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Discussion in 'Entropia Community' started by Magyar, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. What if I took my ability to fashion an argument and made it into a public service? People could supply me with evidence and background. I could then interview EU participants for further details and post an argument representing my particular client.

    I would have to review case material put before me for consistency, have an attorney/client privilege document the client would have to approve, and of course detailed methodology. I would also have to charge for my services and reserve the right to reject a client if insufficient evidence were provided or if a conflict of interest were apparent (ie i already was representing a similar case, the opposition, or had done so within a set time period).

    It makes me chuckle a little bit to consider this but could be a fun way to address the inevitable player dramas that come up, and a bit of an impersonal way as well -- might save some hurt egos.


    At any rate its a funny idea!
  2. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    Of course, an attorney is licensed to perform these duties and is answerable to the BAR for misconduct. If you think you have these credentials and could perform them then advertise the service and be ready to show these credentials.. :coffee:
  3. Reselling conflict? I'll just get mine at the boxes when I want some, thanks.
  4. Only according to Earth law. This is planet Calypso. The operating premise here is, since people arent actually pressing any legal charges that this is simply a fun outlet to ingame politics. Instead of having to deal with accusations of bias, hurt pride, anonymous forum accounts, and all the other not so fun negative things people do on the boards people can have the opportunity to have someone else represent their claim --- and we might actually be able to view the facts behind the accusations rather than piddle around with high school popularity contests.

    Anyone could do this. But everyone wont be good at it.

    Anyhow youre all missing the point. This is for fun. And if Im going to spend a few hours constructing an argument for somebody and more time defending those points maybe I should get paid for my effort. Especially if I dont particularly care one way or the other about the individual!
  5. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Actually this is EntropiaPlanets and other laws rules here ;)
  6. Haha well yeah. Damn this time you got to my post before I could finish the edit. :-)
  7. Shadowsong

    Shadowsong Collateral Damage

    Aah, if only it was about how well you can frame an argument. But, I'll play.

    Tell us, if you will, how you will conduct your discovery , particularly with regards to hostile material witnesses , to ensure that your "argument" is anything more than a malinformed opinion. Those I can get for free in every thread on this forum.
  8. Youre right! I would have to conduct a legal form of discovery by having private interviews with the clients witnesses. These clients would be informed I am screenshotting replies and that these replies may be used in whole or in part during the argumentative phase. I would also have to be provided other evidence exhibiting the nature of the problem and how it relates to the client, and/or the nature of the individual the client is accusing or offering a defense against. These evidence could not be in the form of second hand knowledge and/or anecdotes, but must be valid material as recognized by the Entropia Universe service. Screenshots, recordings, forum posts, etc could be used. Others might be considered, but only in the presence of accompanying evidence that is very strong.

    As for motions for document requests, I dont think the virtual situation is quite serious enough to require a full legal scope with all the consequences implied, nor do I think community members in opposition would be willing to provide said documentation on request. Without true legal consequences this simply cannot be accomplished. Though willing interviews in the same manner as with friendly witnesses would be available to the opposition as well.

    At any rate, the label "Attorney" is used quite loosely. This would be more of a structured, impersonal debate on the issue. Which is a far cry from the unstructured, free form arguments we currently have.

    I could go even further and describe a format for presenting and arguing these cases. Established forums could have heavily moderated subsections where two debaters would square off. Material witnesses would be brought in by requesting permission from the moderator to allow that forum user to participate, that same process could be used to remove the participant, with a final removal of all participants occurring when the "trial" is over. High profile cases might garner news attention, while smaller squabbles might be lost to the court archives.
  9. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    What about ...

    • exculpatory and inculpatory evidence
    • who holds the burden of proof
    • excited utterance
    • present sense impression
    • implied assertion
    Oh, and btw ... second hand information = hearsay

    I'm just sayin' ;)
  10. Shadowsong

    Shadowsong Collateral Damage

    Let us stipulate that the client's witnesses will support the allegations of the client. How do you compel them to reveal any testimony or evidence that damns the client?

