Argo HunT II

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  1. Welcome to all hunterS :deal:

    This will be the second Argo HunT in it's existince.I was so blessed with 32 entries on debut. :clap:
    This mentioned,can you the hunters equal or beat it this time?


    Note : This event can be used as bonus with Argo Iron mission.To earn some prizes and have fun with other hunters.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE : Due to unresolved problem by MA the TP to event function "T button" in event list cannot be used, as it teleports you to New Switzerland mountains,I urge all Hunters to use Ola#42 TP as it is close to event LA Ola#42 east.You will still be revived on LA, only avoid use of "Tbutton"

    Date: 8 February 2014
    Time: 21:00 EU time
    Place: Ola#42 East
    Rules: Higest single loot
    Tickets: 10peds per entry
    Tax: 3.99%

    1st prize 150peds
    2nd prize 99peds
    3rd prize 49peds
    4th prize 30peds, 1x Explorer gloves(M),1x Explorer shin guards(M) and Demonic Detector Mk-I(L)
    5th prize 20peds, 1x Explorer gloves(M),1x Explorer shin guards(M)

    Ty to all sponsors.Mentioned sponsors will be detailed in this thread.
    Come join in,kick some Argo a$$ if you dare :boxer:
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  2. .Thanks to Blast and Big Industries for support & for co-sponsor.

    .Thanks to Phoenix Rising Co-op for 30peds 4th and 20 peds 5th sponsored.
    for EU sales follow link above. :deal:

    . Thanks to Onyar for sponsoring 4th and 5th prize items. :clap:
    Onyar Awesome Mining Service - The Best Mining Service in EU l
    link for mining service above :tiphat:

    Superb Armor Crafting - Craft The High End Armor Parts For You aka by Onyar Loorden PSS
    contact Onyar Loorden PSS by private message @ Planet Calypso forum,Monria forum or add ingame.

    Rest of sponsors will be mentioned soon.... :cheer:
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  3. Info regarding Argo Iron mission :

    1. Scout the Hills-mission broker(Sandor Bauer) Longitude:76816Latitude:79118
    Nearest City:Jason Centre-Broker is at camp SE of Jason centre start of mission chain.

    2. Iron Challenge: 100 Argonaut 0.29 Ped Perception or 0.29 Ped Combat Reflexes.
    You have to do a preliminary scouting mission (an easy flying mission)
    and then when you turn in that "Scout the Hills" mission,Bauer gives you the beginning of the Argo misssion chain.
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Registered ;)
    the first one was fun, I expect this one will be to.
  5. woot! four days to go. the first one was good and prizes are even better this time
  6. 4 hrs to go....get ready! :)
  7. 8/2/14
    Was a super fun event to host :cheer:
    Plenty of globals seen
    Ty all hunters who made it to the event :beerchug:
    1st place: stumpy stumpy wumpy
    2nd place: Alfdoria Aldo Houson
    3rd place: Conquistador Conq45
    4th place: Necros NC spacian
    5th place: Alex Barebala Ko
  8. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Last 40 something minutes of the event on video:

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