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  1. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    Dedicated Logic is the name behind Afterworld.

    You will find no issues with transferring PED <> AWD or visa versa once you get to know people that you can trust.

    Yes there is no withdraw at present,
    This is to come at a later time as mentioned in the linked post by the developers.

    I was referring to recouping AWD on material items. Not providing a drain where you just throw stuff away without recouping its financial value. I would call that a bin :) Maybe I should have used the term "trading channel" than drain.

    This "trading channel" being either with other participants or with the service provider's "AW bureau".

    The goal being to reclaim AWD on loot, resources & items that are in low demand, not worth your time to sell at present or that are flooding the market through means of skilling practices etc.

    This allows you to cycle your funds and transform them into progressing skills/professions without the overall economy taking unnecessary valuation hits (value retention) due to 'over saturation' or flooding.

    Entropia primarily achieves this through buffering your funds, sometimes up to significant amounts that can be withheld before being returned to you at a later time via the process of decay & consumption without return or returning only a small portion of what was decayed or consumed.

    Buffering of this nature does not occur in Afterworld, not to any significant degree other than small amounts of decay buffered for underground mining claim finds, yet there is a degree consistency on returns when undertaking this activity.

    You will not experience globals, HoFs or ATHs of your own funds back like in Entropia;
    This is one of the beauties of Afterworld present day. (No crystal ball for the future).

    You can rest easy knowing there is no potential of having a significant amount of your finance withheld/borrowed from you to be invested into short term investments by the service provider to make more money on with the return of your withheld funds at some point in the future.

    Something MindArk likes to call being dynamic.

    This makes the Afterworld "game" very "affordable" and "enjoyable" to "play".

    You will however experience globals of SAUs (Skill Advancement Units) which has quite a nice AWD value attached to them through doing any activity that involves skill advancement.

    As far as resource drains (trading channels) go in the real world;
    Most economies are based around consumerism with many based around consumerables/disposables and cheaply made rubbish that you need to replace every 6 or so months, placing a high demand on materials and employment to produce.

    As far as well made quality items are concerned;
    Sure they last longer, yet they do wear down eventually from wear and tear, usually come with a higher maintenance cost to get repaired and are usually more expensive to buy :)

    Anyhow these aspects about Afterworld are not something I can directly answer for you.

    You will have to wait and see what in the way of a "AWD recouping" style mechanism and other transformation, consumption & gearing mechanisms are to be implemented to provide overall "value retention" and "economic flow" in the Afterworld economy model by Dedicated Logic.
  2. Does AW still have only limited/breakable/consumable items, no unlimited stuff?
  3. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    No 100% unlimited stuff.

    Afterworld is based around a limited economy whereby there are no weapons, tools, armour, heal kits, mining scanners or extractors with unlimited repair capacity like in Entropia where you can simply repair it through the repair terminal using ped to produce loot without using up any prior loot in the economy each time.

    All items are player made and require consumption of loot from within the economy to create the item thus maintaining a healthier economy long term.

    With that said, it is a balanced approach.

    In Entropia (L) items have a single use - No repairs.

    In Afterworld you can create items from a V10 ASP (Assembly program) which are 30/100% (31 uses - 30 repairs and the initial 100% use)

    Repairing an item is an easy task through your universal repair spanner on the inventory window;

    Recharging this spanner is done through adding residue to it
    - Slag from rock refining,
    - Metal slag from metal based combines (eg Making ammo shells),
    - Scrobs from refining timber logs into timber boards and half boards

    You begin with V1 ASPs which produce 3/100% items (4 full uses)

    Through the production cycle of items you wear down the program CD to 0% then upgrade it using a blank CD (Also player crafted from materials) to the next version number.

    V2 ASPs produce 6/100% items (7 uses)
    V3 ASPs produce 9/100% items (10 uses)
    and so on to V10 producing 30/100% items (31 uses)

    As you can see it is a balanced approach whereby you do consume loot in the economy to create the item though as you create more of the same item you use AWD in place of loot requirements to create more repairs.

    Once you reach ASP V10 it produces an Advanced version of the ASP:


    ^^ I am not sure if the assembly and total craft cost is correct for the item in this picture.
    Most bugs and adjustments in the crafting of current available items have been fixed/completed.
    This one was the first created ingame by Egon of Irkens.

