Advanced (Yet simple additions to) Event Options and variables.

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  1. This subtitle below should cut to the chase of what this blog post is hopping to make possible:
    "Sunday Night Single Shot PVP Quick Draw"
    It's not a perfected formula (In that the exact numbers may be off) but the idea goes something like this:
    ~ Players enter a small scale tournament competing against one another to see who can do the most damage in a single shot, without armor.
    - Only cost after admission being ammo burn and weapon repair for each shot x number of bouts before its complete. Or Healing up between.
    ~ 3 Players minimum, less players means more bouts between them. It's based off how many players you can fit in the time frame selected.
    - In other words, within 30 minutes, 3 players would face each other 3 times each. To walk away with any 1 of the 3 prizes available.
    - In the chance of a player dying in a single hit, he gets replaced by the next one in line and gets dropped to 3rd or last, until he beats or kills.
    ~ Price of admission is split between available slots.
    - Less slots open, the higher the ticket price, which also ensures less competition for higher chance of reward.
    - With only 3 players, its easy for each player to get at least 1st, 2nd or 3rd place rewards.
    - With Top reward in PED worth places 2nd and 3rd combined. 2nd being a stack of Damage Enhancers. 3rd a (L) Rage.
    - Reason behind suggested reward choices:
    - 1st being Freedom to choose either cash out or buy what they need for next time.
    - 2nd being Dedication, You'll make no better use of those elsewhere by comparison.
    - 3rd being Perseverance, in the long run, its a marathon to the top, not a sprint. Go do some training.
    ~ Competitive societal faction tournaments.
    - Having different societies either co-sponsoring the events or placing their top shots in as contestants in higher tier tourneys.
    ~ Spectator betting with limited stakes: [Work In Progress]
    - A new gambling terminal for spectators to place small amounts of PEC starting from 0.10ped to 1.00PED per tournament.
    - If enabled, Event Creator would have to place a minimum Pool of PED to cover all bets in the event they all succeed.
    - Amount of betters cannot exceed the amount of available PED Pool.
    - Bets can be spread between 1/3 of available combatants. Place 0.10 for each up to cap, or all in on one.
    - For each bet that fails on its chosen combatant, those funds get split in half between others that did and contestants first.
    - Only combatants who don't place top 3, earn a small portion relative to their rank.
    - Any remaining funds left over go to Event Creator.
    ~ Order in which funds from Bets are rewarded:
    - 50% to successful spectator's bets to what they placed (so their 1PED+0.50 max winnings, or .10+.05ped minimum each).
    - 30% Going to Combatants below top 3, who had wining bets placed on them. (so anywhere from at least .30 to .03ped. Per bet.)
    - 10% as consolation prize to all other losing combatants. (anywhere from at least .10 to .01ped. Based off total bets)
    - 10% and any odd number of funds left over goes toward Event Creator.
    I'm on Arkadia at the moment, wondering around the different PVP arenas wondering why they don't have an event type terminal of their own.
    My main reason being that I wanted to drum up sales in my market for the guys crafting above me so more goods at my level of their development would sell more often.
    Like I say, once a market is saturated you adapt, rather then "wait for scarcity to return, you [best] drum up demand".
    This is one of the ways I'd of hoped to of done so, but lacked the available capital to make it possible in the time frame I had left.
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