Any interest in a Next Island Trade Fair?

Discussion in 'Missions & events' started by Tom, May 11, 2011.

  1. Excellent. Sounds like this went well. What about opening a new thread just for the next fair, headed 'Trade Fair Sunday 22nd' giving the date, time and location, and opening the thread for anyone to post what they would like to buy or sell at the fair, like Corey's post above.
  2. yea that would bi nice idea :)
  3. Tom


    Excellent suggestions! I in fact scouted around Crystal Resort Beach Lodges last night and will post a separate thread, detailing the next event. Great recommendations, everyone.
  4. Now if only Tom had one of the community centres,(like the building by Frank). The trade fair could be held there and it could be used as an auction alternative for people to list there items. Would probably help the economy to have that option for new players. Be a nice reward for Tom's hard work to help NI along. (hint hint Mr. Post :) )
  5. red


    couldn't the fair just occupy the community centre. after all, it's a centre for the community and all.
  6. What I ment was if Tom owned the building he could set up a few tables and new players who where unable to sell their item(s) during the trade fair could have Tom place these item(s) out on a table until the next fair. If the item(s) sell then Tom could take a small commission, if the item(s) don't sell then they would be returned to the owner at the next fair. This way new players do not have to pay the auction fee if their item does not sell. It would also provide a local area where players who can not make it to the fair could look for materials without having to rely on the auction or standing around saying, "Buying **Insert item here**" .

    This really comes down to one issue. There are players trying to help NI grow at no RL benefit to themselves. If they are given the tools to expedite this process then NI will benefit. Player turnover is very high in Entropia, give new player hope and they may stay longer. If this option is opened up to newbs then they might stay a little longer. All this plan lacks is someone who can buy useless materials at MU. Most likely this person would have to be a land owner, able to support buying TT food from funds gained in game. And someone who doesn't mind spending the majority of their tax revenue to help new players.
    I nominate Tom to own a community centre because I believe he could pull it off. The only thing missing is someone capable of investing enough to become a land owner on NI, and willing to spend their tax revenue to buy material from new players at no profit or even a loss. We can discuss who that person should be once land becomes available, or the deeds for the game reserves are created, though.
  7. red


    sure. but, I was only suggesting a temporary occupation. perhaps, NI management could put functional chairs and that sort of thing, like meg had asked for before.

    then, it would be sort of a real community centre and people would, over time, go there to socialize with others and see what's available for trade.
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