.
    4. The *Adopt a Newbie* Foundation will hand you over a start gift when 1 week of the agreement is ended.
    5. The *Adopt a Newbie* Foundation will keep in touch with the society to hear how things are going.
    6. The society is allowed to kick you from society if you do not follow the rules in the society or because of unacceptable behavior - and the society leader will have to inform the *Adopt a Newbie* Foundation about this - and your name will be deleted from the *Newbies to adopt* list.
    7. you can only be adopted once through the *Adopt a Newbie* Foundation.
    8. To sign up on our list you have to fill the form shown under this.
    9. You need to have less than x agility and to be a freelancher to be signed up on the list.
    10. The *Adopt a Newbie* Foundation cannot promise you to be adopted and are not held responsible for your further jurney in a society or in the game.
    11. You have to inform the *Adopt a Newbie* Foundation if your social status or agility skills change, or if you wish to be deleted from the *Newbies to be adopted* list from other reasons.
    As a welcome to a society, you will be handed over a list of guidelines where you can find useful links and help within the awesome people and organisations in this community.

    We welcome you :)


    Sign up for the Newbies to Adopt list!

    In game name:
    In game gender:

    Real life location:
    Real life gender:
    Real life age:

    Join date:


    Personal advantages (keywords about your personality):
    What do you seek for in the community/society:

    What kind of help are you hoping to get:

    What are your own contributions to make this happen:

  20. Atlan Leticron

    Atlan Leticron Postmoderna pixel pusher

    Looks good.

    Is it a idea to ask for there age too?

    I alway's did that with disciples, you have a idea on what thinking level they are.

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