Anticipated Difficulties

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Sorven, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Well, it's not surprising, but I wish they hadn't done it. It looks like they're slowly but surely making it nearly impossible to play at any level without either having an immense amount of luck or other players supporting you to be able to play without depositing. Sweat prices dropped so much when they redid the mindforce powers and now will be dropping even more after reading about the size IV vibrant sweat claim on Next Island. Not that sweating was what I wanted to be doing this time around, but now it looks like it will be the way to waste time for nothing. To top all that off they also made it so that you can't find things while driving, which I guess makes sense but it wasn't always easy to spot stuff doing it so I didn't really see a massive problem, but now they made it so that most if not all of what you find is... well... crap. And lots of it. I almost doubled by dung pile over the last few playing times. I have almost 2,000 dung now, which is much more than I ever had previously. This amounts to roughly 2 ped in value from the last price offer I saw. That's nothing to scoff at for me, that's almost half a mining run, but it isn't great. Luckily I have been surviving, barely, on my mining. The ups are great to see but the downs... oh man, every day I go mining I fear for a horrible return. One really bad run means I can't mine anymore, I could sure go for one of those lovely size VII(I) finds right now. I'm not complaining really, just means I work harder to survive, I understand they want their money and it is my choice to not give it to them so I must suffer under their restrictions. But for all the others out there, if you thought it was hard playing as a non-depositor, expect it to be much harder now.

    I'm tempted to take what little value I have and get a TT Vivo, however getting a job without even having a maxed Vivo is, well, impossible. Or, at least unlikely except for those kind souls out there. I would only be able to charge for decay until it is maxed, then I could charge maybe 1 ped for an hour of time along with the decay. At least then I'm not really ripping someone off but that means it'll take me days to get a rookie mining run together. Oh well, maybe soon I'll get that Vivo, for now, I love mining way too much to give it up. I'll survive, as I always do, they can't hide the stones from me forever, and they can give me as much crap as they want, eventually that pays off too.

    Oh, and a special thanks to Narfi for the OJ loan, it's nice not being naked. ;) I promise to return them when I can afford/make some nice white clothes.
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    bad news about the bug with finding sweat mining on next island :/
    Good news is all of the new rocktropia blueprints require sweat in their ingredients list :)

    Keep up the struggle, you will survive :)

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