Ak Marvelous Ressource Gatherer L60

Discussion in 'Akbar Creative' started by Akbar, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Ak Marvelous Ressource Gatherer L60

    Ak L60 Prof Cut.jpg

    Entropia 2016-07-18 L60 RG.jpg
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  2. Ak_7003 RG.jpg
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  3. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Nice one, gratz !
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  4. Ak_Marvelous_Evader.jpg

  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    That sure was a lot of trees....

    Entropia 2012-01-03 19-22-11-70.jpg
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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I assume when you gather that many resources it is a bit like this right? right? same engine so surely? right right?... sadly no.

  7. Ak_Astonishing_RG_S.jpg
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  8. This is madness :O
  9. For those who remember what skill naturally means,
    I wish you to be patient.

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  10. Gratz ! As I truly know how f*cking slow it is...and as I had set goals of unlocking scanner skills...which is no longer possible...I fully gave up.

    But I got 1 HP increase after testing the "Battle Simulator"...even if they said "no skillgains".

    Hopefully all BS testers get banned for cheating xD
  11. Ak = Amazing n00b Tamer

    Amazing N00b Tamer.jpg
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  12. Level 60 Gardener unlocks Scientist

    Entropia 2018-02-11 L50 Gardener.jpg

    I was Taming and had a level up...
    So astonished when i saw it was L50 Gardener,
    I scrolled up to see what was the skill that made it happen...
    And saw it is Scientist.

    So Level 60 Gardener unlocks Scientist.
    (just like Level 60 Pet handler)

    To add to wiki.

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  13. Jesus Christ...did you actually do any gardening ? Or "only" extreme tree chopping ? :O
  14. There is no real profession or activity to skill the Gardener Profession.
    Just a few priviligiated who PAIED to have plots can do it.
    But like my friend Rick England explained it to me ;
    [FROM: Rickard Rick England] those guns made from fruits were instantly outclassed by armatrix.

    So since the Gardener profession was released, it almost died immediately making it totaly useless.
    Saddly a dead-borned MA feature again, just like Ressource Gatherer Woods which MU died after 2 small months...
    And nothing even promissed (as usual) have been implemented more...

    So yes, that's heavy Ressource Gathering which gave me the Gardener skills.
    And certainly the scanning prof skills which helped too, but same, the Scanning Prof have also been killed by MA.
    More than weird when you see that scanning would have never been so useful since all new features using it...
    Tons of free $$$ (since there is no return) that MA threw by the window by killing this profession...
    Strange Logic AGAIN....
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  15. Also notice there is no unlock in the Ressource Gatherer profession, even it is a PAYING feature.
    This is something that MindArk decided deliberately as there is no bonus skill periods neither, again even it is a paying feature,
    certainly because they knew before releasing it that the demand for special wood to build the PLOTS would collapse once the plots were built, and the market for special wood would simply disappear due to no more demand, as simple as that, no need to do studies for years to understand it...

    Quote Mindark : "One of the primary uses for harvested resources is for the CLD estate plots on Planet Calypso"
    "One of the" is supposing to say there are other possible needs...
    and reinforced by "primary" which is also meaning there can be other needs... (so 2 times in the same sentence).
    If MindArk can light us for the other needs, then do, because i SEE none.

    Also, this profession is pejoratively considered as a "noob" feature, at first by mindark,
    and probably after for most players since they immediately understood it was already once borned a dead end.
    It is unfairly since released not giving bonus skills, and no unlock, and I say again, EVEN IT IS A PAYING FEATURE.
    To my knowledge, higher level in that profession is not giving better result,
    the big majority of times the return from "investment" is negative.
    And use higher tool, like the UL PH-3 compared to the tt tool PH-1 is not giving higher skill gain,
    where this is a concept which works for all other activities in the game,
    which are paying features, unlock new skills and give bonus buffs lol...

    I myself did a pretty serious study of the skill system,
    since MA gave us recently materials to understand it, numbers before the exps.
    At least I can say that Taming is particularily a good way to figure out how things work.

    Notice that while the process of gathering ressource, even if the tool showes you got 100% accuracy and/or efficiency,
    you are still doing tons of fucking fails, so explain us how can we be 100% if we still get a high rate of fails ?
    Totally illogic and unfair, or should i say, THIS IS A LIE,
    and even more, simply and saddly (when real money is involved) A RIP OFF.

    Rename "skills" into "points" would be more accurate.
    Or one more time, like SO MANY TIMES, you should buy a dictionnary and learn the meaning of words...
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  16. The CLD landplot system is a joke...since day 1.
    So is the wood-gather-profession...hence people stick to sweating.

    -CLD land plot system got announced in early 2015.
    -1st (useless) interface showed up more then 1 year later, in june 2016.
    -Announcement of gardening in Sept. 2016. Grow fruits, that dont really have any use (anymore).
    -Its Feb. 2018 now...poor "investors" x'D
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  17. Land Plots were announced when the CLD system was emitted, so like 6-7 years ago ?
    But true they were realeased over 4-5 years later, just like taming, after a massive player complain.
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  18. As long as the high stakes players and gamble addicts keep throwing their money at MA and "secret" investors keep joining.....and new CEOs keep showing up on a regular basis x'D ...this pyramid scheme will stay online...possibly, forever. :)

    No matter how much we point at critical bugs or ask for content. It just keeps going on, and on, and on....and so on.

    If there wont be any valuable content update in 2018...which im 100% certain wont come...I would leave this game...but as I can play for free...I dont SEE a reason to leave anytime soon. x'D

    Still, here is another fuck you MindArk, for destroying an immersive online game with slot-machines, by turning it into slot-machines only.
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  19. And it shames me to write this but if won the Euromillions lottery (unlikely) I would be back playing and splurging my new found wealth on this dodgy, poorly run casino.

    But otherwise I will do my best to never again deposit my real cash and will leave that for the addicts and ‘big hitters’.
  20. Euromillion would make me buy a modfap. The only comfort I always wanted to own ingame.
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