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  1. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Hey guys,

    As the *Adopt a Newbie* Foundation becomes more busy, it will get harder to keep track of everyone involved. We already have the Newbie List and a Society Concept Thread explaining the ideas Lykke had at the beginning about how it would work; both are great!

    However, I think it would be a nice idea to start a Society List to match the Newbie List to make it easier to keep tabs on just who is involved here. I encourage soc leaders to take a look at their own soc's entry and to inform me of any changes or updates I should add due to either mistake or lack of knowledge.

    Of course, if your soc doesn't appear here and you are invovled, please let me know so I can keep it up to date.

    Firstly, the terms for Societies:

    Agreement (Rules of Conduct) for Societies:

    • Societies wishing to collaborate with ANF should apply in this thread with the details for the table below.
    • These rules should be viewed, discussed and accepted by the authoritative figures within the Society before the Society applies here.
    • It is not necessary only for Society Leaders to be Correspondents, it can be any internally agreed member of the Society, and it is free to change Correspondents any time (just let me know).
    • It is important that I have Correspondents on my Friend List, and they have me on theirs, for communication purposes. We should both try to keep contact with each other (just give me a poke if necessary).
    • The aim of ANF is to help, so Societies should be willing to help the newbies they adopt with any questions or problems (within reason).
    • To Adopt a Newbie, simply PM me (Dalas) with a request including the name of the newbie. There is no specific layout or wording recommendation for these PMs, you can simply ask.
    • I will PM the Correspondent once their Newbie has signed the Contract and give the go-ahead for the Adoption to begin.
    • An adoption will typically last 4 weeks. The Society is responsible for controlling this and free either to keep the Newbie or let them go after this period.
    • Contracts will be sent both to the Newbie and the Correspondent here in EP Forum. Since the Society has already accepted these Terms, it is NOT necessary for Correspondents to reply to the Contracts. They are sent purely for the Society's records.
    • Upon completion of 1 (one) week of adoption, each Newbie is entitled to a free Newbie Kit. This is the responsibility of the Correspondent to organise. This can be done by PMing me (Dalas) here in Entropia Planets Forum or in-world.
    • The Society is allowed to kick a Newbie if they do not follow the rules in the Society or because of unacceptable behavior - and the Society Correspondent will have to inform the *Adopt a Newbie* Foundation about this - The Newbie's name will then be deleted from the Newbie List.
    • You may adopt as many Newbies as you like at any one time. The number you give in the Society List is just a guideline.
    • I will try to keep Correspondents informed via a PMed Newsletter here in EP Forum, but cannot guarantee its regularity.
    • I may ask an applicant to meet up in-world if I am not familiar with their Society yet, in order to get to know a bit more about them and their EU-ethos. This is to ensure that the high quality of care already present in ANF remains and that Newbies may feel confident with any Society which may want to adopt them.
    It is important for Societies to make informed decisions, so it is recommended that Societies read not only the Newbie List, but also the application filled in by the newbie they wish to adopt and even check on other posts the newbie has made in order to get the best impression possible of this newbie.

    We welcome you!


    Sign up for the ANF Society list!

    Copy and paste the points below and post the form in this thread with your information. I (Dalas) will reply in this thread with more details on how we can progress. When a Society is successfully entered into the Society List, they are free to begin browsing for Newbies and PMing me with Adoption requests.


    The Form - Copy ONLY this and post your personal answers as a reply in this thread.

    Society name:

    Correspondent Avatar name:


    Ideal number of Newbies:

    What we are looking for in our Newbies:

    Society Website (if applicable):

    Some useful links for Society Leaders:

    Here is the Table:

    The List

    SocietyCorrespondentZone# of NewbiesLooking For...
    Lost RenegadesNarfiNorth America4-6Age over 18.
    Death UnlimitedDalasEurope2 - 3Fitting personality.
    Die TemplerbistlEurope (Germany)Max 12/week (hehe)German speakers.
    Candu CorpPeter CanduNorth America (EST)1 - 2"...honesty and integrity, at all cost."
    -TAO-Juniper Jaywalker JonesAll over!Max 4?"..mature attitude and a willingness to do some of their own research! Must be willing to accept the term "noob" as a sign of affection, not an insult!" NOTE: Newbie must accept a soc member as a Mentor.
    SynergenUr Worst NightmareAll time zones?"We will accept any level players over the age of 18. Experience, motivation, dedication is always welcome and it doesn't hurt to have a good size PED card. :)"
    Union of Calypso John FreeLancer SmithMA+24"Good person, over 18, decent, willing to learn from soc members, team-player."

