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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by EMW, Apr 16, 2017.

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    Anyone who believes MA is unable to trigger certain things whenever they want/whenever it is convenient hasn't been paying attention. Case in point being LeeLoo's HOF when some news program was filming EU at that same time.

    And I happen to know other similar coincidences with impeccable timing have been discussed at the MA office.
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  3. damn, didn't get a chance to put that one in the internet archive way back machine before she killed it... should have known to do that... lol
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    Mh, missed that one too, but maybe there's a chance we get some info about it on EP ?!?
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    Feel free to let them know things won't be deleted here. I saw the thread, too, but didn't screenshot it, unfortunately.
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  7. i have those but EP spam blocker is stopping me, i've pm'd them to Mastermesh
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    Spam settings slightly adjusted now :)
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    Here's a screenshot of the first post in that thread, just in case.

    Censored On PlanetCalypsoForum - Hypocrissy or Greed Riga Team 2017.PNG
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  10. cheers, ive posted the links, awaiting mod to approve the post
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  11. Here is the second post (hogs workings) contents since they were partially removed and thread locked.

    Below some pieces of information on couple of characters from hogs soc, that I would like to share with the community. Note there are no personal / soc issues debated in this post so it should not be treated as subject to 2.3 which caused my previous post to get removed without notification. So below just pieces of information. There is no evaluation of the pieces, everyone can use them to their liking.
    Please also note that all of them are based on my personal observations, they are not on "someone told me" basis. Can be backed up by transcripts if needed, though hope there is no need.

    What I would hope to achieve with this thread:
    • inform the community on some realities and personalities
    • encourage MA to have any meetings with players made transparent (public transcripts?)
    • encourage more transparency on who is playing what - MA could help by making the avatar ownership transfers official by a simple procedure, as currently it is a complete dark area and people seem to be afraid to talk about it openly as of that.

    1. Got kicked from the hogs soc start of May. It was performed ingame by an avatar called Joda instructing Smilgs to leave for a moment and then come back for LG reasons. And then it became more permanent when was also kicked out of the soc Skype conversation by Kestukas persona without no further communication, asking Linzey about it got no response (could have been away from keyboard though) then Sokolade explained that I am kicked and the reason is my post [URL]http://www.planetcalypsoforum....-Ending-Soon&p=3572272&viewfull=1#post3572272[/URL]
    which supposedly releases info on financials of soc members.
    There was no such thing in the post as "knowing people are withdrawing tens of thousands of $ just to deposit it back in boxes immediately" is not a reference to soc and the knowledge people doing it was already present before joining the soc. Same as revealing info easter eggs only dropping in waves is no personal financial info and waves + rare loots is common knowledge these days. Especially when Joda expressed a very strong dislike in waves when he published the tool to track waves in-game.

    2. Then, as already wanted to do while in the soc, I did start quite a personally offended thread (as felt my kick was unjustified and a breach of free speech, also being quite unhappy about the kick execution) on PCF noting some of the points here + my evaluation, which escalated in thread derailing quickly and being removed without notification according to forum rules. Sorry for that again.

    3. Long before joining the soc I did ask Linzey if the Joda avatar / Stryker avatar had changed owners since Joda started to speak a lot better English than usual at one point and became very active on forums while Stryker went radio-silent but active in hutning, but it was always denied and claimed that it is still the same person behind.
    From chat, it was very clear that it really was not the case (unless Kestukas always has been an alter ego of Joda), I have very clear references to Kestukas as Joda.
    There was no such person as Stryker in the soc chat. Also during all of my time in the soc, Stryker never said a word. And he used to be quite a chatty person previously.

    4. Linzey
    • shared details about upcoming features like of battle simulator before it was released
    • clearly referred to having meetings with MA management (incl CEO) on evolution of game
    • same time got very angry at pcf quotes about his connections in MA
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  12. Thanks for accepting the post, and after all that, 711 has just undeleted the post. lol
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    Well, maybe let me add one point too, in a private conversation with several EU players a management level planet partner employee has confirmed that a player named in this thread who is a member of a society named in this thread and who has a special relationship with MindArk was utilizing multiple avatars, consequently violating the EULA, one of which as involved in dubious auction activities at the time this discussion took place. The only reasonable explanation would be that this person has been given information about a change in a game system with a significant impact on the value of a specific type of items.

