Ancient Greece TP List

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  1. So I didn't see one started so I thought I would share my tp locations. Feels free to add a post if you see one I don't have listed. I will try to keep it updated.



    Dodona - 33629*22705
    Ephesus - 39798*20273
    Macedonia - 35264*23071
    Mount Diete - 38016*17247
    Mount Olympus Basecamp - 34992*21967
    Mount Olympus Peak - 34720*22687
    Olympia - 35008*20207
    Orpheus' Cave - 36000*19871 (can't tp to it)
    Sparta - 35616*19391
    Syracuse - 33472*19119
    Thebes - 36208*20703
    Thebes Amphitheater - 36512*20783
    Thebes Market - 36048*20511
    Thrace - 38352*23327
    Troy - 39624*22320
  2. Is Syracuse still in Crete? As a former student of ancient history I would love to know when it moved from there to its modern day location in Sicily. For some reason I was never taught about that.

    PS Just noticed this is my first post here - I promise I didn't mean to start on such a cynical note, I thought I'd posted before :D
  3. Newest map with full tp's

  4. Thx Kitten. I'll send a milk bowl your way once I loot one :P

  5. I have 15 total, anyone find more?

    Troy is at 39624 22320
  6. I will be heading back to AG today so I will update the list then. Thx for the additional TP's.

  7. Hmm, never heard of Syracuse in Crete. I know that it was founded by Corinthians and Teneans (Greeks), but in Sicily...

    Then again, i might have to look it up :)

    Hopefuly, i'll manage to visit NI's Ancient Greece one day.
  8. red


    syracuse was always in sicily, as far as I knew. in minoan crete, the teleporter site looks like knossos.

    what are the two places in what would have been ancient persia?
  9. Yes that should certainly be Knossos, the capital of ancient Crete (and of modern Crete if memory serves) and the location of the Minotaur's maze.

    Presumably Troy is one, and I think I read elsewhere that there is a TP named Istanbul (not Constantinople) so I guess that's the other one.

    That would be Asia Minor rather than Persia though :)
  10. red


    it looks like one could be troy. the second one is further south, and I have no idea what it is. constantinople isn't marked, although it would have been byzantium at the time, I believe.

    turkish persia was part of the achaemenid empire. they had a few disagreements with the greeks until alexander stopped by and made a few suggestions to fix the problems.
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