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Discussion in 'Adopt a Newbie Foundation' started by Dalas, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Hey Peter, thanks for the post!

    As we already talked about this in-world, there's nothing else to say but: Welcome to ANF and I hope we can both benefit from you joining us as a society :)

    Hope you have some luck with the newbies here. I will put your soc up on the list later today when I have time (busy busy!).

  2. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Yo Peter, could we have some info on how many newbies you would like, where the soc is based and maybe some more on what types of people you want?



    I met up with Emma last night and after some confusion with PMs, managed to get her in, so I added Soaring Eagles to the Soc List :) Also met her right hand man, Manny Calavera, very pleasant!

    I am sure we'll have a blast with those guys!
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  3. LivingGod

    LivingGod Ancient Dirt Old Guardian

    Greetings to you all

    My name is David Westmoreland and I am the :bowdown: Master of the Society named Temporal Destinies.. :coffee:

    We are an international Soc with members from all over the states and europe as well as down under.. it is one of our main missions to help beginners.. :thumbup:

    Although I am opening the Society for about 10 beginners from any part of Earth, I am personally looking for 2 good men as my personal "Disciples" so to speak. Any age is ok but 30+ better and from Gmt +/- 1 or 2 to facilitate the learning process..

    So a little about me,

    I am an old role player and I first traveled to Calypso Dec 2002, and have basically been helping people since.. Being on planet so long has given me a honed way of training my Disciples.. but very effective, however for the 2 chosen I can guarentee fun, excitement, long times of extreme boredom with fleeting moments of terror or verse vica :headbang: and more information than you can handle : ) as long as you are active, work, listen and learn.. :wise:

    Need more info? Temporal Destinies • Portal

    Have fun everyone.. why we are here is it not? So join the initiates of Temporal Destinies with *help a newbie* in your application, but take the time and think seriously if you can be dedicated enough to join my chosen few.


    I have worked with many of the people and societies listed here over the years and there are many good societies in this list.. A big thumbs up to you all.. You beginners reading up should feel lucky to be provided such assistance from the outset. :clap: and + rep to EP

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  4. Hey Dalas

    We are North America based and operate on EST. We prefer to have slow growth so 1-2 members per month should be more than adequate.

    Thanks again for the opportunity.


    Peter Candy
  5. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Ok thanks Peter. Table updated :) I also changed the colour scheme slightly to accommodate for our new Forum background. Hope you like the green.


    PM also sent to Mr Westmoreland. That was a pretty surprising post! Fingers crossed for Temporal Destinies joining the Society List.
  6. TnT - The New Trust is discussing to join the ANF

    When we decide to join we will mainly focus on the German speaking player base due to the fact that all Members are German Swiss or Austrian residents.

    More Info will come the next days.

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  7. We deicide to join the ANF so feel free to add The new Trust to your list.

    Soc: TnT The New Trust
    Correspondent: Mr-Joey
    Zone: Europe (Germany / Switzerland / Austria )
    # on Newbs... 1-2
    Looking for: mostly German speaking PPl. from all over the world, preferred European Timezone

    More Info in German on the Soc Web: tnt.entropia-forum.de
  8. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Hey Mr-Joey, thanks for your interest in ANF!

    Your application is probably the most direct I've had yet, so thanks again for that :)

    I have seen the society name around, but am not so familiar. I hope I can meet you and maybe some of your socmates before putting you on the list, for reasons I'm sure you understand.

    Looking forward to hooking up with you in-world!
  9. you will find me atm only on RT :D

    but our "head-quarter" is North Space Base. There you will find a TnT member very often.
    If you can catch one feel free to aks if im online (mostly 15-18 MA Time) maybe we can start a team chat ;)
  10. yo ppl :afro:
    we are an 2 years old society with new name and new theme (motor club) we need some new blood too so the gates is open for 5 newbies :thumbup:

    soc: {{{300}}}
    Correspondent: vasilisx
    Zone: Europe
    # on Newbies: 5
    Looking for: english or greek speaking with love to vehicles and rides :)
  11. Mandi

    Mandi Guest

    i have a question please... to apply, can we msg the leader of the societies no the list above? also do we have to follow the rules? im 15, and i speak english but i live in china... so when i see over 18, live in west, and speak english... i dont fit any of these rules...
  12. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Hey there Mandi :)

    You are of course free to PM anyone in EP Forum. If you want to do that and arrange something yourself but still want it to be counted as an Adoption, it's not really a problem for me. We can be flexible like that. I understand your concern about the general consensus on the age/location thing, it can be a concern for everyone, which is why we want to diversify our socs.

