Any interest in a Next Island Trade Fair?

Discussion in 'Missions & events' started by Tom, May 11, 2011.

  1. Tom


    Hello everyone. Over the past few months I've got to know a lot of new / regular people who begin or visit Next Island, and a big hindrance to scratching out some beginning is the inability to locally sell, find, buy, and trade items looted and mined. Yes there's the auction, but there are fees involved plus cross planet transaction fees that kills a lot of users who do not have a lot of PED.

    I'm asking the seasoned users, Next Island societies, and new gamers: Is there any interest in coordinating a time and location to meet and trade amongst ourselves--a sort of Trade Fair once a week or so?

    I'm open to suggestions.

    This effort is not intended to undercut the local and trusted vendors (who I frequently buy from!), but it is meant to help people sell and trade items for a fair price (TT + that week's MU). This event would NOT be for traders who want to buy at a discount price. The goal would be to open an avenue for people to invest in the community, through selling and buying from its Next Island members.

    What is the Next Island community's thoughts on this?
  2. This is a good idea, and was attempted as a monthly event back in January or February, wasn't a lot of turn out for it though. But I say give it a try, we have more permanent members then we did back then so it might just work.
    I'll join you in a few weeks, right now I have the majority of my PED tied up in stock for my shop so my liquid funds are dangerously close to that 1k mark. If your trade fair idea seems to be working then I'll depo a few hundred bucks to set aside for purchasing items from new players at this fair. Then turn around and sell them one of my guns :)
  3. That is excellent idea, I think that would help Us (new memberes) to sell thnigs we looted at fair price. As Tom said the auction is too expenisve becaouse not all players have plenty of PED and can take a risk at the auction :),

    nice idea :)
  4. Tom


    Cool! Thanks Corey and Mahuna! Here is a planned time and location...

    Date: early Sunday (Europe) and evening Saturday (U.S.)
    Time: 0200 EUT [Equivalent to Sunday at 0100 GMT, Saturday at 10:00 PM (Eastern US) and 07:00 PM (Pacific US).]
    Location: 144098 85544 (sandy area near three blue flame totem poles, just NW of Club Neverdie)

    Please get the word out to anyone you know, buyers/sellers, crafters, hunters, miners, and sweaters.
    For the seasoned members, if you can bring a spare 3 PED to buy sweat from a new person that will tremendously help.

    Keep in mind this is a very informal event. If anyone brings any vehicles for show, that would be cool too, hint hint.
  5. Love the idea of a trade fair.

    No. EUT = GMT, the UK (where I am) is currently at GMT+1, and elsewhere in Europe is further ahead. So 02:00 EUT is 03:00 UK, 04:00 in Central Europe.
  6. Tom


    Ah, thanks, SylverDragon for the correction. Time will still be 0200 EUT, since that is the game platform standard. :-)
  7. and what time will it be ( i live in UTC+1 )? Can't find anywhere :(
  8. UTC is the same as GMT Mahuna, so it will be 03:00.
  9. LordLongLicious

    LordLongLicious Do you fear death?

    Sure, count us in. :)

    However to make it a place where the sharks wont come from Calypso to buy as much as they can cheap just to sell it for 10 times the price afterwards will be a hard thing to prevent.

    I get so corssed whenever I cannot complete an armor set, buy a shop, or even craft some tool because someone is holding a specific matter or commodity...

    ...and there are several sites on the web about how they do this, no matter if they get shut down one day just to reappear elsewhere.

    Mind Ark shoud really set up some regulations about it because I do not see how we can control the speculators.

    My usual complaint, but sure, how can we (as in my society) help?

    Ill contact some fair traders I know from Twin Peaks to come by, and members of our society to save some peds and mats for the event.
  10. red


    I understand, completely, how you feel.

    I remember watching the auctions for the huts and shops and almost crying as the usual brigade of monopolists (I suppose market-cornerers would be more accurate) drive the prices into the stratosphere. I watch the same thing happen with the time crystals and the key materials for them.

    if you could (PM me), I'd be interested in a URL to one of those sites. after over seven years, I already know all the methods. however, I've always been curious as to exactly how organised the conspiracy actually is; and what the professors are trying to extract from those they are teaching.

    incidently, I saw a billboard, the other day, on the island, that read "beware of scammers - get a fair price for your sweat". excluding the poor wording, I thought this was an excellent warning to have posted. although, it immediately occurred to me it should be expanded to read: "beware of unethical traders and confidence artists - obtain a fair price for the goods you sell."

    in the end, the best way to protect oneself is to develop a network of favoured traders. it's a social task. this way, people know who will be fair as opposed to those who are looking to take advantage of others.
  11. LordLongLicious

    LordLongLicious Do you fear death?

