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Discussion in 'Missions & events' started by rumple, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. ok so when AG opened I went there and thought it was great despite all the issues at the start.

    I have gone back there now to see if things have improved and have had fun with the breastplate mission and hunting minotaurs.

    However, the dinapoli mission has now stopped with him reading the findings and the aracne mission has no Ancient Greece BP book to be able to craft tunic unless I am missing something.

    It is hard to stay motivated to stay there. I need to know that I am able to loot or craft in AG to obtain better weps, faps, armour. It is just not economical or fun to hunt with the tt weps especially on cyclops.

    We have looted some pixie armour and fap-90 but they cannot be used in AG which seems bizarre to me.

  2. When the last update came out, the Ancient Greek BP book was available from the technician in AG. Unfortunately the TT's on NI became bugged and just didn't work, so they were fixed but, seemingly at the same time, the AG technician started selling the same stuff as the NI technician and stopped selling the AG BP book. I know it's no use to you atm, but it was being sold originally as I bought a copy - though I haven't got any BP's to put in it yet.

    Mission lists are being released in sections, so DiNapoli does not have all his missions available atm. Also, mobs in AG have been dropping unuseable loot since it opened - mostly ammo.

    Hopefully it's on the list and some of these will be sorted in the next update which should be around the 24th Jan.
  3. thanks very much for your reply. I will try and see if there is on on AH otherwise I will have to wait. You can get a bp from archne who is in building in thebes up the top near green statue after doing her mission.

  4. No problem. I'm currently working through Arachne's quest.
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