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    Vehicles were introduced to Entropia in release 11.2.0 (June 21st 2010). The intention of this guide is to give you a brief overview into the different possibilities that vehicles have to offer.

    Firstly, for an overview of available vehicles, please check the EntropiaPlanets Wiki Vehicles page, where you can find a comparison of the different types of vehicles, such as the Valkyrie (similar to a Dune Buggy), Saehrimnir (similar to a Hummer), Jormungand (Boat), Hovercraft (works on both land and water), VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing personal spacecraft), and all of them available in one flavor: (L)imited.

    Vehicles provide colonists with a fast way to travel around on the planets within the Entropia Universe. Better yet, all vehicles allow for their owner to take along a friend or two, depending on the vehicle model (or, in the case of the Omegaton Pitbull, 8 friends, and a nice Gatling gun), and most of them also have the ability to attach a weapon to them, allowing for maneuverability and deadly attack teams.

    Getting a vehicle
    Obtaining a vehicle is easy. They are crafted items, and can be found in the Auction system under Vehicles. Once you are in possession of your new transportation method of choice, you will need to commission it so you can use it. To do this, find yourself a city with a Commission Terminal (see the screen shot). Twin Peaks has one, but they can also be found in other cities. [IMGALIGNRIGHT][/IMGALIGNRIGHT]

    Click on the Commission Terminal, and then drag your vehicle onto it from your inventory (where it is hiding under Miscellaneous). When you are finished, the vehicle is now registered to you. Before you can actually drive in it though, you will need to add oil to it. In order to do this, ensure you are somewhere outdoors in a relatively flat area, and then drag oil onto it. Yes, in the very future, vehicles still use oil. Al Gore is not happy with that, but what can you do?

    Spawning your vehicle
    To spawn your vehicle, first access your inventory where your vehicles are kept. Then, right-click on the vehicle of choice and select “Spawn Vehicle.” Your cursor will change to your vehicle, and you can thus select where it will appear. By holding down your right mouse button and dragging your mouse, you can change the direction your vehicle is facing. Once you are satisfied with the spawning position of the vehicle, release the mouse button, and like magic, the vehicle will appear. [IMGALIGNLEFT][/IMGALIGNLEFT]

    When you are done driving, or simply want to pick up your vehicle, right-click it and select “Pick up Vehicle.” Alternatively, if you happen to have lost your vehicle, there is an option in the Action Library (default Y) called “Recall all Vehicles.” This will place all vehicles you have standing around on Calypso straight into your storage, which is not your personal inventory, but rather planet storage facility. The original release notes for Entropia Vehicles also stated that after ten minutes of standing around, the vehicle will automatically be moved to your storage facility.

    In order to board the vehicle, you simply double-click it. Alternatively, you can right-click it, and then select “Operate.” Granting access to the vehicle works very similar to the way you can give access to spaceships, and estates. Right-click the vehicle and select the “Open Vehicle Guest UI” option. You can then drag friends from your friend list to the guest list. Alternatively, you can add nearby avatars by simply dragging their status bar onto the friend list. You can give access as a passenger, as well as a driver if you want to allow someone to test drive your vehicle.

    Maneuvering your vehicle
    For most vehicles, the controls are very similar to regular movement. That is, you use W to drive forward (alternatively, you can hold down both the left- and right mouse buttons), S to back up, and A and D for left and right strafing. For rotating left and right, use Z and C respectively. R will allow you to auto move.

    VTOLs and presumably other flying vehicles have a few additional commands, allowing the vehicle operator to take off and land. To move up, use the Left Shift key, to move down, Left CTRL. A and D will make flying vehicles rotate, while Z and C make flying vehicles strafe.

    There are also shortcuts available in your Action Library (default Y). Under Control, on Page 2, the right-hand page contains the Up and Down actions.[IMGALIGNLEFT][/IMGALIGNLEFT]

    Initially when vehicles were introduced, they only received damage when being attacked by other avatars or vehicles. More recently though, since release 11.3.0, falling or hitting rocks, bushes, buildings and structures, trees, mobs, and a variety of other objects will damage your car, so be careful when you drive to make the car last as long as possible. When your car does take damage, less damage will be taken when you remain seated in it.

    Repairing your vehicle [IMGALIGNRIGHT][/IMGALIGNRIGHT]
    In order to restore damage sustained by your vehicle, you can buy tools called “Vehicle Repair Kits” (Vehicle RK). These can be crafted, and can be found in auction under Tools → Misc Items. In order to repair your vehicle, you equip the RK, click on your vehicle, and then use it by aiming it at your vehicle.

    Mounting weapons and Storage
    As stated earlier, weapons can be mounted on most vehicles (VTOLs for instance do not have this option). All weapons are limited and crafted, and can be found in the Auction under the Ranged Weapons → Mounted. To mount a weapon, you will have to be added as a friend on a vehicle. Simply double-click the vehicle, and when you are in position, equip the gun in your inventory to make it appear on the gun turret.

    Valid targets from the turret are other vehicles and avatars. Unfortunately at this time, it is not possible to shoot at MOBs.
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    Nice one Peter ... this should be quite helpful for new vehicle owners, or those anticipating purchasing a vehicle. :thumbup:

    Ya had to add the Al Gore snip didn't ya! [​IMG]
  3. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Just bought a Pitbull to piss of Al Gore :)

    now if I only had 8 friends :(
  4. MindStar9

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    Gratz, and oh please ... you have more than 8 friends right here on the E-Team ... stop with the pity party already. :nana:
  5. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    OK OK, I might have about 9 or 10 then.

    Had a drive from Treasure Island City to Nea's today with some noobs and took the LONG way around and got them about 4 or 5 TP's.
    Had a great time and so did they, so they told me :)
  6. GeorgeSkywalker

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    you guys should have seen me yesterday i was flying my sleipnir yesterday when high up it ran out of fuel. Without warning or anything and came crashing down on a mountain lol oh boy and it rolled all the way down taking damge all the way along
  7. MindStar9

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    Oh how cool ... I never thought about using the Purple Pitbull for newbie TP runs, that's a great idea. Might even make an event out of it or something, and get creative with the fun. The possibilities. :bigsmile:

    OMG ... that's just too damn funny ... I can just about visualize that Ace. I'll bet that was a shocker.

    I better make sure I keep enough gas in my vehicles. :p
  8. Neuromancer

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    I would add a slight edit that at the moment, the VTOL can't take guns.

    Great guide, Admin
  9. NotAdmin

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    Added. I did write that not all vehicles can support weapons yet, but now it's a bit more clear :)
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