    Well the last site I saw about it was apparently shut down as I cannot find it anymore.

    The person who created the last site I saw about it, was bragging more than teaching, as self praise and business oportunism seem to be the usual intention of such sites.

    About for instance how they used their neighbours and friends to join the game and purchase a specific material to make sure that the production would be limited to their control.

    Such scammers for what I have seen, are sharing this info because they are either warning others that some specific products are already taken, and/or to offer partnership on the monopoly attempts as they usually provide an email or meeting point ingame for contact.

    And they spend a lot of money in order to achieve such monopolies as they usually state, so I guess this is why MA does not really bother about it.
  12. LordLongLicious

    LordLongLicious Do you fear death?

    However, back to the topic...

    ...I think it is a great idea and please tell me how me or my society could be helpful in any way.
  13. Tom


    Well for now, I'd love to see buyers who want to do fair trades with sellers. That's my main concern that everyone is treated respectfully.

    Lord, for this first time, I think just getting the word out to your friends and society mates will help. If they want to bring anything to sell and/or trade, please bring the items. Realistically I"m unsure if everyone will sell/buy what they planned on, but it can be the start of a possible regular event.

    If this trade fair is successful, I"m up for trying it out next week too. The time of course could be adjusted based on the majority opinion on what time would work best for everyone.

    Thanks for your insights!
  14. Hey Tom, I'll be there tonight, not until 3am EU time though. If there is a shortage of buyers I'll pick up a few things. Here is a brief list what I am looking for if someone is having trouble selling before I get there;
    10ped TT of oil, will pay weekly MU on it
    Any NI specific loot, I offer 150% MU on them(except for the time travel mats and ice daggers, not really interested in them). Max of 100ped TT of stuff. Also in the long run I am probably ripping the seller off so if they can afford to hold onto them then I suggest they do :)
    And I will buy sweat from new players, 15 or under agility, max 3k bottles/person. For this first trade fair I will pay 5ped/k instead of my normal 3ped/k to try and get some more people interested.
  15. Tom


    Cool! Look forward to seeing ya!
  16. red


    was there a place and time set?

    I'd like to stop by. I'm not sure what I can buy. I usually like soft hides and thin wool and the typical stuff people throw away.
  17. Tom


    from earlier in the thread...
    Just to clarify the time, the Trade Fair begins 02:00 Entropia Universe Time (EUT). Corey plans on stopping by about 03:00 EUT, so the event will last at least an hour. If people want to stay, chat, and continue trading, that's perfectly fine!
  18. Sorry I couldn't make it. How did it go Tom?
  19. Tom


    For a first time event, all of two fun hours, I think it went quite well. About 15 or so people stopped by to hang out, trade, chat, dance, or just see what was going on. There was some trading of ores, enmatter, medical items, and some weapons (crafted Jesters).

    Notably, I was pleased that some first time miners and crafters were able to sell some of their items.

    True to form--and beyond my wildest wishes--Softheart, red, Corey, Curd, and Chuck brought out their VTOLs, land vehicles, and a helicopter, and ship. (Not sure who brought what, but we definitely had some heavy metal parked near the water.) We also witnessed a small papoo get vaporized by a rocket. That was a first for me.

    The plan right now is to do another trade fair next week, early Sunday May 22nd; and we'll bump the time two hours ahead to 00:00 EUT, to accommodate our late night European / Asian Next Islanders.

    For the people who took some time to come out: A big thank you. You helped make the event a success. Hope to see you all again next week. And bring some things to trade.

    For those who could not make it, we'll be at the same spot next week. Hope to see you.

    And to everyone, spread the word. Realistically most items traded thus far are various ores, enmatters, and beginning level weapons / first aid packs. No one had any sweat to sell, but the offer is still ongoing anytime, as well as at the fair.

    Who knows what might be brought this next week.
  20. :happylaugh::happylaugh:

    I was out running around doing a project when I was so rudely killed (even forgot which mob now) when I revived at CND and heard you guys talking (didn't realize it was that late) So I figured I would hang out and add my support to the event.

    Glad it went well :)

    Maybe a better place would be at Crystal Resort Beach Lodges, more open space in case we have to show off all our cars again. :) And spawn place for newcomers. (make them aware that there is another option to sell what they acquire)
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