    In other words, it's not about what people will freely dispense. All too often, the crux of the matter is concealed by all involved, for various reasons, and without enforceable mechanisms to access that area of the debate, all you will accomplish is the publication of, at best, rumours, and, at worst, outright defamation.

    It is fun to contemplate the detail of these dramas, but to consider that anyone would pay you to do it .... what are you selling that we cannot get for free anyway?
  11. No arbitration could be binding unless enforced by Mindark. Good luck with that.
  12. Burden of proof would rest on the accuser. To have the defending side also share burden of proof is no better than what we have now, where people pick their realm of greatest popularity and sympathy and preach to the choir. As for compelling evidence to damn the client, why would anyone be interested in damning their own client? As for the rest --- how is this any different than current legal systems? A case is presented. Either a case has the records behind it back up its claims or they do not. Without records there is no case. Records = screenshot, recording....

    I have already said this.

    I suddenlty realized that I am not being listened to. Im being argued with. This argument is a circular argument. I will withdraw.
  13. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    Not seeing much being offered here.. At least nothing worth paying for..
  14. Its moments like this I feel like the world lacks imagination. No worries. Its an idea that amuses me. It does not have to amuse anyone else. I was just sharing.
  15. TimUnleashed

    TimUnleashed Southern Fortress Engineering


    I think it's a funny idea - that of taking someone else's arguments, framing them properly, and giving everyone a chance of making their point properly, even if they're full of crap. It would kind of mean that every argument is a caricature of what it would otherwise have been.

    Love it!
  16. Pretty much exactly what I was driving at. This is a game folks. These arent real legal proceedings. Nothing is at stake other than the arguments at hand. By providing an official forum where the arguments can be taken and discussed in an organized manner we both give these situations an outlet for productive resolution and add a new dimension to the political aspect of the gaming platform.

    Nobody is required to use the idea, but if folks want to hash it out why not see if we can make it into something that adds to the game experience rather than spoils it. Each side can hire "attorneys" to present their case and call witnesses. I figured the old west type font on my little logo would give a clue. What Im proposing is nothing short of a satirical way to resolve disputes.
  17. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    My previous post was meant to be facetious, and I get that it's all fun and games, but ... I think you're overlooking a very important aspect here. And that is ... no matter how you want to spin this ... whether it's the wild west or otherwise ... personal dynamics can change this from fun and games to an all out battleground ... we've seen it happen before.

    Even if representation from both sides of the argument present their case, those involved other than the case reps will want to have their say, and that's where it can get sticky. You can set up rules of engagement, but if someone feels slighted in the simplest of ways, it will not stop them from intervening. No one wants to lose an argument, and while intellectual banter can be quite stimulating, everyone doesn't come to the table with the same vision, nor the same agenda.

    When you put something like this on display (no matter how much fun is intended ... game or not), it invites the community to takes sides and make judgment. As a result, it also places those involved in the "case" on the defensive to dispel what they think are inaccurate statements not only by "opposing counsel" (?), but the community at large.

    I truly see where you're going with this, but you would have no control in the process if someone were so inspired and inclined (perhaps even driven) to speak their mind on the matter with the potential to incite others.

    We saw what happened recently both at EF and here, and personally ... I think it would only end up another mess and mass train wreck.

    However ... let it not be minimized or dismissed that you definitely have a way with words, and certainly a talent for mature writing, even if not all agreed with. I know you like a good debate, but perhaps something not at the expense of potential injury to others. After all, it really isn't just pixels.

    Take an issue within our universe (other than personal disputes) and start a discussion. I know that EP is flexible enough to allow healthy discussion within the parameters of the rules of the forum ... meaning civil and constructive. When it goes beyond that, then it gets the attention of the Admins.

    Give it a try, and see if you can stay within those rules of engagement. :D

  18. This would just be a drama bait, the idea isn't even amusing.
  19. xentric

    xentric noob

    I have never seen any evidence that you possess such an ability.
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  20. Ahh! Therefore it doesnt exist! Tell me. What else havnt you seen? Ever seen Canada? How about Niagara Falls, or Mount Kilimanjaro? Ever seen an element in the process of radioactive decay?

    I love arguments like this. What the poster is saying is "I dont like you, so I am going to say something dickish and pretend its clever."

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