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    some of you that have come over to Afterworld or know of it probably don't come and watch the forum often so I thought I would update everyone on what is happening. Afew thoughts of my own on the game.
    1 - the game is not ready to play yet unless you have the ability to deal with it. there are limits to gameplay and the newcomer area is very boring and hard to get thru.
    2 - if you played and have some skill and loot. Note there is a huge rebalance due soon. but only for raw mob loot. if you have friends in your soc that still play. please log in and give them your raw loot. Anything they craft will stay in game. they will highly love those items
    3 - End of June is when to start watching the forum for updates. Also when the new servers are up I will be streaming the game so come watch what has happened. There are tons of graphic changes in the new server setup and we are expecting the land mass to greatly increase.

    and the update from -
    Hello everyone!

    We did a lot of work since the last update, and I think it's relatively safe to let you know about the upcoming changes. We are planning the really big update in beginning of July, but since we may encounter some additional difficulties, except this update to come live in end of July or beginning of August.

    What is coming soon in that update:1. Server clusterization. What is it? It's a seamless traveling between the zones. Each server handles a number of zones, currently - up to four. If we would have a really high online, each server would handle one, dedicated zone. You won't notice switching the zones and you would be able to shot into your enemy from one zone, while he is in another. Same goes for mobs. What else does that means for you? Nearly any number of mobs, without slowing the game (this is the reason why we couldn't spawn a lot of mobs before).

    2. Streaming. Instead of one - five minutes to load the level, it will go in seconds. Currently, a big, new city is loading in five seconds from the moment you enter it. Remember how character creation have been lagged before? It's, and many similar situations, would be solved because of this implementation.

    3. New pnotes economy. Items would be sold to the game for pnotes, and skills are trained for pnotes.

    4. Fully rebalanced mob's loot and items system: new distribution amongst the mobs, new numbers. Items are going to be a lot more valuable. Old ingredient items would be removed only then, not before.

    5. New area for newbies. It's finished already, though at the beginning it won't have a lot of quests. Tutorial would be added a bit later.

    6. Perhaps we would also add two new cites, to replace New Urengoy and Turukhansk.

    7. Perhaps the new female character would be finished and integrated. If not, it would come very soon after the main update.

    8. Perpahs some weapons would be replaced (models).

    9. Perhaps some graphical issues would be fixed, together with the graphics optimization and shaders. This is a feature cut for this update, don't expect too much here.

    What would come up next?- FPS gameplay
    - Graphics optimizaiton
    - Rendering optimization, together with the occlusion culling
    - New shaders included
    - New post effects
    - New weapons, to close existing gaps

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