An introduction to Entropia Missions

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    EntropiaPlanets presents a guide to Entropia Missions

    Missions were introduced to the Entropia Universe with the February 18 VU release 10.8.0. Initially, the missions were tested with a set that was specifically targetting newcomers to Planet Calypso in Port Atlantis. For an oversight of the available missions, we refer you to either the EntropiaPlanets Wiki Mission oversight, or a similar list on Entropedia.

    General mission information
    Missions typically require a participant to find a starting point. This is usually a NPC (Non Player Character), though in some cases the starting point can be a Mission Terminal, or a specific area on the map. Upon triggering the mission start, the participant will typically be involved in some sort of dialogue, with some basic answers to choose from. After progressing through the dialogue and indicating interest in helping to fullfill the mission objectives, the player will receive the mission, which will then be added to his or her Quest/Mission log (which can be found in the Action Library (default key Y), under the Avatar section, page 2). In there, the name of the mission will be shown, and include a reference to the objective(s) of the mission in question.


    The Quest/Mission log also shows a list of all the missions you already have completed, along with a brief oversight of what you accomplished during the mission, and it allows you to track a mission, which means that if the mission objectives include visiting specific coordinates, a marker will be added to your radar screen showing you the general direction of where to go. The marker will also show up on the ingame map.

    Types of missions.
    There are four major types of missions available at the time of writing of this tutorial:

    1) Exploration mission - Exploration missions typically will have a player taken along a predefined set of waypoints in order to scout a particular area, or visit specific places. This can be used by the planet partner to give new players the ability to discover a few useful teleporters, or to explore a specific area (as is for example the case with the Cyclops Volcano area between East Scylla Mountains, Boreas, Fort Troy, and Osere) A good example of an exploration mission would be "The Trail to the East!", where the mission takes the player from Swamp Camp to Fort Troy, with several other Teleporters or outposts as waypoints inbetween.

    2) Gathering mission - Gathering missions involve collecting specific items or objects for the NPC. A good example is "Adam's Anguish", which involves collecting three different objects required by the NPC to woo his ex-girlfriend, or "Mine Belkar Stone", which requires the player to use mining tools in order to find Belkar near the newly reconstructed city of Port Atlantis. These missions can be useful to instruct newcomers on how to deal with specific professions, or to have them explore nearby areas while looking for something specific.

    3) Kill specific MOB - The Iron Challenge missions require the participant to first kill 100 specimen of a specific MOB, followed by 500, 1.000, 5.000 and finally 10.000. These missions are the most rewarding from a player perspective, as completing a mission can mean additonal attributes or skills. If you still feel like killing more mobs of the same type once you are done with 10.000 of them, you will be glad to find that some of the mob-types also have Bronze-challenge missions, where you have to kill 10.000 mobs above a particular maturity. These missions are nice for Land Area owners, who can populate their property with MOBs to cater to a particular mission. Take for example Amethera Outback Land #51 or Amethera Outback Land #53, filled with merps, or Amethera Outback Land #26 with low maturity Molisks, while Amethera Outback Land #27 offesr higher maturity Molisks for the Bronze Molisk Challenge mission.

    4) Secret missions - These are not given directly, but are achieved by the player reaching a specific location. An example includes "Smuggler's run", which triggers by the player reaching the Chug's Hideout Point of Interest. These missions are typically not offering any rewards, and are more like Easter Eggs than anything else. Still, completing them is something that people who take pride in attempting to finish as many missions as possible might enjoy.


    There are also hybrid versions of the above mission types, like "Gather part from Drone Robot", which requires the killing of 25 Drones, and the looting of an Electrolux Matrix part. Another particular implementation of missions are the so-called branching missions, where the player will be forced to pick between alternative continuation paths. An example of this is found in the For Discreet Applications mission chain, where the player will have to decide whether the NPC asking him to break into particular technology is telling the truth and thus help out the NPC, or whether he or she does not trust this person, and instead will go to report the NPC to the other side. After making a choice there, later in the game, the player will receive a follow-up mission from whichever party was picked.

    The EntropiaPlanets Mission Tracker grants players the ability to keep track of which missions they have finished, and which ones they have left. Entropedia offers similar functionality.

    Guide courtesy of EntropiaPlanets. Contributors: VF.
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