ROCKtropia: Any life out there?

Discussion in 'ROCKtropia' started by Menace, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Hello? Wondering what's been going on with the Rock. Much playerbase there these days? Anything to do? Is there access to descent gear? What happened to Narfi?
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    That old bum is building boats. Check out my signature. Also getting a statue made of Narfi which is looking pretty cool.

    Haven't played but a couple hours in the last year buy currently parked on Rocktopia. Escaped prison a couple weeks ago, didnt realize how close I was to finishing when I quit.

    What you been up to? All good?
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  3. RT is slowly dying as Neverdie starts up his new planet... that's why he handed administration of it over to the 'government'... I did start putting my nice little holiday collection up in the U. Someday a shopkeeper may go in there again, but we'll see... Can't wait to see what screw ups happen with AmVRica and the other planet he's supposed to be working on that were mentioned in the whitepaper.

    Doc Grey keeps putting new posts over at pretending that folks are reading it or responding or whatnot, but I think 90% of the site's activity is only him.
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  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Interesting. Switched to XF too. Like we did in 2011. It's just a little weird that it's using exactly the same skin as Arkadia forum. And it lost all the content of so many years, so many contributors... Maybe someone can convince ND to let us integrate all the history in EntropiaPlanets? Because we can pull some tricks, in this very moment we (= @NotAdmin) are working on restoring some of the oldest EU forum content that vanished over a decade ago ;)
  5. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Well, it makes total sense. vBulletin is a pile of shit.
  6. Entropia pioneers? It kicks ass
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  7. "Governor" DocGray has been last seen on neverdie forum in sept 2019.
    "theunicate" is still admin...but, ya, fake accounts and this forum died 2 years ago already.

    Thanks for all the crap. ;D

    michael ray doc gray governor rocjtropia 2017.jpg
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