    Society|Correspondent|Zone|# of Newbies|Looking For
    Brainstormers|Dave Neuromancer|Any|3 - 4|"mature, English speaking, long term/slow burn miners preferred"
    SPU|Kosh|All over|2 - 3|Adult, self-sufficient, English speakers.
    Irken Invaders|Foeburner|All over|2-3|"We are looking for anyone who likes being social, and speaks OK English."
    Full Metal Inc.|Kahr|All over|3|"+18. Being independent and self sufficient are a huge plus. And the most important, be happy."
    -=Gods of Chaos=-|Coffeeman|North America/Canada|1 for now|"Adult players who don't mind bad (and often inappropriate) humor, and are not looking to scam/beg. We're primarily english speaking and online evenings, North America times. People who understand that real-life trumps Entropia!"
    Chetara|Jay Carr|Anywhere|4-5|"...as long as they can type at least enough english to get by"
    Ouroboros|Penny Dreadful|Anywhere (mainly North America)|3|"We are an English-speaking society, but we don't expect perfect grammar and spelling "
    Interstellar Trade Corp.|Zelgais Greyworth|North America, looking to diversify|3+|"Positive attitudes towards our members and other new players, to have fun while you're playing"
    No Return|deppen|All over (mostly Europe)|2|"...interest of learning , get as many as possible teleporters, ofcourse we gladly help, in team or solo, i still see its one of the 1st a newbie should do get the teleporters, its a great way to explore. "
    Soaring Eagles|Emma Abbadon|Europe (late), US (early evening)|2 - 3|"18 and over, self sufficiency, a willingness to ask and answer questions about the game, the desire to treat others with respect and a sense of fun and adventure."
    Candu Corp|Peter Candu|North America (EST)|1 - 2|"...honesty and integrity, at all cost."
    Temporal Destinies|David Westmoreland|"...the states and europe as well as down under..."|10?|"...as long as you are active, work, listen and learn."
    The New Trust|Mr-Joey|Europe (Germany / Switzerland / Austria )|1 - 2|"mostly German speaking PPl. from all over the world, preferred European Timezone"
    AEU Regiment|Ur Worst Nightmare|All over|?|"English speaking, open minded and have a sense of humor (friendly harassment :D)."
    Odin's Valkyries|Saga valkyrie Friggsdottir|North America (mostly)|2-3 (at a time perhaps)|"Female avatars as it's a female only society (male rl playing female is ofc allowed). You should know and want to have fun and be silly sometimes. Oh and ofc no scammers or beggers (use common sense as always)"
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    My goal is to have 4-6 active recruits (unfortunately this usually means several additional inactive ones) at a time under Graduation skill level of the former mentor program in game.

    I am looking for recruits from North America over the age of 18. I think this will help with time zones and keep the conversations and expectations at a mature level.

    Lost Renegades Website

  3. Neuromancer

    Neuromancer Brainstormers Official Brain Glue

    Brainstormers profile:

    We celebrated our second anniversary as a soc in January. Most of the senior members have been in game for 3 years or more. We are a mining soc, usually ranked in the top 15. We also used to run beacon missions regularly, and everyone is waiting for them to be implemented again.

    The soc is evenly split between N American and European members, with 3 colonels in each area. Soc chat is English only.

    I guess our strong points are patience, knowledge, play as eco as possible, and a very positive game attitude.
  4. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Interesting idea; I've added hyperlinks to those socs who replied in the thread, linking to their posts directly from their name in the Table.