    Anyway, let me know (preferably by PM) your plan and how it goes :)
  13. Mandi

    Mandi Guest

    thats the thing tho lol i dont have a plan.. my download has 7.5 housr left and its 7am here so everyoen at my school will be waking up and then im geussing i wont finish download until like tonight so i wont even b able to get in the game for a bit hehe and then on top of that im not sure how my MS will go with the server.. like will i have 600 ms so i wont even be able to play? or is it like ffxi where everyone can play? also is there a list of leaders who i can msg? do i have to pay money?

    its a nice idea to b part of a newb party so i can learn and not b yelled at for asking question n i love making friends so meeting other noobs will b fun 2 but i have no idea how to do this.. i did go to the guild um... temperal destinies and post some questions on there about it but thats theere forum and idk if they even kno about this program or w.e so yeah im so lost lol
  14. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    "will i have 600 ms so i wont even be able to play? or is it like ffxi where everyone can play?" > Servers are located in Amsterdam, no idea about FFXI, but most likely you will be able to play

    "also is there a list of leaders who i can msg?" > Not really, but I would recommend: http://www.entropiaplanets.com/foru...73-lost-renegades-accepting-recruits-anf.html, the soc leader (Narfi) already replied in your 'christian' thread

    "do i have to pay money?" > No, but many people claim it helps, you can proceed faster and need to spend less time doing repetitive things (like Sweating) to pay for the more interesting activities (like hunting)
  15. Hi Mandi, these are not "rules " as such, but guidelines and preferences. But as a Soc leader I can assure you that they are generally there for good reasons. For example, it is no good a German-speaker joining an English-speaking soc, or vice-versa, as communication would not be possible! Similarly it is no good an Austalian joining an European Soc, as thedifference in tiime-zones would likely mean that he never got to meet the other members, unless he works nights. In this case it would be a good idea for him to say so when he posts information about himself, so the societies know that time-zone is not a problem in this case.

    I think it best to post a profile of yourself here, so that all the societies that presently have room will be able to tell if you are likely to fit in with their Soc. What happens next is that they contact Dalas to offer you a place. Not everybody gets adopted, but I think you have a better chance doing it this way.

    If you have a particular preference , you could perhaps let Dalas know that preference, and he could then PM that Soc...yes, Dalas? This is not the standard procedure but I don't see why not. In fact, I don't know why the Soc information is there if the newbie has no choice! But do be prepared to accept that the preferred Soc might not have room for you.

    Good luck!

    jay :)
  16. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Well you are speaking English aren't you?

    Oh nice, thanks Jay :)

    I think it might be good if you sign up on the Newbie List anyway, just in case Mandy. Otherwise, if you have an idea about a society (I saw Temporal Destinies mentioned) then perhaps it is better if you let me know and I can try to arrange something for you. That way both parties (soc and newbie) are dealing with someone they already know and have contact with.

    As for Temporal Destinies, they are indeed on our list and therefore of course know about ANF. I've been a bit naughty with them though and still have to have a Skype conversation with their leader, David Westmoreland, about their role in ANF and life in general. It's hard to find the time, but I will make it with him soon :)

    Don't burn yourself out there Mandy, you seem to be posting like crazy. Perhaps take some time to read the information available around the different forums. I guess then many of the questions you have will be answered.


    Dalas :afro:
  17. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Updated the first post with Terms for Societies and more info. I hope that helps! :)
  18. Society name: Odin's Valkyries

    Correspondent Avatar name: Saga valkyrie Friggsdottir

    Timezone(s): North America (mostly)

    Ideal number of Newbies: 2-3 (at a time perhaps)

    What we are looking for in our Newbies:
    Female avatars as it's a female only society (male rl playing female is ofc allowed)
    You should know and want to have fun and be silly sometimes :D
    not sure what more to write...
    Oh and ofc no scammers or beggers (use common sense as always)

    Society Website (if applicable): http://odinsvalkyries.wordpress.com (a bit more info there)
  19. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Welcome to the ANF section, Odin's Valkyries. How about we set up an in-world meeting so I can meet some of you girls and G.I.R.Ls? ;)
  20. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Odin's Valkyries, welcome to ANF :)

    Had a nice chat the other night with two of the core members which gave me a good insight into their humour and style in EU, promising!

    I wish all the best to these guys with us and hope they get some successful adoptions.


    Dalas :afro:
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