    These V10 Advanced ASPs I believe produce modified versions of the product.
    Egon & Gooch from Irken Invaders are probably the best people to speak to in reference to this.

    I have yet to reach such ASP levels myself - Only a few have created an Advanced ASP and Modified items so far from the range of item ASPs (Assembly blueprint CD programs) available currently in Afterworld.

    Anyway, there is the possibility "for all" players to acquire these items who work at it.

    Maybe someone with more experience crafting at these higher ASP levels from Afterworld can pick me up on errors I may have made in this post. Thanks :D
  4. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    isnt this AW Bureau just a replacement for the TT? all the talk of "buffers", which are your personal concept of how EU works, makes it very difficult to understand what you are trying to describe. it suggests there's only ever small amounts of loot, but it matches very closly the cost to kill - is that it? (i never looted a mob in AW, as said those i found were all too tough).

    What is Dedicated Logic's revenue model based on? the decay? slice of loot? donations?
  5. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    Anyway guys I am no ambassador to Afterworld.
    It is a service that I use inbetween deposits in Entropia.

    I have directed others to help out answer some of the more difficult questions.

    To Aridash:

    The Afterworld Bureau is the NPC based governing entity in Afterworld.
    The bureau offers newcomer missions through their NPC taskmasters and provides payment for completed missions via issued certificates.

    Promissory Notes, Scout Cheques and Realty Invesment Certificates which all have their uses and market AWD values.

    Every newcomer who completes citizenship through the 100AWD option receives a realty investment certificate (RIC with 100AWD certificate printed value) ~ 300 awd current market value which will speculatively hit 500+ awd in the "Survival world" where its use will be properly implemented for building corporation based facilities like fuel stations for vehicles.

    You can see an example of a fuel station in Sar.
    The devs have constructed one (Alpha World version) for show.
    They also put vehicles out from time to time for people to have some fun in :D

    There is no TT style functionality at this point in time in Afterworld.
    Wether this style of channel trading with the AW bureau will be implemented we will have to wait and see.

    Sorry I can not help you further. I am just a participant myself in AW :)

    Have fun and good luck.
  6. At the moment its a project in development.
    Not much is known about the company or its investors.
    What is known is that they are taking donations by Paypal,
    you can select donate right at the main menu at
    The revenue model itself will only become clear when the RCE goes live. is not showing any more detailed informations and a simple search for more details about Dedicated Logic is also not showing anything solid.
    I am very sceptical when non disclosed entities trade with money,
    but thats just me being paranoid I guess...
  7. Im willing to bet that A LOT of the usual suspects from EU have a finger in the AW pie too its not surprising After the Golden Age BS, a lot op Entropians are just about ready to tell Marco to shove his planet somewhere private.

    I think Im gonna create a new AW account and take a look last time that pen arrangement bothered me a bit.. I kinda hate being fenced in
  8. Goreon

    Goreon May the HOF be with you!

    Looks interesting, gonna try it out ;)
  9. Yirrk

    Yirrk Who Speaks for the Earth?

    Yeah pretty much the same here. I tried it for a few months, oh, about a year or so ago. Got out of the gulag and into the real game with the help of a soc.

    What got to me personally was that I just couldn't get used to the controls.

    The new vids look real nice, AW will be much more appealing when they do the upgrade. I'll have to jump back in then, see if it handles any better.:naughty:
  10. Yirrk

    Yirrk Who Speaks for the Earth?

    When I was active with AW there was a lot of talk about the game being wiped clean when they finally went live - skills, money, etc, erased.

    Is that issue resolved yet?
  11. While the new vids are good to see the game progressing I will believe that the size of the world and corporations will be available in the new engine when I see it. In the Asia video if you look off into the distance you notice that the amount of actually created and detailed land is limited. This was more noticeable at the end of the video showing the panned out "city" from above. There are things in afterworld that I am a big fan of however including the no TT and usable loot for crafted items. The project still has great promise but I still feel it is in its infancy. Part of that feeling is that there are many "features" that have been stated to exist but are currently disabled. If all of these features were enabled and work as intended then it has definate promise.
  12. Is there anyway to get money OUT of this game yet? And has it been decided what you get to keep when it goes to beta?
  13. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    You quoted the answers :)
    Click z link - Here is some information (News) ... ;)

    Everything is kept - Nothing at all is lost in the transfer from "Alpha World" to "Survival World" platform.

