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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by EMW, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. EMW


    Well i would suggest anyone interested be on caly! probably twin peaks!! please let anyone you know about this, they will thank you I swear !!
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  2. unfortunately i cant :( but i hope someone will summarize it for me here ;-)
  3. I'll be there.. waiting..some fucked up shit this is.
  4. EMW


    OK, so! i initially was going to tt my gun and armour, just to let you all know how serious and genuine my disdain for this company are...
    but then I realised that it would go back into the loot pool and More than likely MA would decide which of their little darlings looted it! So that was not good!!!! So i decided to sell my shit on auction at a quarter of what i paid for it, the reason for the delay was because i had agreed a sale for the armour to an avatar that was working most of the week and was only online at the same as me this evening! the sale is now complete!!

    I have about 100k on my ava, i am giving it away tonight! come to twin peaks and kill me, I will give you ped for each kill shot depending on who you are! if i dont like you or i think you are an alt.............. well you can guess the outcome, if you kill me please dont kill me again!

    I have seen a couple of the usual pond life saying shit about attention seeking and dragging it out etc......... really! you will never hear from me after tonight, so what attention will i receive if i am not here anymore!?

    I am purely doing this to show how serious I am about what i have told you in the hope that you think twice about your real money in this virtual world!

    good luck to you all (well not all but the cool ones of you out there! x)

    Stream on will start in the next half hour
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  5. FatherJack

    FatherJack El Diablo

    Never seen such a pathetic display of prostitution from the players at the ring. Hope I pissed enough people off before I left.
  6. EMW


    Ok so its done, good bye all GL In real life, I hope this stops at least a few people from throwing their money away x
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  7. FatherJack

    FatherJack El Diablo

    You are a <swear words for a person seeking attention, edited by a moderator>
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  8. He's left, what possible attention does he want?
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  9. EMW


    Sorry, this really is the last post and nothing about defending anything I have ever done or said! but please don't anyone lose any sleep about my state of mind/ equilibrium. i have a great life, so please don't stress about me! it was thought out and calculated, i have enough money in real life to take this hit x I spent a million or two mil dollars usd in this game and got PWNED but that was my choice!


    please don't spend one second thinking i am a guy in despair xxx

    I don't know why ... but i will add this, as 'old EMW'...... GO FUCK YOURSELF LYNZ YOU LYING CUNT!! Also you mentioned i am a cocaine cowboy! yes I did a lot of coke in the past.... but the only person doing the coke when skal was here was him! what about 711? the owner of pcf forum? ketemine much? and also the balance manager for MA!!

    anyway, sorry for posting again! really i wont be baited again x
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  10. Norbert

    Norbert Cartoon Head

    Interesting reading, such a pity that a great concept has so many rabbit holes (but hey look at banking).

    I've already jumped ship so nothing really to add except when I looked at "coincidences" over my years playing, my logical mind was screaming at me it was all beyond statistical probability.

    Hope you enjoy life as much as i'm doing since unchaining myself from EU, all the best EMW and have many good times.
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  11. Crap, just got home and I see I missed the show. Ahh well, good luck EMW, all the best man.
  12. Well after waiting the hole time for this , I just missed it at the last moment, it sucks ... but I'm sorry for you that you leaving EU , but you have your reasons and well I think it's fair enough,though I was aspecting at something else , some new reveals.wished that someone can came with proofs , videos , voice registrations
  13. Also no big secrets...just look at 711's face. ;D
    Many entropians are into coke and its rare to meet Entropians who arent high or drunk. ;D

    Ok, I will wait for someone to tell me the story of Twin Peaks...or wait for the final PM of I really hope there will be more dirt now, much more dirt. But even if there will be silence from now on..things wont change.
  14. No I hope it won't be silence , persons like EMW and Girstn should be more. And more dirt yes till the guilty ones will be ashamed by themselves. Well I hope I'll know even what happened on twin , cuz I've missed it...
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  15. oh man... im really sad that i missed it... but it was deepest night here and i had to go offline :-((
  16. Thx alot for all EMW this was a epic ewent for sure. Im glad to hear we dont need to worry about u m8 :)
    I did wake up and saw u was going live streaming in a email i got so i thought ok cool i check it out. Then i se u are at Twin and plan to give away more then 100k peds to random persons there i nearly fell of my chair here. What is happening i thought to me self. I talked a bit to u in the stream chat and u said u got some peds for me to cos as u said i had some missfortune before with a amp, i then was on Ark and didnt have any plans to go to Caly tbh but i was broke as i usually is and saw u giving away all those peds and couldent resist to go there then, its not my nature realy to take gifts like this tho but it was very wellcome i must say.Cos it was going to take some time for me to go there u said u give the peds to Rick England so he could give it to me when i got there cos u wasent going to hang around to long there. And i sure got the peds of Rick wish is also a very nice guy as i realised :)
    EMW did as i saw in the stream give away 100k sweat to a random sweater at Boreas then back to Twin where he went to the octagon and let anyone that killed him get peds like 1-5k each i think. As a finnish he TPed away and said that the one that found him first would get the rest 20k peds and one got the rest of hes armour and plates to i saw in the stream.

    It was a owerhelming experience i think i can say that shocked me and got me both sad and happy at the same time.
    U EMW has made a clear statement and been generous with both ur information and ur assets u will allways been remeberd in EU for this no doubt about that my friend.
    Take care out there and enyoy the life as much u can its to short to be uppset over shit in a video game hehe ;)
    Cheers m8
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  17. Well I missed the show too, but np, my biggest regret is to see old players leaving the game... GL to you EMW I had encountered some times in the game and seen the name in some HOFs...
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  18. Few Scars

    Few Scars General Supremacy Reign

    Damn, I missed it.
    But one thought. In a casino, the casino looks after the high rollers, gifts, special rooms, free food etc, to keep them spending. If you start cycling millions of PED, MA will notice you and probably offer some perks. I guess its standard business practice. Maybe, its not that dodgy? Maybe its just keeping the high rollers playing. There some very rich players in this game and MA wants to keep them.
  19. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer


    You do realise that would mean it's not a level playing field at all and it's admitting some players loot and opportunities are guaranteed to be better than others.
  20. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    I noticed True Juan and old player from 2006 got permanently banned from pcf yesterday.

    Looking at his recent forum activity his last post was:

    from this thread:

    and his other recent thread was:

    Doesn't seem to be anything he's said that deserves a perma ban to me or indeed any ban.
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