Allophyl Treasure Hunt @ OLA26

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  1. Sarah Witchblade & BIG Industries presents:


    Come hunt Allophyl Prowlers and Stalkers at Sarahs Allophyl Farm OLA26 for your part of the daily prizes.

    Event Canceled in light of ownership change


    All globals in this event contribute to the ongoing TeddyBear Event and The Allophyl Jackpot

    Simply Register at the OLA26 landmarker located at (27593, 40319) - north east of Omegaton West Habitat, or on the in game events list.


    In an effort to be sure we can provide the maximum amount of events for everyone I will not be present at every single one, show up early to register for FREE @ the land marker!!!


    Good luck to everyone!!!


    You can see previous winners of this event in the old event thread HERE
  2. Congratulations to Mondays Winners!!!

    Spin Rep Pitt

    Jenka Maiden Deluxe

    Skytle DblooD Dryke
  3. Congratulations to this Tuesdays Winners!!!

    Buzz Eric Lightyear

    Ero Ero Leves

    Bobby Skankinbob Deluxe
  4. Congratulations to this Wednesdays Winners!!!(even though 90% of EU was down:eyecrazy:)

    Ero Ero Leves

    Leonarda Leona DaVinci

    Povilus povila namura
  5. Congratulations to this Thursdays Winners!!!

    Jura Raz Tura

    Blastoise Meculus Yarlboro

    Alex Jeffe Sailor
  6. Congratulations to this Fridays Winners!!!

    Ero Ero Leves

    Spin Rep Pitt

    Jura Raz Tura
  7. Congratulations to this Saturdays Winners!!

    Ero Ero Leves

    Jura Raz Tura

    Haylie DuoDuo Xu
  8. Congratulations to this Sundays Winners!!!

    Zyloc Zyloc Mist

    Ero Ero Leves

    Mrs Emma Peel
  9. Congratulations to this Saturdays Winners!!!

    Ero Ero Leves

    Spin Rep Pitt

    Jair Jair Ohnsford
  10. Gratz to this Sundays Winners!!!!

    Naomi NP Polder

    Tzepelea Tzepu Geri

    Chuck CrazyBuck Buck
  11. Congratulations to this Saturdays winners!!!

    nemeric neme rusor

    Slapnuts Slapnuts Smith

    Joseph Dredge Hogoroth
  12. Congratulations to this Sundays Winners!!!


    Mike Freyr Perry

    Tzepelea Tzepu Geri
  13. Congratulations to this Saturdays Winners!!!

    Affe Aframo Mr Afroman

    Martigan Digit Handscome

    Joey Jay-Jay Javonie

  14. ................
  15. Congratulations to this Sundays Winners!!!

    Mike Freyr Perry

    Mrs Emma Peel

    Buzz Eric Lightyear
  16. Congratulations to this Saturdays Winners!!!

    1st place: Mike Freyr Perry
    2nd place: suzanne trifle gizmos
    3rd place: Silas Nikopol Diegaeth
  17. Congratulations to this Sunday's Winners!!

    2nd place: Buzz Erik Lightyear
    3rd place: Mrs Emma Peel
  18. Congratulations to this Saturdays Winners!!!

    1st place: Empress Em Sword
    2nd place: Bigfot Tomten Painkiller
    3rd place: adam kuti kuchcik
  19. Congratulations to this Saturday's Winners!!

    1st place: Alex Jeffe Sailor
    2nd place: stelios SsteLiosS ntapsos
    3rd place: Madsheep Blacksheep Stolensheep
  20. Congratulations to this Sundays Winners!!!

    1st place: Mrs Emma Peel
    3rd place: Buzz Erik Lightyear
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