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    Every game developer knows that marketing is a key factor toward increasing player participation, and it was learned that Arkadia’s CEO, Dave Dobson, unleashed a major ad campaign recently across multiple gaming websites. One such ad was discovered at PC, which is why I contacted Dave for further information. Seems the ad campaign is set to run indefinitely.

    After further investigation of this ad campaign with Cyrus Chen, Arkadia’s Community Manager, he shared the following Arkadia ads that are appearing at several gaming sites.

    GamesRadar-Ad-1.png GamesRadar-Ad-2.png GamesRadar-Ad-3.png MaximumPC-Ad-1.png MaximumPC-Ad-2.png MaximumPC-Ad-3.png PC-GamerAd-1.png PC-GamerAd-2.png PC-GamerAd-3.png TechRadar.png

    When clicking on an Arkadia ad from any of the gaming sites, it leads you to a Landing Page where much more information is provided, such as “Why Join?” (10 Reasons Why People Join), the Arkadia Trailer, and a link to Arkadia’s official website, along with a “Join Us Now” link that takes you to a page where you can create an Arkadia account.

    Arkadia is in the middle of a marketing blitz, and it will be interesting to see the results. Keep your eyes open for new players, and do your part to help make their first experiences memorable enough to go the distance. You DO remember what it was like to be a Newbie, yes?

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    Thanks MS, thats cool to see happening :)
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