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  1. L65 Resource Gatherer


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    What do you do with all the resources gathered?
  5. I tt all.
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  7. Since several days i did trees on caly (which is shit for trees) and i noticed abnormal losses even on only 1 PH-1...

    Today I used 2 PH-1 and had 1.41 ped loss which is crazy high...
    I used to do 100ped runs = 20 x PH-1 and i never had such loss rate.

    Seem mindark (you know the guys who are changing the rules all the time in purpose to steal their customers and make them pay for their numerous idiotic and unrealistic projects) dramatically decreased the tt return, making tree skilling really expensive now.

    Judging by the sudden interest of uber players for those skills, yeah Messi & Star already pm'd me to know if i could chip out my skills and sell them... It is clear for me that the greedy "mind"-ark modified the cost of tree skilling.

    Shame on you.

    EDIT : If you plan to sell those skills, set very high markup due to the new cost, and the fact people who are willing to get those skills will never bother to do it manually.
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    I happened upon somewhere that was very good for trees.... so finished my 1st cutting device from the TT and then burned through another one straight away. You may be interested in the results between the 1st one, which I've gradually been using since it got introduced, and the one I bought and used up today.

    1.8x is the markup

    Resource Gatherer
    4.86ped decay on TT wood cutter
    6.13ped MoonLeaf * 1.8 = 11.03ped
    2.39ped Wood Shavings
    8.52ped or 13.42ped (with markup)
    +3.66 or +8.56 profit
    4.86ped TT decay on TT wood cutter
    3.34ped ML * 1.8 = 6.01
    1.14 WS
    4.48 or 7.14 (with markup)
    -0.38 or +2.28 loss/profit

    So yeh... looks like (from my amazing sample of 2) it has gone from a 75% TT profit to a 8.5% TT loss

    Sad times...
  9. 1.8 is markup on what (using tt tool) ?


    I'm doing 100 ped runs atm, using 20 x PH-1.
    I'm saving logs for very accurate datas.
    I'll publish my results later...
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    1.8 is last weeks markup on Moon Leaf on Calypso i.e you can (allegedly) sell for 180% of TT value

    Something I did notice,... was that if the tree was the largest size, it vanished almost instantly... normally after one click. Which seemed wrong to me...
  11. I knew it :), but you've been lucky to find that 8.25ped bought "181.82%", a week before it was 100 week, 100 month.
    The tree market is dead, and we can HIGHLY thank mindark for that.
    Release and announce super features knowing they will collapse few months later, and do nothing to improve it. Classic MA.

    No hidden skill, no bonus buff but is a paying feature, why that mindark ?
  12. This week, there was an order for 10k medium moonleaf board at 120% on Caly AH.
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  13. Wistrel

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    yeh I was going with best MU ;)

    I only have a small bit so I guess there is a chance I could get that. But indeed if you know a way of getting hundreds of PED of moonleaf sure I can see why you'd want bigger buyers and indeed there is likely to be not much markup if indeed any.

    Interesting someone wanted some decent amount at 120% though.

    So no use for resource gatherer skills?
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  15. Exceptional Gardener

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