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Discussion in 'Adopt a Newbie Foundation' started by Dalas, May 20, 2010.

  1. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Hi guys!

    This idea has been in the pipeline for a few months now and finally I'm proud to present to you...

    The *Adopt a Newbie* Foundation's own Newbie Society!

    The idea is that newbies who have successfully applied for ANF and been added to the list are able (but not forced) to join this society while waiting to be adopted. We have observed that some newbies who make it to the list and aren't adopted very shortly afterwards, often stray away from Entropia and sometimes don't come back. Having a society should keep them active for the necessary time for them to become adopted. If not, at least they'll have a society until they find their own!

    The name of the society is simply *Adopt a Newbie* Foundation so if you see any of those guys in-world, say hi and be kind!

    There are three overseers in this society:

    Daoxin Littlesamourai LeZen - Society Founder and Overseer.
    bananamoon mickey mouse - Society Overseer and Advisor.
    lours lours barbarian - Society Overseer and Advisor.

    All of whom are friends of mine and have taken the role of maintaining the newbie society. Their role will be to ensure the newbies are informed where necessary and hold them together as a group, perhaps by organising small events such as TP runs when things get rolling. The fact that a society is in place will mean that the newbies can chat among themselves and learn from each other, so the overseers won't have such an intensive job (or so we hope!).

    Newbies! To apply for the society:

    1. Find and use a Society Terminal. They can be located in almost any ShopContainer where you would find an Auctioneer, Trade Terminal, Storage, Repair Terminal and Manufacturing Terminals.

    2. Search for "*Adopt a Newbie*" and you will find the society.

    3. Put in an Application to join the society, making sure you mention my name, Dalas.

    4. Wait for one of the society overseers to accept you.

    5. Enjoy your new company!

    Our good friend Tass has made us a nice picture-tutorial on how to do this here: http://www.entropiaplanets.com/wiki/Joining_a_Society#How_to_apply_for_membership_in_a_Society

    If you have any questions, please ask!

    Let's wish these guys all the best with their new duty, and happy times with the newbies!

    Thanks guys :grouphug:
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Really nice! I hope it goes well and makes ANF even more successful than it already is. Best of luck,
  3. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Great initiative :) Best of luck with it. Let us know if we can do anything to support you guys more or better.
  4. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    It's awesome you pull this off :bowdown: I'm looking forward to see the soc and foundation develope and grow! Best of luck with it :thumbup:
  5. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Original post edited to include instructions for newbies to join. Previously I was PMing them to groups of newbies who joined on the list, but now I can link them to this thread :)
  6. I've have signed myself up ingame!
  7. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Great stuff there Mike! That's nice to see :) I hope you enjoy your time there.

    Remember it's a growing society so you will most likely play a part in keeping the other newbies interested and active.

    Keep having fun and keep going.

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  8. Mandi

    Mandi Guest

    what a great idea! ill def try to join as soon as i get the game working :)
  9. Well coming from a noobie, this is a great idea! I'll apply as soon as I log back on :)
  10. Sent in my application, hope to hear back from ya'll!
  11. Not quite sure if I'm blind or what. But the society doesn't show up for me on the Society Terminal.
  12. adopt a newbie

    works for me. You try reloging?

    For anyone who is still waiting to be adopt, you should join these guys! They are a great group of fun people to be around
  13. I just relogged and there's no difference. It jumps from Adjusted Freelancers to Advanced FR. Nothing inbetween.
  14. have you type "adopt a newbie " into the search input box? it should pull it up as the only result.
  15. Doesn't allow me to enter a search option. Only a first letter. Though I may be mistaken.
  16. That’s vary odd, you try switching Society Terminals? I am using the one in Port Atlantis social building.

    Sorry if it does not work out, I have no idea what else could be causing the issue. Only other think I can think of is reinstalling if you cant enter it in like the pic below.

  17. I'm at Nea's right now. But from the looks of it I do not have that search option, nor do I have three of the options at the bottom. Is there a difference between terminals?
  18. Not that I know of, they all look the same to me. Some of the buttons I have under Society actions are from me being in a Soc, so you might not have some of them. Everything else should be the same. Sounding more like a client issue.
  19. I went to Port Atlantis, the search option showed up on that terminal, but I didn't see it on Nea's..
  20. application sent! :)
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