Ak L68 Ressource Gatherer

Discussion in 'Akbar Creative' started by Akbar, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. - Ak L68 Resource Gatherer -

    RG L68 01.jpg

    RG L68 02.jpg

    RG L68 03.jpg
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  2. I am not doing threads for Mr Dan Petrov to brag since he have nothing more intelligent to do.

    Already told you on PCF, which was one of the reasons why I left this [MODERATED] forum.
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  3. Interesting.
    I not playing EU or posting on forums for long time now
    Don't have any idea what are you about.
    Good luck anyway.
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  4. 8000 Resource Gathering

    Entropia 2021-01-10_8000_RG_M.jpg
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  5. If harvesting is something you like doing, recent changes on Toulan make it worth a visit. There are literally hundreds of harvestable trees hourly there now that they introduced the new blueprint that just uses harvested stuff.

    of course, there's no use for the crafted butt joints, so maybe they are the new filters, at least for now?

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  6. After 8000 in Resource Gathering, guess what ?
    8001 !!!

    RG 80001.jpg

    And to the owner of Planet TOULAN
    For their efforts to bring content to the game for the pleasure of the players

    While I send a big FUCK YOU mindark who cant stand destroying everything and systematically add new cheats and exploits features which look more like scam features than anything else in total unrespect of their own EULA rules.
    The yellow nodes which were helping to itentify the harvestable trees have been removed, the best harvestable tree areas on calypso have been completly ruined and even shaved by mindark, like the fantastic area NW of aegis which was my best area on ScamCalpsoPlanet, while trees on argus area have been redesigned to become fucking ugly trees where avatars will get stucked on them, showing again that mindark are VOLONTARILY adding exploit features to force people to get stuck... Because if some of you did not know, when you send support cases for bugs, those bugs are exploited by mindark and improved to be even worse the next time. And dont get me wrong, I just show and tell THE TRUTH !!! So please STFU about your huge integrity which is just another great lie.

    I asked to Jon NEVERDIE if he was able to bring back the yellow nodes on harvestable trees that mindark removed with their classic dishonnest way to behave in the back without announcing it, and jon's answer was that this is a platform owner decision, so HE CAN DO NOTHING IN HIS OWN PLANET, which in other word means that all planet partners (where you can really wonder what "partner" means in this swedish "universe") are completly hijacked by the tyrannic mindark and their disgusting moves affecting all planets for their unique advantage, pure definition and explanation of an exploit.

    I this last part, i just want to illustrate what i just explained above by showing the Christmas Ring 2016, which is to my knowledge the only ring allowing to be able to find the harvestable trees without needing to select the tree tool to see yellow node on good trees, which is completly fucked now since mindark removed the yellow nodes, so in other word a BIG thank you mindark who is adding feature after feature in the purpose to devalue the items worth with systematic disgusting features for your own and only profit, and after that's them who DARE TO ACCUSE the players of manipulations (hey my friend, andrey), yeah sure certainly in the swedish tradition of fucking hypocrits and liars.
    On side to this, notice that the distance to see trees with that ring should be 20m and not 0.2m like said in the ring stats, which was reported to the "support" "departement" and classic mindark, never fixed.

    Xmas Ring 2016.jpg
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  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    yeh partners can't change how the game mechanics/interface work. Just missions, items, mobs and landscape.
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