    So for example if you look at the table and click on Lost Renegades, you'll be directed to narfi's post (even though it is directly underneath :D). This will come in handy if we get quite a few posts here, to save trawling through them all to find more info.
  5. -TAO-

    (pronounced "dow" to rhyme with cow )

    Eclectic, friendly group of hunters , miners and crafters, spanning England/ Europe, North America/ Canada and a small, but enthusiatic Antipodean contingent (erm , the famous, one-and-only Tommy Ze-Tomb Raider, mostly. But we hope to expand in that region). Skills ranging from 0-140k. Ava's ages range from pre-gold to zero. Age of Soc: 5 years

    We hold regular TT hunts on saturdays at 23.00, and various other of-the-cuff hunts inbetween, some but not all of which are suitanle for newbies. We also do the occasional TP run, at need, but mostly just promote the excellent ETA tours, these days. We look forward to the return of beacon missions!

    We have maybe 3-4 active initiates atm. and would like to maintain a similar number.

    Looking for newbies with a mature attitude and a willingness to do some of their own research! (applications from more experienced avas also welcome, ofc). Must be willing to accept the term "noob" as a sign of affection, not an insult!

    Further info on the soc, including members' profiles can be found here:


    jay :)

    (soc "leader"/dogsbody)
  6. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Thanks jaywalker, great info and I'll get involved in that Forum. How many newbies do you envision -TAO- taking on, ideally, at a time?


    I edited the Table slightly, change Leader to Correspondent, meaning the person I am actually in contact with from that soc, who doesn't necessarily have to be the Leader.
  7. Alwyn

    Alwyn loves cake!

    NBK Army

    The NBK Army is a proud subsidiary society of the Natural Born Killers Community. We are one of eight NBK societies and our skill range is from 0-20k. However, several of our Colonels are more experienced, higher-skilled players who are solely in the soc to lead events and help the members of the society learn and progress to the next level. The society is multi-disciplined, so a love of hunting only is not required.

    Upon reaching 20k skills the player is then able to move up to NBK Squadron, where they will remain until reaching 60K skills. Further progression is then available.

    NBK Army is an extremely active society with people from all around the globe. We are ranked amongst the top 50 leaderboard for highest member count and our top soc is ranked amongst the top 50 leaderboard for most skilled. Group hunts and activities are readily available for those who want to participate and we have an active forum which all members from all eight societies have access to.

    We are looking for sensible, honest players over the age of 18 who are able to follow our society rules and who are self-sufficient. We are always accepting new recruits, so I look forward to seeing some new faces!

    For more information about the NBK Group of Societies see www.thenbk.eu. There is an application area of the forum for those who might wish to apply through that route.

    Kind Regards,
  8. Hi. I've been thinking about this and I really find it impossible to give a number, as it all depends on how active our newbies are, and whether they stick with us. I do want to keep a balance between experienced players and newbies in the Soc, so I would say a maximum of 4 adoptees at a time, but in practice it might well be less.

    jay :)
  9. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Alwyn: Thanks a lot for the detailed description! Have talked to you already about it so won't go into more detail here.


    Jay: Don't worry too much about it, it's just a general guideline, the number itself is nothing too important as long as it gives a general idea of whether you want small numbers (most socs) or don't mind (NBK). Thanks for the update though, you're very thorough! It's appreciated.
  10. Chi Unit

    About us:

    Chi Unit is a friendship society and has been around since 2005.
    Most of our members have a lot of RL, some have families with kids. We are dedicated players, but we are no hardcore gamers (well, some of us are at times). That means skills and money are not required for joining Chi Unit or having fun. We manage to have opalo hunters as well as 150k total-skills hunters (who also love the odd opalo hunt, lol) and miners working and playing together. We are able to craft hunting and mining gear for mid-lvl-players.

    Our members come from all around the world mostly European though, English is the soc language. We got a forum and a skype group where we organise hunts and chat regularly. (More info on that when joining.)

    Respect, fairness, friendliness and a huge dose of humor is what drives us. We know each other by name, not by rank. Together we try to reach our personal goals ingame, and have a good giggle doing so.

