Planet Cyrene: All Bets on Tuesday 13th March ..Could this be the day ?

Discussion in 'Planet Cyrene' started by Agis, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. After speaking to my Planet Partner contacts this evening , MA has confirmed a big Planet Partner content update .. Seems alot is happening on this day..Could it be Cyrene, and whoever guessed Tuesday March 13th on the competition im sure would be excited. Seems all planets have an update that day, could it be that these big updates co-incide a possible new planet arrival

    We shall see, otherwise Cyrene will be released in April going by MAs once a month content windows since VU12.

    Exciting Times Folks
  2. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    But but it's the 13th !!!! is it a Friday :-)
  3. March 1st Today (Thursday)
    March 6th Next Tuesday
    March 13th Tuesday After.

    12 days to go
  4. By the silence from the Cyrene staff regarding any update on the release date.. now that there is only 10 days left until the Planet Partner March Update , I have doubts that Cyrene will be launched before the end of the 1st Quarter. So obviously we may have more time to save our deposits for another month, Since over the past 9 months Mindark have only had 1 Planet Partner update per month, and I strongly believe if there was no announcement this week, maybe we will have to wait for the April Update for the launch of Cyrene.

    From monday it will be 8 days to go and im sure the Cyrene team would not announce the launch with only just over a week to go.

    - I hope im wrong and it does come out March 13 or may delay the update 24-48 hours till 14th or 15th (they have done that in the November 2011 update got delayed 2 days), but its looking more likely we wont see Cyrene until the 2nd Quarter 2012 , with no official trailer released yet nor press release of announcement of launch.
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  5. You do some good detective work Agis. = )
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