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  1. Had very nice event and turnout :) Everyone seemed to like the event, so this will definitely happen more in the future. Since I can't upload pics from my computer, I'll link to my post on for those that want to see pics:

    Hey folks,

    I just recently started hosting a racing event for members of my soc and thought it'd be a great idea to expand it further for the whole community of Arkadia for some fun for everyone! This will hopefully be the first of a successful event for more to come. So here are some details I would like to pass onto anyone that would like to participate:

    IF you want you want sign up, please indicate so with reply here or talk to me in game(i'm mostly in celeste quarry) with your IGN.
    WHERE: Racetrack just north of Formidable Firebase Academy (the yellow circular lines on the map)
    - if anyone needs a ride to the place, let me know beforehand so I can take you there for TP

    WHEN: June 2nd 16:00 Hour MA Time (Press U for the current MA time and convert to find your own time)

    WHAT: Individual Race (Teams will be done next time hopefully)

    WHAT YOU NEED: Vakyrie T1 Models ONLY and Oil (I can loan you a valkyrie for 2peds collatoral, will take 1k sweat for new guys. I can also sell small quantity of oil for TT value for race)

    FORMAT: <20 people, 4 racers at a time, 3 laps,winner advances. final will be all 5
    >20 people, +2 racer at a time for every +10 that joins, 2 laps, winner advances. more rounds will be added if need.

    1.No using other vehicles besides the one(s) allowed in the race(currently only Valkyrie T1).
    2.Must run on the tracks.
    3.Must not skip parts of track(i.e. running over small hill,going through bushes, and cutting corners).
    4.If fall in water or flipped, retrieve vehicle, run back to where you fell, respawn vehicle and resume.
    5.If vehicle cannot be spawn due to cooldown, you must stand where you fell and wait until you can spawn it and resume.

    PRIZES: Right now I can only offer 18/14/10/8/6/4/2 peds for winners. If anyone willing to donate, please contact me ingame.


    Yao-te Wildheart - 21peds
    RAZER - 31peds

    Many thanks to the contributors !

    Hope you guys come and enjoy this event [​IMG]

    Also looking for some volunteer spotters.


    Robin Kum Silni

    ALSO: we have a 2-man team event after the individual one. To join, you'll need a partner and 4ped registration fee for the team. Prizes are based off of the entry pool. Rules are the same as individual race and the format will be explained at the time of the event.

    Karmik - Billy Jean
    Infideldog - Shen
    Vegan - Diminutive
    Coordinator - Krivas

    5/26/2013 - Had a blast hosting the racing event for my soc. Hope many of you guys can join this one and not miss out! Lots of fun to be had here [​IMG]
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  2. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    great idea, will try to be there
  3. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Gl to the racers!! :cheer:
  4. Nice idea and great initiative for racing events on Arkadia and would like to help out organizing but I'm on another planet.
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  5. When is our next race?
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