    The withdraw functionality is due to come after Survival has been release later this year.
    For now most trade AWD <> PED between trusted players at their own risk.

    To add funds to Afterworld page still says donate.
    Not sure why this is since it conflicts with the CEO's post.
    I have sent him both an email and PM about it with no reply at this stage about why this is.

    Maybe he doesn't want too many to come to the old "Alpha World" platform and would prefer people to start afresh on the new "Survival World" platform with the new hardware they are installing to run it.

    Maybe it is due to legal reasons since Afterworld is not yet commercial.

    It could just be an update error overlooked :dunno:

    Dedicated Logic seem to be in no problematic position to finance continued development and expansion of Afterworld so who knows, just speculating.

    Maybe CEO/Bank can post and clear up why it still says donate on the site and not "add funds" or 'deposit" yet.
  14. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED


    A few updates came with VU 9.8.4:

    AWF discussion thread explains some of these changes in more detail:

    The bugs that arrived in the patch have been squashed.

    Also for those interested in starting out, I will still be helping out necomers with their first free steel pick when playing AW inbetween deposits here in Entropia which I will be reducing for the new few months to do some investing over there for the long term.

    Newcomers working to gain their 100 awd for citizenship to gain their RIC, access to other zones, skilling capabilities and international market and metro use, I shall be helping out with the purchase of Pnotes completed.

    More info here >

    :wave: to the 100+ that picked up a free steel pick over last week,
    I hope you enjoy playing this affordable alternative RCE game still in development.

    EU - Lavawalker / AW - Viperstrike
  15. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    For those interested,

    SAU globals and their broadcast has now returned in Afterworld "Alpha World".

    See here >

    With SAU soon to become a valued commodity in the economy for faster skilling, these SAU globals can provide a boost in your skill rate in unlocking skill levels or sold onto other players for AWD.

    Link on SAU and recent changes >

    Up until recently SAU was valued around 2k sau = 1 awd.
    Players are now starting to offer 1 awd per 1k SAU.

    It is expect once surplus supply of SAU (Skill Advancement Units) in the economy diminishes through the 100 SR (Skill Rate) item skilling implemented in VU 9.8.4 for weapons/tools at or above your level that the price may rise speculatively to 3 awd per 1k SAU or higher.

    SAU globals are awarded for any activity undertaken involving skills.

    Viperstrike (AW) / Lavawalker (EU)
  16. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    New update implemented - 9.8.5

    Skills can now be transferred out into implants and sold on the market.

    Upto 10,000 skills can be placed onto a single implant 100% condition.
    The skill transfer terminal will create these implants for you upon transferring skills out.

    The process of transferring skills costs 1 AWD per skill transfer to implant.
    5% of the skill transferred "out" is lost in the transfer process.

    Double clicking on a skill implant will transfer the skills on the impant back to the avatar of which the implant is consumed in the process.

    Skills on sale can be found @ Market Terminal > Tools > Skills

    Stay tuned to the wiki for further information about the new skills' transfer terminal information.

    Afterwiki can be found @

    Have fun !
  17. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    Vehicles to play around in - Today in SAR

    A note to let people who are interested know that the Devs have placed a few of the Vehicles out in Sar-Main today for participants to have a play around with. :D

    These are test model vehicles running in the Alpha World environment.

    Have fun !
  18. I played AW awhilllleee back when it had opened, I heard rumors that an ex eu player started it, is this true? Sorry if it has been answered ...

    Also, do they delete your acct after certain inactive amount like eu?
  19. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    Yes this rumor is true.

    He started producing AW as a project in his spare time of which the development team has grown to a full time crew and is coming closer to readiness for commercial release. Not quite there yet, though I would expect 'Afterworld Survival' to be in full promoted commercial release by 2011.

    No your account does not get deleted. Nothing will be wiped or lost in the transfer of your avatar skills and valuables to the new Torque 3D graphics & 3D Physx Engine "Survival World" later this year.

    More Info here - Link >

  20. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    Pictures of vehicles in Sar today - 4 vehicles out atm so everyone can have a chance to play with them.

    Sorry about the rush photography, it is hard to get people to come into town all at once to happy snap them when they are speeding around the joint :D





    ^^ Click to enlarge AW Alpha World vehicle pics.

    I didn't manage to get the 4th vehicle it was still running about but I think it is another truck.

    This is the beast I am after,
    It is not due out until the new 3D Survival world is ready :D


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