    Membership Guidlines:

    Be nice and friendly, always try to help.
    Be careful and thoughtful, don't get scammed! Respect others, no matter where they come from, or if they have language issues. Trust the seniors, they are here for quite some time and know what they say. The seniors are there to help out new players and guide and guard newbies!
    The most important of all: HAVE FUN!

    Spread around the chi-spirit!!!

    We are definitely taking 2 new guys and see how it's gonna work out :-) and maybe more in the 2nd run, depending how active we all are and how the time zones (mainly EU) work out.
    Age limit: 18 and above
  11. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Thanks a lot Suu!

    Talked to you in-world about this, so here I'll just say thanks again and we can hope you get those two newbies you asked for soon!
  12. SPU Profile

    For full information about SPU:
    SPU Thread

    We are looking to adopt 2-3 new players at the moment who are looking for a relaxed and friendly gaming atmosphere.
    Potential applicants should read the thread I linked above, and if it sounds right for them should get in touch with me.

  13. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Thanks a lot Kosh!

    You've been listed!

    Not having met any of your soc yet, I'd love to set up a little meeting with someone (you, perhaps?) in-world, just to have a little chat :) So when you have some time, just let me know and we'll put the world to rights.



    EDIT: After meeting Kosh at Ithaca, we had a pleasant chat and discovered how similar our socs are! Needless to say his fits perfectly with ANF. I joined their soc-forum too :) Welcome on board SPU!
    • Like Like x 1

    Members: Always members online at all times. Multi-National Society. Newbies - Mid Level Members. Available to Guide, Train, and Assist in your success.

    Activities: Many Society Events to include weekly Opalo Hunts and Regular Hunts, as well as TP Runs, and other fun Events.

    We are Mainly a Hunting Society with 2nd Professions in either Crafting or Mining.

  15. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Hey there Gionni, just wondering whether your post means that you're interested in joining the *Adopt a Newbie* Foundation or whether you just want new recruits (in which case your post doesn't belong in this thread I'm afraid :rolleyes:). If you do want to join as an Adopting society in ANF, I'd appreciate it if you posted the info relevant to the table found in my original post :)

  16. SirMixaLot

    SirMixaLot CaMo Flames

    *Adopt a Newbie* Society List: CaMo Flames & Industries

    Hey We are CaMo Flames & Industries!

    we are honest pbl and helpfull to newcomers.:clap:

    we're all over calypso cept for cp= Crystal Palace atm!:jump:
    we accept adoptions!:cheer:
    just ask 1 of our members; to be adopted for the period of time!:tiphat:

    we are hunters explorers crafters miners traders in soc!

    well help u to get new places added to ur map!:)

    for the CaMo societies :hug:

  17. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    *Adopt a Newbie* Society List: CaMo Flames & Industries

    Nice post SirMixaLot, but it didn't help me fill in any of the boxes in the table :D

    What timezone is your soc based in, or doesn't it matter?

    How many newbies do you want to adopt, ideally?

    And what kind of newbies are you looking for?

  18. Full Metal Inc. is primarily a hunting soc, but we also have seasoned miners, crafters and one dedicated mindforce skiller. Our main mission here in Entropia is to keep the robot treat down, and we are enjoying it. :yay:
    We have players from both America and Europa, and of all ages.
    What do it take to make it into Full Metal Inc? First of all we prefer to have players at an age of +18. Being independent and self sufficient are a huge plus. Even tho we will do anything to help our members, we cant be there all the time. And the most important, be happy. :cheer:
    And even it dont always seem like it, i swear we are perfectly normal and dont bite.

    Ps. We are looking to take in 3 ppl at a time.
  19. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Thanks Kahr for an awesome post, even if it took some buttkicking to make you do it!

    Very informative and it allowed me to fill all boxes first time!

    I hope you enjoy the company of many active and successful newbies!
  20. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk Entropian Philosopher

    Irken Invaders is a society with people from all over the world, and quite mixed ages.

    We are looking for anyone who likes being social, and speaks OK English. We do the occational teamhunt and/or opalo teamhunt.

    We could take 2-3 newbies at the time.


    Website: http://www.irken-invaders.net/
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