    There are more of these stories out there that ultimately put the words of several planet partner and MindArk employees against the official word of MindArk. It's probably not the time yet for these stories to be told but you can expect a lot of dirt to surface once EU is accelerating along the downward spiral.
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  14. Dear community :

    In some all-chat at oilrig (2015/2016), joda explained he learned english quite well through Entropia chats and his "computer-shop-business"...over the past years. I dont know him that well, but I play long enough (2004) to know his english was indeed very bad "back in the days". No idea what to make out of this Stryker-Joda story, but I think at least here, many of us would agree, that a alot of things that happened inside of Entropia, are truly beyond fucked up. But there will always be avatars that will claim how nice this game is, how much you suck and how much money they make, asking you to quit and never come back to Entropia, because they are so much more awesome then you. Some chats got so fugly over the past 13 years, from a simple "I will rape your reputation" to serious "death threats"...and it wasnt always the cheeky 11 year old kids. x'D Luckily I got spared by the most ugly ones, others did not.

    Starting with the really ugly hate-chats between high-end avatars (societies), accusing each other of cheating, from bot using to getting robbed in reallife up to the pedophiles, trust-scams and the dozens of lies spread by MindArk itself. Yet some people still defend this fucking hellhole, telling you to stfu in the worst way, because they are afraid of negativity on forums, feeling so strong with their 3 CLDs and 1 ingame shop, beeing able to lend items from "dozens" of their "friends". Some of those "friends" never got their items back btw... -_-

    This game became so fucked up over the last years, it only survived because of even more fucked up publicity stunts and Neverdies bullshit announcements. No details, just read most of my threads. And it survived because of some high risk gamers, calling themselfs investors, some of them with great insider knowledge. Not all of them are rich fooks with a (very) bad attitude, but I dont think its needed to post any names or examples anymore, as we are all aware by now.

    Once this was a great community and a great MMORPG with an alienated landscape, full of lovely little details and a very mature community. Seriously !
    Though, I remember, that greed and hate and item-theft existed back in the days as well, but it was so rare, it didnt stir massive shit on forums, creating hundreds of (hate) posts. Back then you fought at rig, not on forum, but sometimes in the chat. (Mud Kicker, Legendary Fusion Danger anyone ?) Some lend so many items of so many different avatars...but thank god it all made it to the public...but never back into your inventory. x'D

    We all know Stryker and his "brother" and others constantly share(d) their avatars...10 years ago already, MA beeing fully aware.
    For example they used it to hunt longer then XX-hours on mob Y and so on or do dirty teamwork on events, while others needed a pause. (then getting called noobs)
    (dont ask me to go into detail and please refrain from questions...if you dont know about this, for the 1st time I dont care explaining anymore. Everything has been said a dozen times by now.)

    (btw. fuck the cycling, loot-chasing, veins and waves sh!t and how the rich fooks, ahe snobs, claim to be awesome and that they have worked so hard to become what they are now, beeing able to withdraw tenthousands of $ each month) ;D

    Stryker, as well as many others became indeed silent over the years in chat, just to explain in sober/drunk-mode who they really are now and how they purchased those avatars, that I had many precious chats with, when the original owner was still behind the keyboard.

    Im only still here because I can play for free, thanks to the Terminator weapon sale. I would never invest money into this game again, but I will sink with the ship. And there is nothing you can do about it.
    I wont go into details anymore, as its all in the past, but never got sorted out.

    Its always amazing if your so called friends fuck you in the a$$ so hard, because of some lovely dollars and items...just to make fun of you in the chat after they took it all. "Just like in reallife", some may scream, "Get over it, its your own fault".
    Wow...thank you for nothing. ;D

    Ofc there is hate and item-theft in other games, but never have I experienced something like this.
    Its like watching an amusement park getting burned down to the got to watch it.
    Welcome to Entropia.

    Fanboys/Fangirls, the stage is yours. x'D
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  15. Hmm, always wondered why during events like that, that certain people knew exactly where to go, and what time.
    Interesting read EMW, had thought that must be it, to see it confirmed, as I hope you are, and not storytelling.

    When is this stream taking place?
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