And so it begins - WinServer2012R2, Ubuntu1204, WD3.5, CPanel, Forum/Ecommerce/Blogs/Wiki Packages

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  1. Please keep in mind this is all hobby for me, I can't earn more than $5,000 a month roughly (I already get $4,000 roughly from government & super retirement) before getting taxed and putting my lifetime retirement at risk (reduced income) for extra income earned.

    My intention is to set all this up at the cheapest rate possible for people (commercial). NPO Hobbyist for part eg. stuff like the moogamingnetwork and any additional, slowly pass off to my younger brother to build up a business portfolio for him to manage. But that is all long term plans and iff (if and only if) it all works out :)
  2. Ok, I have done most of the research on SHDSL today and talked to the main 4 providers and 3 minor providers. It seems it will be best to go with TPG/Soul both are the same company, just a spin off of one another.

    Spoke to TPG this afternoon and they can offer unlimited bandwidth 10/10Mbits with anytime access, no rate limit, no fair use policy, no shaping for ~ $ 450/month.

    Link >
    TPG DSLAM check for my area > Yes
    Connection device will be the Cisco 888 >

    To be noted, wireless will be turned off in the short term for extra security even though it does offer 802.1X Quad handshaking WPA2-Enterprise-PSK via radius in the latest released stable IOS. I can connect upto 4 servers directly to the Cisco 888 SHDSL Router with dedicated switched 100Mbps per port.

    An interesting watch, though it is even easier than this to crack WPA2-PSK using 3 easily obtainable programs.
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  3. Break and enter security set > $ 500,000 household and content insurance $ 180/month with Westpac at the moment being reviewed by my bank National Australia Bank @ ~ 140/month > A couple of options disabled but full cover never the less, guaranteed $250,000 payout as a minimum resolution, no matter what occurs.

    PC systems security in terms of data exposure through server theft covered > Forget about Truecrypt, PGP (Symantec) and Microsoft Bitlocker and other names out there with a reputation. They are pretty much destroyed, well have been for years now. Recently a product was commercially made available to automate the task of cracking these FDE encryption standards.

    Link >
    A news writeup on the above program >

    I will be using this which efdd has not been able to crack, not even get past the boot auth as of yet.
    Full disk encryption. Link >
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  4. Server 2012 being built from the ground up, google, Technet and MSDN are your friend.
    Security is A1 priority, Symantec used instead of MS Endpoint which is a weaker performer however free.

    All unnecessary processes will be disabled > Involves a lot of reading. I managed to get the memory consumption down to 1.9Gb from 4.1Gb with standard install so far - includes PHP5, SQL2012, Symantec Endpoint, ASP.NET.

    Server roles will be added one by one and a full report of processes enabled and their security aspects will be assessed and anything outstanding will be dealt with appropriately. The goal being to lock down the sandbox environment as tight as a fish's asshole however to do the tasks it has been assigned to do and allow the normal access necessary.

    NO_Server_Roles.jpg Features_minimal.jpg Memory_01.jpg
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  5. Forgot to mention, all passwords will be generated using hash generators, even I will not be able to remember them moments after their use each time. They are just nutty. However they are all stored for use using steganography :)

    Many steganography programs out there, however the best one I have found thus far is the Professional version of Secret Layer, and how appropriate the website name lol :)

    Link >

    Remember the pro version ;)

    Also read the advise section, it gives you invaluable information on dos and don'ts.
    This is one layer of protection but the software allows you to do things to multilayer your protection if needed. Eg, encrypted files/containers/compressed files with encryption can be hidden again within a picture then a small picture can be hidden in a larger picture which can be located anywhere on the internet cloud(s).

    The Pro version of Secret Layer supports encryption of your data:

    • Encryption type: AES, Key length: 128, 196, 256 (bits)
    • Encryption type: Blowfish, Key length: 128, 196, 256, 384, 448 (bits)
    • Encryption type: Cast-128, Key length: 40, 64, 128 (bits)
    • Encryption type: Cast-256, Key length: 128, 160, 192, 224, 256 (bits)
    • Encryption type: DES, Key length: 64 (bits)
    • Encryption type: IDEA, Key length: 128 (bits)
    • Encryption type: RC5, Key length: 64, 128, 192, 256, 384, 448, 512, 1024, 1536, 2040 (bits)
    • Encryption type: Twofish, Key length: 128, 192, 256 (bits)

    A container with the encrypted data is hidden inside of an ordinary-looking image. This is all done automatically and in the background: you don't have to do anything extra.
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  7. HEHE! That is what I was waiting for, input ;)

    Well Symantec Endpoint has not got as bad a rep as the MS freebie endpoint that comes with System Centre 2012. So for now I am using Symantec, seems ok, running the highest security profile which impacts performance. I will read up more on other products available, but remember I don't want to go too overkill just yet on costs involved. Symantec is just for the AV & general software firewall side of things. (** sad face, only a small budget left for software at this time **) I ordered the equipment today for the server. all up ~ $1500. Need to buy some other things first then will get the other missing parts (16Gb more ram and second 4TB HDD for RAID-1)

    Anyway as an update I decided to dive in and install the latest 5.5.7 version of PHP, so far 2 hours of reading all the notes on every little configuration option for IIS lol and my head is spinning. Damn some security problems with using FastCGI, so will take the long road and do this properly. < Mind you it is almost 1am now lol. I can;t see myself sleeping till this is done, 5 amish maybe :P

    I am using the production ini as a starting point since I will have the resource to run it on.
  8. LOL that is hilarious, the PHP Manager that I mentioned above picked up several errors I had made and corrected them all to the optimal right values :)

    God I love that program ... Anyway since it did such a good job on IIS8 I decided to try a fresh install in a customised directory and whola, did it in seconds lmao! Well I learned doing it manually though :)
  9. A plug in here and a plug in there, here a plugin there a plugin, everywhere a plugin plugin.
    Old MS SQL plugin plugin plugin, and with its plugins there was a native driver plugin, PHPHP :D

    HA who said you couldn't make a song out of all of this ;)

    Anyway I finally got the features pack for SQL downloaded and am now in the process of installing the native client drivers & MSSQL PHP 3.0 drives ... soon I should have phpBB installed. Stay tuned :)
  10. Ok so the connector.dll for PHP only support up to version 5.4, I have 5.5 lol, time to downgrade PHP :D

    lol Peter i see the mucking around involved in properly setting this all up !
  11. Fuck yeah i am good :) ALL DONE ! And an hour to spare, 4am, off to bed now!
    phpBB running on Windows Server 2012, MSSQL2012, PHP5.4

    Admin Panel and Board Index.
    mgn_forum_Win_Environment_01.jpg mgn_forum_Win_Environment_02.jpg

    Tomorrow I shall config it a little more.

    Night All.
  12. Does a little dance, I feel good ... dadadada :) SO good, soo goood I got it working, securely and properly!

    Ok, today's mission is to further cut costs (Software costs) without compromising security.

    So Symantec as well as it works on the surface will be replaced with the free Microsoft Endpoint solution which can be found located in the Microsoft System Centre 2012 package.

    Or directly from here >

    Doing this will save me a couple of hundred dollars in not having to purchase Symantec Endpoint.

    I will do a more intensive dig for information on better security suites when finances ease up a bit.
    For now, i will use the freely provided MSEP and use better security practices.

    All advise welcomed on this subject. Please feel free to input as I am hearing you and listening :)
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  13. The step after this will be to have installed and working by dusk, also Teamspeak3 installed and memory consumption to be kept under 3GB ... sitting at 2.2GB atm
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